Use the means within one’s capability and trust Allah SWT

أعوذ بالله من الشيطان الرجيم

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Seek Allah SWT’s help through the means available to us within our capability and do not go beyond one’ s capability for that is due to weak eeman and it will put one in more trouble. It is also a sin not to use any means when one is able to. Many times people spend money beyond one’s capability for medical treatment. It is not necessary that one should go only to a famous and expensive doctor  even though one cannot afford. When we have capability to spend just fifty rupees, then go to the doctor within one’s capability. It is the characteristic of a mu’min that he uses his ability to his level best and then trusts Allah SWT. Once a believer takes treatment, he doesn’t believe that it is the doctor and medicine that cure his disease but it is Allah SWT who cures the disease. So spend how much one can and Allah SWT will put barakah in that and He SWT will cure the disease. Don’t people die even flying to Germany for the medical treatment? How many doctors do blunder that takes up the life of a patient even though they are experienced. So shifaa is from Allah SWT and we should learn to trust Allah SWT.

Ali RA used to say, “Do not be worried when you don’t have money or be happy and proud when you have money for nothing is permanent and so is the case with one being healthy or sick.” When a mother takes a child for shower, the child screams when mother wishes only good for the child and wants her kid to shine but the understanding of child is limited for it thinks only of cold or hot water and screams. Allah SWT is more loving and caring than the mother and wishes more good than the mother. Allah SWT wants to clean us from our sins to make us shine so we be saved from the punishment of the hereafter and that is why He SWT passes us through the sickness and other calamities. When one wants to purify gold to make it shine, he heats the gold to high temperature to remove the impurities from it. So is the case of Allah SWT dealing with His SWT slaves by passing him through calamities.

The trials of this world is nothing but the gift for the people of jannah. It is said that Abu Jahl didn’t have fever even once in his life time when our beloved Prophet SAW had such a high fever that when he SAW puts his hand in the water, the water used to get hot. Our beloved Prophet SAW said Allah SWT created Jannah with full of pleasure and covered with troubles and calamities and He SWT created the jahannam as a worst place of living when He SWT surrounded with luxuries. So one who goes behind luxuries, he enters jahannam and one who passes through trials and calamities, enters Jannah eternally. So we don’t have any choice other than passing through the trials and tribulations if we want to enter Jannah. It is Allah SWT Who knowing our weakness puts us in different trials according to our capability but as far as those who had high level of eeman, they were put to severe trials like how the sahabahs RA went through. Some were laid under the sun with hot stone on their body, some were torn apart, some were cut into two, they used to tie stones on their bellies when they went through severe hunger and these stones didn’t fill their stomach but they did that so they can stand erect. We would have never heard this in our times. It is easy to say but very difficult to pass through.

We are weak and that is why just by small trials Allah SWT is purifying our sins. If a mu’min wants to enter jannah, then all this troubles, sickness or any calamities are just gifts from Allah SWT so the eeman of a believer stays firm. Sometimes He SWT makes us sick or our children sick or sometimes takes the lives of our beloved and so on. Through all these troubles, Allah SWT purifies us and makes us progress. So a believer asks for aafiyat but during trials, he doesn’t complain. When we go behind luxuries, just be aware that it can be the gift of hell and it can take us there. Let Allah SWT save us from hell fire. We should keep company of pious and righteous while sitting or standing for the company of ignorant gives us only distress. Prophet SAW said let your food be eaten only by pious i.e., when our food is eaten by pious then we will have their friendship. When we sit in a company who doesn’t fear Allah SWT, the creator, then how will he treat us and so we can never trust such a person.

Once the sahabahs RA asked the Prophet SAW with whom should they sit? Prophet SAW said if you look at a person with three quailities, then take him as a treasure. The person whose face makes one remember Allah SWT and his speech and acts make one grieved about akhirah and he is free from useless talks. Today shaitan deceives many like muslims having the thought today that be the ulema or sheikhs, they are all frauds and so there is no use of finding such people to sit with them. This is a clear deception from shaitan. If we are looking for Junaid Baghdadi or Shibly or someone flying in the sky doing miracles, we won’t get such people for we will only waste our life finding such people. So don’t look for such miracles but look for the three characteristics mentioned above and inshaaAllah we will be among them. Also the intention should be correct like we should seek such people for islah and there is no better person than Prophet SAW, but even if a person goes to him SAW without the intention of islah, he wont be benefited. If we have the intention to reform our self, to get close contact with Allah SWT, to get worried about akhirah, then inshaaAllah Allah SWT won’t leave us despaired for we will be benefited.

So when we get troubles in our life, don’t be distressed for this world is the place of trials. Without worrying about the trials, just worry that our eeman is good and it does not get affected by the trials. Second, try best to have a righteous environment so we get progress and get closer to Allah SWT and avoid the company of irreligious people to avoid becoming heedless and getting distressed.


3 Responses to “Use the means within one’s capability and trust Allah SWT”

  1. 1 zulfikarlos November 16, 2010 at 5:05 pm

    As Salam Mu Alaikum!!

    May Allah swt increase your knowledge, Inshallah you will get benefited.

    follow this blog.

    Jazak Allah Khair

  2. 2 theheartopener November 16, 2010 at 7:41 pm

    Walaikum assalam warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu
    Amin to your duas and let Allah SWT grant you the same. inshaaAllah I will follow the blog.

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