Welcoming Ramadhan

Aoudhubillahi minash shaitaan nirrajeem



Allah is the Dominant

My respected elders and Muslim brothers, honorable mothers and sisters, the creator of this whole universe is that one and only Allah. All the power, rule and governance is with Allah SWT alone. Whatever be the plan of my life, be it with respect to honor, disgrace, health, sickness, success and failure is as per His SWT decision and wish. I can make as much plans as I can and if Allah SWT, the Noblest do not wish, they will remain futile. And if Allah SWT decides to grant then even with the smallest plan, generations after generations will yield the benefit. In case of one’s honor, if He decides to disgrace then who can honor him? If the mercy of generous Allah SWT turns away from the plan of safety and honor, then who can grant the same? If all the doors of ways and means seems closed and if Allah SWT, the Merciful decides to open His door of Mercy then who can close that door? And if He SWT closes the very same door, then who can open it? Only Allah’s decision dominates. If He SWT decides on something the whole world cannot withhold it. If He SWT decides to grant, none can stop and if He SWT closes the door then none can open it.

Whatever of mercy (i.e.of good), Allah may grant to mankind, none can withhold it, and whatever He may withhold, none can grant it thereafter. And He is the All-Mighty, the All-Wise. Al-Quran: 35:2

If He SWT decides to honor someone, none can humiliate him and if His SWT command is passed on one’s disgrace, then none can honor him. He SWT is Al-Qahhar, the only one Dominant. The kingdom of heavens and earth solely belongs to Him SWT alone. If He SWT decides to expand one’s provision none can constrict it and if He SWT decides to constrict it then none can expand it. He is Ar-Razaaq and all decisions regarding your provision are made with Him. He is Al-Mateen, so strong and powerful that if he decides to grant one food, even if the whole world gathers together, they cannot reduce the food even by one morsel. This whole universe is governed as directed by Al-Khaliq, the Creator and Al-Malik, the King. Nothing happens here by co-incidence such as getting honor or shutting up of door of provision. His SWT was a firm and an established rule in which even the tiniest portion of this earth cannot move away from its position on its own will, a leaf cannot fall from the tree on its own will and a drop of water in the oceans cannot move away on its own will.

A rain drop falls on the earth with His SWT permission and it benefits the earth with His SWT permission. The seed bursts out in the earth with His SWT permission and the taste it brings is also with His SWT permission. It is by His SWT decision the fruits get colors and taste. Nothing here comes on its own all of a sudden or by coincidence. The entire system goes by His SWT command. His SWT is the strong, unshakable and everlasting existence that neither did the sun stop giving outs its rays, the moon give up its reflection, the stars give up their light nor did they shift from their allocated path for thousands of years and such is the firm and established governance of Allah SWT. Look at the sky, centuries have passed, do you see any defect? Allah SWT-Just reflect on this name. The entire system is running by that strong and everlasting Noble Lord. All the plans related to honor, health, martyrdom etc. comes by His SWT decision. He is Al-Awwal, Al-Akhir, Az-Zaahir and Al-Baatin. He SWT is the First and He SWT is the Last. Nothing was before Him SWT and after Him SWT. Nothing is like Him SWT apparently and none knows the hidden things as He SWT knows.

We do recognize our Rabb

O the honorable ones! This recognition of Allah SWT Alhamdulillah is in every Muslim’s heart in some corner and that is why when Muslims sense some special season, they come running towards His SWT house in troops after troops. The recognition of Allah SWT that there is one Being is in some portion of Muslims’ heart and that is why Muslims both men and women run towards His SWT house in herds after herds.  Yes it happens sometimes a slave gets garz, he errs and becomes away from his Rabb but for certain He SWT is in his heart.  He SWT is definitely in his heart. He SWT is also a very Generous Lord. He SWT is very much aware of our weaknesses that we will forget Him SWT. He SWT grants such a fragrant season and flourishing moments that even the weakest of the weakest Muslims in faith comes to His SWT house sensing that fragrance. And the slave eventually takes benefit from that flourishing season. He SWT allotted certain months, days, nights, hours and seasons in which the elegance of His SWT mercy is outstanding and excelling. For example regarding the night of Barat (middle night of Shaaban) Huzur SAW explains about the excellence of rain of forgiveness of Allah’s SWT mercy falling during this special night by a parable as follows. There used to be a tribe named Kalb who had a large number of sheep. To make us understand he SAW said that Allah SWT forgives a large number of people in this night exceeding the total number of hairs found on the body of all those sheep.

Allah SWT is there for you

There are some nights, days, months and hours when the mercy of Allah flows like a flood, river and sea. A Muslim identifies his Allah SWT but sometimes a veil of heedlessness falls on him and he forgets Him SWT. Allah SWT sends him such days so he comes to His SWT house and the veil of heedlessness gets torn. He SWT lets His slave who cut off from Him SWT come to Him SWT again. He SWT lets His forgetful slave remember Him again. He SWT lets the slave who distanced from Him SWT to become closer to Him SWT again. Allah SWT sends such hours when all these happen. Parents can keep forgiving the disobedient son for days and even months but if the son abandons them and disobeys them for years and years and comes back to them very late, they will ask him if he remembers them only now after years passed by. Strange and amazing is the attitude that Allah SWT shows to His SWT slaves. For years and years a slave disobeys Him SWT, the entire world rejects him, he becomes old with empty pockets, gets dejected with hatred by his friends and family to the extent that none even replies to his greetings, he becomes weak with bent hip carrying his loads of filthy sins on his shoulder and in such a state when he turns to His SWT Rabb, Allah SWT says “O My slave! You might have delayed turning to Me but there is no delay in Me accepting your repentance”.

Not just this our beloved Prophet SAW has said that Allah SWT not just forgets this slave who came to Him SWT with the wealth of repentance but also He SWT erases all the bad deeds from his book of deeds, from the memory of His angels that wrote and remembered his sins, from the portion of the earth where he committed the sins and from the part of his body that committed the sin so His SWT slave do not get ashamed and face the humiliation on the Day on Judgement because of his sins. O the honorable ones! We have the recognition of Allah SWT whom we identify in our hearts that all the treasure of provision is with Him SWT, all the decisions regarding our life are made by Him SWT, the order regarding our honor is passed by Him SWT, the medal of martyrdom comes from Him SWT and the phase of success is destined by Him SWT. The weakest of the weakest believer knows all these in his heart. It is true a slave forgets his Lord for the whole week but he makes it that he comes to His house on Friday. There is something inside him, right? For months he forget his Lord but in the month of Ramadan he places his forehead in His SWT house. He identifies his Lord. In everyone’s life the plateau of weaknesses is distinct. Some are weaker than the other but in everyone’s heart there is definitely a spark of faith.

Blessed time do not come often

O the honorable ones! All this is because of the blessing of kalma (words) of my Prophet SAW. Allah SWT granted us the lap of such parents where the Prophet’s (SAW) name echoed in our ears. We got to say those words and got such an environment. It is because of this that Allah’s SWT recognition is present somewhere in the heart which drags us to Allah’s SWT house in blessed hours and we get called.  O honorable ones! We do not get such hours very often in our life. All this we get as an opportunity. How many were with you who were present in a night like this last year but not alive today? How many? We should appreciate the leisure time that Allah SWT grants us to get us close to Him SWT. It should not so happen that we face death when we are away from Him SWT or else even there we might be away from the mercy of Allah SWT. This is the world of deeds and tomorrow there will be just days of reward. The limit of Allah’s mercy towards doing deeds is in this world of deeds. In the afterlife, there is only the decision on Justice. Allah SWT granted us this opportunity to obtain blessed hours again this year. Keep this is in mind that as far as the night of Baraat is concerned there are about 10 narrations from the respected Companions of the Prophet SAW indicating that there is Allah’s SWT worship during this night.

The night of Baraat

The Companions, their first and second generations who are the foundation of our religion have given importance to the worship during this night. Yes if you adopt any practice thinking that to be a part of religion even though it has the best face but not practiced by the Prophet SAW, his Companions, their first and second generations, that would then only take you away from Allah SWT. All these respected elders did voluntary acts of worship, recited Quran and made during this night but they didn’t adopt any peculiar or exclusive way of worship like tasbeeh salah in congregation. None prayed in congregation during this night as seen from the life of Prophet SAW, his Companions, and their first and second generations. The Prophet SAW has stressed to pray voluntary prayers in seclusion all alone and preferably in one’s house. He SAW disliked congregation in such prayers. Depending on the strength you have, pray voluntary prayers as much as you can. There is no proposed Surahs of Quran that you should recite in such prayers. You can recite any surah you remember. It is not necessary that you should do voluntary prayers, you can recite the Quran, do zikr, remember Allah SWT by His SWT beautiful names and if you do not have enough strength to do any of these acts staying awake during the night, Allah SWT still won’t deprive you of His SWT blessings if you just pray farz salah of isha and fajr in congregation.

When in religion something goes out of proportion, then people doing that will become deprived of doing the real acts of Sunnah. They will spend the entire night in fairs engulfed in noise but will miss the fajr salah. After maghrib, they will pray in an exclusive way but none will appear for fajr salah when it is compulsory. Who knows if the person spends the night in the way of Sunnah, it becomes a means for his change of whole life towards good. If he pleases Allah SWT during this night and follow the Sunnah, there is hope that Allah SWT by His SWT mercy will call him towards His SWT house for the rest of his life and will never deprive him of His SWT mercy. Until his death, Allah SWT might call him continuously towards His SWT house by the acceptance of his Sunnah deeds. This indeed is the blessing of this night. I spent one night for Him SWT and develop such a strong contact with him that for the rest of my life I get accepted into His SWT house. There won’t be any daring act to leave one salah in my life after that. Worship during one night can bring a person such closeness to Allah SWT.

With Allah SWT, the quality matters and not the quantity. Small acts of good quality done in accordance with the shariah and Sunnah of the Prophet SWT can be huge like mountains in the sight of Allah SWT. On the other hand if you do many acts of worship but not in line with shariah, or against the Sunnah of the Prophet SAW or without seeing the ways of the Companions, then they won’t have any value or worth with Allah SWT. There is worship in this night for both men and women with as much strength that Allah SWT grants one. Neither it is apt to say that there is no worship in this particular night not it is apt to start some form of worship against the Sunnah of the Prophet SAW during this night. The real worship is as done by the Prophet SAW, his Companions, and their first and second generations. Let Allah SWT be pleased by our worship.

Visiting the grave during the night of Baraat

For sure there is worship during this night when the decision of forgiveness takes place. There is only one hadith stating that the Prophet SAW visited jannatul Baqi (graveyard in Madinah) during this night but there is no narrations affirming that he visited Jannatul Baqi often during the nights of Baraat in his entire life. Same was the practice of the companions; sometimes they visited and sometimes they did not. If in case a person visits the graveyard with the intention of following the Sunnah of the Prophet SAW, to remember his death and to make duaa for the dead ones then Allah SWT will reward him provided he doesn’t do any superstitious acts there. Visiting graveyard should not be considered as part of the night and as something compulsory to do during this night. To do acts set by the limit is deen and if one exaggerates, it will become transgression. Also the Prophet SAW did not just visit graveyard during only this night, he SAW visited grave as such almost every week as he SAW liked visiting. There is nothing special about visiting during the night of baraat.

Ramadhan preparation

It has been the practice of the Prophet SAW to fast more between 1st and 27th of the month of Shabaan. He SAW just leaves out 2-3 fasting before Ramadhan so one enters Ramadhan freshly. The Prophet SAW also fasts on 13th, 14th and 15th of every month. Keeping this in view if one fasts one, two or there days, it is well and good. So if a Muslim does an act to the limit authenticated by shariah, he will have the reward. The truth is Allah SWT made this night special before Ramadhan so we get the ability to receive the blessings and lights of Ramadhan. When there is fall of rain of mercy and if the bowl is held upside down, one cannot collect the rain. Similarly if the bowl is held upright but is dirty then the water that falls into the bowl also becomes dirty. Ramadhan is the month of mercy, blessings, lights and forgiveness and Allah SWT has excuses to grant one generously. Before this month, Allah SWT grants this night so we hold the bowl upright and keep it clean so we become eligible to collect the blessing of Ramadhan. Allah SWT granted this night so from this night we start setting us up for the upcoming blessed month. You also get season for sale right? How in advance you start preparing for that sale! Everything goes off normal as production increases, hard work increases, the scheme changes as the season is coming. In advance the season is given importance.

SubhanAllah! The season is coming for the people of eemaan. The season of spring is coming. A Muslim prepares for it in advance. This night is indeed a part of preparation for that month. The biggest deed of this night is to seek forgiveness from Allah SWT so the bowl of our heart becomes upright and at the same time clean. The biggest sign of acceptance of one’s deed in this world is Allah SWT grants him divine help to do better deed the next day. If anyone’s deeds during this night is accepted then his next night will pass better than this. The upcoming life becomes better than the past life. This is the sign that this night has been accepted in the court of Allah SWT. When a person gets close to the powerful person, he gets content that he will decide only the best for him. The truth is when a slave gets close to Allah SWT through repentance, he becomes content that Allah SWT will only decide best for his life. O the honorable ones! When you come to the line of friends of Allah SWT, all the decisions with regards to your life will turn best. Just get out of the ranks of His SWT enemies.

Join the ranks of Allah’s friends

Allah SWT says in one place, “Allah’s enemies do not pay zakat”. In another place, He SWT says “Allah’s enemies do not offer salah”. In one another place, He SWT says “Allah’s enemies do not eat halaal and do not save themselves from haraam”. All these are the acts of enemies. By avoiding these acts, we have come to the ranks of His SWT friends that these acts will not happen again. I will offer salah, I will remove the haram from my life, I will pay any leftover zakah if any and I have come to the ranks of Your friends and I will not do any of the acts of Your enemies. We all want our Rabb to make better decisions for our life. The first prescription for this is to come to the ranks of Allah SWT which is repentance. A person can be highly khataakaar, highly sinful but if he decides with utter regret and shame that whatever happened so far is wrong and this will not happen again then the Prophet SAW said if a person repents, then he is like he did not sin at all. He becomes pure from sins. The lights and blessings of Allah SWT is achieved by the friends of Allah SWT. Before this is the night of decision so Allah SWT decides us to join His SWT friends. The prescription for this seeking forgiveness.

Our beloved Prophet SAW said: “If somebody commIts a sin and then says, ‘O My Lord! I have sinned, please forgive me!’ and his Lord says, ‘My slave has known that he has a Lord who forgives sins and punishes for it, I therefore have forgiven My slave (his sins).’ Then he remains without committing any sin for a while and then again commits another sin and says, ‘O My Lord, I have committed another sin, please forgive me,’ and Allah says, ‘My slave has known that he has a Lord who forgives sins and punishes for It, I therefore have forgiven My slave (his sin). Then he remains without Committing any another sin for a while and then commits another sin (for the third time) and says, ‘O My Lord, I have committed another sin, please forgive me,’ and Allah says, ‘My slave has known that he has a Lord Who forgives sins and punishes for It I therefore have forgiven My slave (his sin), he can do whatever he likes.”

Seeking forgiveness is the biggest amal of this night. If you have been forgiven and joined His SWT friends then your life become colorful like that of His SWT friends. He won’t be the one who will pray only during this night but he will become the one who regularly offers salah throughout his life as he has come to the ranks of His SWT friends. He won’t be like the one who prays only occasionally such as once a week or a month or a year as he got the friendship of Allah SWT. O honorable ones! I am telling you the truth Allah SWT grands wealth, property, land, position and rank even to His SWT enemies. Allah SWT grants even beauty and health to His SWT enemies but the life that is beloved to Allah SWT is granted only to His SWT friends. Rest of all the things including wealth, property, land, position, rank, health, beauty and treasure Allah SWT grants to everyone both His SWT friends and enemies. The life pleasing to Allah SWT is granted only for His SWT slaves.

Get a pleasant life

When one gets the life pleasing to Allah SWT, then Allah SWT grants him reward and his life becomes pleasant. His worldly life becomes pleasant, his death becomes pleasant and the afterlife becomes more pleasant. This is an eternal reward. Allah SWT grants His SWT enemies wealth but for how long? The enemy gets the health but for how long? He gets the land, property and beauty but for how long? And what does His SWT friends get? Hayaat e tayyiba-A pleasant eternal life. Not just pleasure in this life but also during his death and a life after that. He will get to enjoy his life. This is the reward from Allah SWT for leading a life pleasing to Him SWT. The religious scholars and commentators of Quran have said when explaining about Hayaat e Tayyiba that Allah SWT will save the person from constriction in rizq (provision) and his heart will never be poor. He will remain protected from deprivation from inside. Neither will he become beggar before anyone inwardly or outwardly spreading his hands before others. This is the reward of hayaat e tayyiba that Allah SWT will make his heart rich. Allah SWT will grant him the wealth of contentment. When this is one reward the other reward Allah SWT grants him is tranquility which he will possess irrespective of having any companion or not. Allah SWT will grant him the wealth of tranquility in this world, during death and the afterlife cannot even be described. Hayaat e tayyib- a life of tranquility and a death of tranquility.

The third reward he gets is Allah SWT will put respect for him in the hearts of those who are special to Him SWT. He got the love in the court of Allah SWT, in the court of angels and on the earth Allah SWT will put love and respect for him in the hearts of his beloved slaves. O the honorable ones! Ask Allah SWT the most valuable thing of His SWT treasure, the life pleasing to Him SWT. And the beginning of that pleasant life is repentance, to seek forgiveness by coming out of the ranks of His SWT enemies, by proclaiming the hatred for the life of enemies and by expressing the hatred towards the acts of enemies. He then starts stepping towards His SWT friends. If we get the wealth of forgiveness in this night by joining His SWT friends, from tomorrow the color of our life will change. This is the sign that Allah SWT has accepted his night and a small deed for this a true regret of the heart. O Allah SWT! Whatever happened so far is wrong but this will not happen again. O the honorable ones! Doing zikr, praying voluntary prayers, reciting Quran, giving charity, doing umrah are all voluntary acts but seeking forgiveness from Allah SWT is a compulsory act. The regret for sins and seeking repentance is compulsory. Many times todays Muslim is more enthusiastic in performing voluntary acts but leaves out compulsory acts. He thinks this is piety. Seeking forgiveness for one’s sins and repentance is compulsory because of which a person joins Allah’s SWT friends and proclaims that he is no more connected to the enemies of Allah SWT.

Hold on to compulsory acts

O the honorable ones! The biggest deed of this night is to seek forgiveness with true regret in the heart. Once we join the friends of Allah SWT, all the voluntary deeds will have a great value. If a clerk doesn’t do things allocated to him but does some other work, will he get appreciation? He will be asked to do that which is allocated for him first and in case he does his allocated work and additionally does voluntary acts, then he will be highly appreciated. When it comes to his real responsibility he is turning away and the work which he is not responsible for, he is doing it fashionably. So tell me will he have any value or appreciation in the sight of his boss? Yes if he did his real job and then additional jobs, his value and respect will increase. The real job is to come to the side of Allah’s SWT friends which is repentance for sins with true regret. With this if one does voluntary acts then his value and worth increases with Allah SWT. He is not doing that which he is responsible for and that which is compulsory but says, “I did so much of tasbih, prayed so many units of voluntary prayers”.

O dear! All these will have value and worth only when one fulfills compulsory acts.  That is why there is a very big act to be done during this night. The Prophet SAW has said that there are so many major sins which if one does it during this night will be deprived of all sorts of mercy of Allah SWT. If a person has jealousy and rancor in his heart and he doesn’t repent for it then he won’t be forgiven even when there is a fall of rain of Allah’s mercy. So the biggest deed of this night is to repent and seek forgiveness. Along with this if he does many voluntary acts then he will have great value in Allah’s SWT sight. And the biggest sign of our acceptance of repentance by Allah SWT is that our way life gets changed. From tomorrow our life will be like that of Allah’s SWT friends. Will he then dare to have anything haram in his house or dare to leave any salah or to err in paying zakat? No he won’t because all these are the acts of Allah’s SWT enemies. Now you will see only the life Allah’s SWT friends in him. One will be very fortunate to receive the blessings of this night if he does many voluntary acts along with seeking forgiveness which is to be done during this night. In reality, a person is welcoming Ramadhan in advance to attain its blessings by pleasing Allah SWT by worshipping Him SWT in this night. We express that we really appreciate the month of Ramadhan and would like to take advantage of blessings, mercy and forgiveness granted in this blessed month.

Let’s welcome Ramadhan

This is the preparation for upcoming Ramadhan and we started changing our plans related to our work, muamulat and started giving importance for Ramadhan like how I want to be in Ramadhan such as how much I will pray daily, how much I will recite the Quran daily, how much time I will spend in Allah’s SWT house and how much time a woman would spend in the place of salah. Right from now he/she plans the strategy for Ramadhan so blessed time is not wasted in Ramadhan. Our Prophet SAW used to praying for Ramadhan even before Shaaban that is in the month of Rajab. Allahumma barik lana fi Rajab wa Sha’ban wa ballighna Ramadan:-.”O Allah! Make the months of Rajab and Sha’ban blessed for us, and let us reach the month of Ramadan”. The preparation used to start right from Rajab that Ramadhan is coming. O the honorable ones! Allah SWT is granting this opportunity which we should take advantage of and make use of this night with the best of our ability so decisions on forgiveness is taken in our favor. Seek forgiveness for you, all the Muslims, your family members and all those who are near you.


Let Allah SWT grant us all the ability to act on what we say, hear, write and read. Grant us all a life pleasing to you and forgive us and all the believing men and women. O Allah! Forgive our sins by Your grace. Forgive our hidden and open sins. O Allah! Show us your grace and generosity and grant us complete forgiveness. O Allah! By Your grace join us among those who are accepted by You and beloved to You. O Lord! Protect us from the filth of sins. O Lord! Just like your beloved slaves attain during this night, grant us also a share in that. O Allah! Join us among Your chosen slaves for whom You will grant in this night. O Allah! Do not deprive us from the mercy and blessings of this night. O Allah! Forgive us completely and forgive all the people of eemaan. O Allah! By Your grace and mercy grant us all a life pleasing to You, a death pleasing to You and join us among the righteous slaves on the Day of Judgement. Grant us halal and blessed provision and a blessed life. O Allah! Save us from an evil life and an evil death. Grant us a respectful life and a respectful death with shahaadath.

O Lord! Protect us from jealous people, evil people and oppressors. O Allah! Purify us outwardly and inwardly. O Allah! Purify our hearts from the filth of every form of jealousy, hatred and rancor. O Allah! Purify our hearts for Muslims from jealousy and all kind of filth. O Allah! Purify our hearts and our eyes. O Allah! By Your grace grant us all the true love, eemaani love for each other and the strength of Islam. O Allah! Grant us the brotherhood of eemaan and Islam. O Allah! Purify our hearts from the darkness of jealousy, hatred and rancor of all kinds. O Lord! By Your grace and mercy fulfill all the permissible needs of believing men and women. O Allah! Each of us have desires and needs in our hearts. You are the knower of unseen. You know what lies in the hearts. You are aware of the needs and desires of the hearts. O My Lord! How many are there who cannot say through their tongues what they need or can share with others but you are aware of what is in the heart. Fulfill all their needs, ease and end the difficulties and grant us all the life of respect, peace and tranquility. Grant us death with eemaan.

O Allah! Accept all the duaas of brothers and sisters who requested for duaa. Grant health with aafiyah to the sick. O Allah! Save us from evil life, evil death, and dishonor after honor, distress after aafiyah, sickness and diseases after health and hospitalization. O My Lord! Do not leave us in the hands of evil people, oppressors, and irreligious people. O My Lord! Grant us all Your shadow of mercy and help. O Lord! Forgive us and all our relatives. Forgive all our relatives who passed away from this world and make easy all the paths of akhirah for them. O Allah! Make their graves the garden of Jannah. O Allah! Grant you all the divine help to seek true forgiveness before meeting our death. O Allah! By Your grace and mercy, grant us the true regret and repentance for our sins and wrongdoings. O Allah! Grant us all a perfect forgiveness and forgive all the Muslim Ummah. O Allah! Treat all the people of eemaan with Mercy. Save all the Muslims from oppressors and help them against the oppressors. O Allah! Wherever the Muslims are doing the religious work sincerely, grant them Your help and mercy. Protect the masaajid, madaaris and ulema. O Allah! Use all our means and abilities for Your deen as pleasing to You. Accept our life, our means and abilities in protection of Your deen as You like. O Allah! Protect the masaajid and madaaris from the weakness of our own ones and evil plots of strangers. O Allah! Protect our country from all kinds of filth and unite Muslims. Show mercy on our country, city and on our condition.

O Allah! Grant us all the month of Ramadhan with eemaan, aafiyah and good health. O Allah! Make us all prepare and welcome Ramadhan as You please and give us strength and courage to plan accordingly. O Allah! Join us among those who appreciate the month of Ramadhan. O Allah! Join us among those who appreciate the month of Ramadhan. O Allah! Join us among those who appreciate the month of Ramadhan. O Allah! Make the blessed time of blessed Ramadhan a means for Muslims progress and success.




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