Ten signs of man of complete intelligence

أعوذ بالله من الشيطان الرجيم

 بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

The ten signs of man of kamil aql, that is complete intelligence are:

1) He does not have takabbur.

2) He walks on the path of guidance firm and steadfast.

3) He is content with whatever Allah SWT has provided him.

4) He is not miser in spending in the way of Allah SWT of whatever excess he has been provided be of money or food or clothes or any property.

5) In place of worldly ranks or status or fame, he likes and prefers humbleness.

6) He prefers being faqeer and miskeen, that is humble one rather than being a honored and respectful one. Prophet SAW used to pray, ‘Ya Allah let me die among the miskeen.’ Miskeen means prefering a humble life without being greedy for name and fame.

7) Be a student of knowledge through out his life and doesn’t feel bad or lower in obtaining knowledge. If he doesn’t know anything, he asks and thinks that as prosperity.

8) When someone seeks good counsel or knowledge from him, he doesn’t feel tight.

9) He considers others good deeds, even a smaller one as something very big and considers his own deeds even be in large number as very very negligible.

10) People are considered to be of two kinds in this world: 1) Good and superior ones and 2) Evil and wretched ones. Whenever he sees the superior one, his heart breaks and he gets strong yearning and desire that he was like him and becomes righteous like him and whenever he sees a wretched one, he thinks that may be the one whom he considers bad may have some goodness in him that will overcome all his evil and he will surpass him and get salvation while he might get sink in the darkness. In this way, he never looks down at any one.

When all these qualities are obtained in a man, his aql becomes kamil through which he obtains high status in both the worlds and becomes a leader of his time. He becomes a man of Allah SWT looking forward for his mercy and Jannah.

Let Allah SWT grant us all these qualities. Ameen ameen thumma ameen.


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