أعوذ بالله من الشيطان الرجيم

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Quran being the speech of Allah SWT, it has full of treasures. Every single letter has wisdom in it and the effect on heart is different everytime I read. Something I learnt which I wanted to share. It was about a verse in Surah Taha wherein there is a narration of story of Musa (AS) full of lessons. When Allah SWT grants the Prophethood to Musa AS in the sacred valley of Tuwa, he (AS) prays to Allah SWT to grant him (AS) five favours. One of the prayer is to make his (AS) brother Harun AS a prophet and share his task of prophethood and he (AS) continues ‘so that we proclaim Your purity a lot and remember You a lot‘ (Al-Quran 20: 33-34).  He (AS) asks for the companianship of Harun (AS) so that they can remember together Allah SWT a lot and glorify Him SWT a lot.

A person can pray by himself and do dhikr on his own, then what is the need for a company. I saw this explanation from tafsir maariful Quran. When we have friends around us who are negligible of deen, the quality and quantity of worship wont be the same as compared to when gifted by a pious company. Being in company of pious, a person will feel humble which is the one fitting a slave, as he sees someone worshipping Allah SWT for better and this will prevent from developing kibr (pride) inside him which he normaly gets being alone or with non-deeni people. Mainly the company of righteous people will remind us of Allah SWT more and the effect of dhikr will be very efficient on our mind and soul which will bring us more close to Allah SWT purifying our hearts and minds.

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