أعوذ بالله من الشيطان الرجيم

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

The rest of the relatives have also been granted their rights. These are:

1. If one’s close relatives are needy and unable to support themselves with the bare necessaries of life, nor are they able to earn anything for themselves, then they should be helped with food and other necessaries to enable them to keep body and soul together, as one does with one’s own children, as a matter of an obligation. To help distant relations with necessaries of life is not so obligatory, yet it is necessary to do something for them also.

2. Visits should be paid to them from time to time.

3. The bonds of relationship with them should not be severed. If anyone of them ever does some harm, it is better to tolerate that.

4. If someone becomes a slave of his close relative he at once becomes a freeman as a result of his relationship with the master.

(Note : this is not applicable in our times)

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