أعوذ بالله من الشيطان الرجيم

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

There was once a pious old maid servant, who worked for the King. One day she was cleaning the Royal bedroom, feeling extremely tired, she looked at the Kings bed, covered in silken, sheets, and pillows stuffed with feathers. She thought to herself I wonder what it feels like to, sleep in such a luxurious bed. She decided that she would take a short nap, after all who was going to see her, The King and his courtiers were away on a hunting trip.

The bed was so comfortable that she fell a sleep straight away. Lo and behold five minutes later the King returned, entering his chambers, he was extremely angry, to find the old maid servant asleep in his bed. She apologised profusely, “Your Majesty I am sorry, I had only laid to rest for five minutes.” The King was in no mood to listen he said “old Woman for sleeping five minutes in the bed of the King, and transgressing the boundaries, the punishment is fifty lashes, how dare you behave so impudently.”

The poor old Woman was strung up in chains, the King ordered one of his officers to carry out the punishment. As she was being lashed, she burst out in laughter, the King getting angrier told his officer to strike her even harder, but the more she was struck the greater her laughter.

The King and his courtiers were perplexed by the Old maid servants behavior .
He said ” Old woman you’re being punished yet you laugh uncontrollably, truly you are insane.” The old woman replied, “you’re Majesty the reason I am laughing is that a thought came in to my head as I was being struck. For being neglectful, and becoming enamored with the charms of the Duniya, and sleeping in the bed of the King, for just five minutes my punishment is fifty lashes. You have spent you’re entire life in neglect, and transgression, what will be the punishment , for your impudence when you stand before the King of Kings on the day of reckoning. She further said, ” truly the one who has fallen in love with the charms of such a disloyal maiden as the Duniya is the one who is insane.” Upon hearing this the king was struck with fear and started trembling profusely.

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