أعوذ بالله من الشيطان الرجيم

 بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Thus wishing greetings on such festivals too is as bad as being involved in them. It is Haram to wish Valentine to others. Somebody is drinking wine and you are applauding him, Mubarak ho! Someone is committing adultery and you are congratulating him!  Just like that somebody being involved in the festival of the kuffars and you congratulate them passing on greetings to them. As faith escapes a person who drinks alcohol, Emaan goes away by getting involved in adultery, the same case applies to celebrating western traditions which become a source of completely whisking away the Emaan from a believer. So it is necessary for us to be concerned about improving our surroundings and society; guiding our children to the straight path, improving the environment of our homes and worrying about its betterment.

Unfortunately, we have put down our weapons saying, “What can we do, since the conditions of the society are so dire. What can we do, we are helpless in this matter.”

My friends, our responsibility won’t go away just by saying so. We cannot avoid it just by saying all this. We will have to put up our struggles; will have to make use of all our energies. Yes! Otherwise the matter will keep on getting worse.

When the faith of children is lost, won’t their fathers be asked what sinful places did they send them to? And moreover never even bothered to check the state of their faith. Is faith such a substandard thing (Allah Forbid)? Is faith such an ordinary thing that for a few bucks we deprive our children of this wealth of Emaan. Unfortunately, it is not a thing that can’t go away. It is not that we live among Muslims and recite Kalma once and then be satisfied that our faith is firm. It is certainly not like this. Instead, faith is a thing which comes but goes away too.

Muhammad (s.a.w) said that a time will come when some people from this Ummah will follow the earlier nations so exactingly, that if they would have behaved immorally with their mothers then these Muslims too will behave immorally with their own mothers. If they would enter the hole of the lizard, then these Muslims too would do the same. Sahabah inquired: “O Prophet SAW! Are the Jews and Christians meant by this? Prophet SAW said, “Who else can it be besides them.”(Mishkaat)

This implies that the Muslims will follow each and every footstep of theirs. In the light of this Hadeeth, today we can clearly see that whatever they do, we follow suit. And we refer to this as ‘development’. Whoever does this is regarded as liberal and enlightened, for he knows how to adjust as per circumstances. All such things are false, all this talk is nothing but bogus.

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