One quality, the greatest quality

أعوذ بالله من الشيطان الرجيم

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Inna allatheena qaloo rabbuna Allahu thumma istaqamoo tatanazzalu AAalayhimu almalaikatu alla takhafoo wala tahzanoo waabshiroo bialjannati allatee kuntum tooAAadoona 

Verily, those who say: “Our Lord is Allah (Alone),” and then they stand firm, on them the angels will descend (at the time of their death) (saying): “Fear not, nor grieve! But receive the glad tidings of Paradise which you have been promised! (  سورة فصلت  , Fussilat, Chapter 41, Verse 30)

Many people have khawf (fear) and huzn (distress). The khawf is fear of future like what will happen and huzn is worrying about the past that why it happened like this and if it happened like that, it would have been better if I did this and so on and on but these are not the qualities of a believer. A believer is asked to believe completely in Allah SWT and remain steadfast in everything he does. When we believe in Allah SWT firmly and remain steadfast, we will be saved from these two qualities and this is an assurance by Allah SWT and this ayat is sent to the most wise man, our beloved Prophet SAW. Many of us do not get rid of khawf and huzn because we are like people who eat healthy food but along with it, we take poison little by little and we can’t expect to be healthy or like eating food in the untime that won’t benefit us.

Once there was a great scholar Hazrat Sirri who was taking rest under the tree and suddenly he heard a voice which he recognized to be from the tree. The tree addressed as, ‘O Sirri become like us. The people throw stones at us and we give them fruits. Possess this akhlaq.’ Hearing this, Hazrat Sirri said ‘O tree you are talking like a buzurg (someone great) but why do people make you the fuel of fire.’ The tree replied, ‘We have one bad quality that takes away all our goodness. That is whenever the wind blows, we sway to the direction of the wind and we do not remain steadfast and this is the worst quality we have in us that wipes out our goodness.’ Today muslims too are not steadfast. He does not have isteqamat and behave like part time muslims. In masjid, he is a different muslim and oustide the masjid, he is a different muslim. He changes colors like a chameleon with different situation be it the moments of happiness or sadness and he is not steadfast in the deen of Allah SWT.

Once a sahabi Sufyan ibn ‘Abdullah al-Thaqafi asked our beloved Prophet SAW, ” O Messenger of Allah, tell me an action which I can keep to (cling to with all my heart and soul) and in another narration – it is said, he (RA) asked  “O Messenger of Allah! Tell me a saying in Islam which won’t need to ask of anyone after you. So the Prophet (sallallahu ‘alaihi wa sallam) said: Say I have believed in Allah and then be steadfast.” He (sallallahu ‘alaihi wa sallam) said: Say my Lord is Allah and adhere to it firmly. That is in every action, let it appear that you are a believer in Allah SWT. When we have this quality that we believe in Allah SWT and remain steadfast, we will neither have khawf for what will happen tomorrow or we will have huzn like why we didn’t do this or that. A believer should be like, let whatever happen, my Rabb is Allah SWT and remain steadfast in His SWT deen and this should reflect in his action.

Let Allah SWT grant us all isteqamat. Ameen ameen thumma ameen


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