What should be our reaction to Tsunami?

أعوذ بالله من الشيطان الرجيم

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

The news of tsunami and other natural disasters strikes our ears but it does not strike our hearts. We bring in the different reasons for the disasters like the climatic change, wind, geological condition and so on and on but we never ponder on the reasons that our beloved Prophet SAW gave for such calamities and we never ponder on that. When Allah SWT gets angry with the people of earth, then the wind, sea, land and everything goes against the mankind. Today man can boast about his power, technology and his achievements but within minutes, Allah SWT can destroy us, he can turn our lives up and down and change our faces that cannot even be recognized dumped in mud and burnt and He SWT is with all His SWT power and none can face His SWT anger. Only if we ponder that this could happen to us too and to our society too and not just to people of japan or any other country. Our beloved Prophet SAW said when the following becomes rampant in the society, then expect the severe natural disasters one after the other like the beads falling from the chain that is been cut.

  1. When people use the money trusted to them as their own. Today, we see that people borrow the money but they don’t get the sense of repaying it. They find it so difficult to return as if they are giving it for free when it is the other person who has the right on that.
  2. The worst dirty man of the society will rule the people and people will respect him not because of his high moral qualities but only to save themselves from his evils. This could be seen in every part of this world. How worst are our rulers and how they oppress people spreading corruption on the earth.
  3. People will seek deeni knowledge for worldly benefits. People don’t have fear of Allah SWT, the result of deeni ilm but they are ready to sell the deen for sake of this worthless world just like the previous nations whom Allah SWT cursed for such acts.
  4. Men will hear and obey their wives while ignoring their mothers disobeying them. We see this case in almost every house. Let Allah SWT forgive us and change our condition. Ameen.
  5. The friends will be given more attention than the fathers, disobeying them violating the command of Allah SWT.
  6. Voices will be raised in the masajid. People will lose the greatness of Allah SWT in their hearts which will make them lack all the etiquettes of being in the house of Allah SWT. Our early muslims, when they get some important work or to say something important in the masjid, they will do so by mere gestures out of respect of Allah SWT for they have come to His SWT house. One of the sahabahs (RA) face used to change when he enters the masjid and when people asked about it, he said, ‘I fear I will lack some adhab in the house of Allah SWT.’ Today people behave well when they enter others houses but least they care when enter the house of Allah SWT when His SWT right is more and He SWT should be more feared and respected. How worst have we become!
  7. Music will be heard in almost every house. How true that we see this around us? Even the mobile phones ring with music. No place is spared from music when our early muslims wondered about such a situation when they heard this from Prophet SAW. When the shayateen gets provision in our homes through music, we can know the condition of our family life. The divorce rate has increased and there are always fights and quarrels between the spouses and the peace is just lifted from such houses. In early days, in every house, the recitation of Quran used to be heard and so they had the presence of angels in their houses for it is their provision and the result was barkat, peace and love in the family. How blessed was that state.
  8. Drinking of alcohol will be widespread and needless to say, we can see this condition too.
  9. Early muslims be the noble Companians (RA), the awliya of Allah SWT won’t be spared from the mouths of later muslims who will disgrace them with their worst tongues. Worst is our condition when the love and respect of Companians (RA) goes from our hearts, the love of Prophet SAW goes away and we go far from deen of Allah SWT. Let Allah SWT save us from this. Ameen.

Lets ponder on these points and make a sincere repentance to Allah SWT before another disaster strikes any of us and let Allah SWT give us all tawfeeq to change our condition and grant us all a life pleasing to Him SWT. Ameen.


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