Khayanat, the breach of trust

أعوذ بالله من الشيطان الرجيم

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

The society of mankind is based on trust and only when there is trust on each other, the mankind can progress. When this trust ends, the life of man becomes very difficult. Trustworthiness is formed by the quality of eeman. When there is eeman present in the society, then this trustworthiness prevails. There will be truthfulness, keeping up of promise and trustworthiness. When this eeman gets life, then there will be a remarkable progress in the society. Every individual will trust each other and will make his life easier. The husband will trust the wife, the employer will trust the employee, and the employee will trust the employer and the life will become all ease and comfortable and the afterlife will be embellished. Prophet SAW said ‘it can only be a munafiq who can speak lies, break the promise and breach the trust and these cannot be the qualities of a believer.’ Trustworthiness is the measure of eeman and Prophet SAW said, ‘he is not a believer who doesn’t have trustworthiness.’ He didn’t get the true eeman if he is not trustworthy. 

Eeman will make a person trustworthy. Allah SWT says ‘Innallaha yamurukum an tuaddul amanati ila ahliha’(surah 4, ayat 58). Meaning: ‘Allah commands you to render back your trusts to those to whom they are due.’ Allah SWT commands us to become trustworthy. When something leaves our life, the meanings of the words related to that too leave our mind or become limited or even the real imagination or idea of that comes to an end or become limited. As there is no trustworthiness in the society, the understanding of its reality too has become very limited. Generally a person is said to be trustworthy when he returns the money that was trusted to him and he is said to have breached the trust if he misuses that money and doesn’t return it to the owner. This is what we have understood but in reality the meaning of trustworthiness is quite vast. Inna aradna al amanata Allah SWT gave the trust to the man and when it was presented to him, he accepted it. The simple meaning of amanat is that if in any matter, a person was trusted and he didn’t live up to it completely, then it’s a breach of trust.

If we employed a man and trusted him that he will work for complete 8 hours and if he even gets wages for 8 hrs while he doesn’t work for complete 8 hours, then that’s a breach of trust on his side. Instead of dedicating his time for the appointed time for which he is paid, if he uses the time for some other thing, then it’s a breach of trust. If an office was given to his responsibility and if he is transgressing in using the office stuff, that is a breach of trust. If there is any work in government, it becomes a big trial for we won’t be able see the officer in his seat and we will be asked to come later and we are left to wander. 

The common complaint we hear today from everyone is ‘none is fulfilling my rights’ and this is the case from house to court. This attitude has vanished that how much I am fulfilling other rights which is obliged on me. What are my responsibilities being a father, a husband, an employee, an employer and a ruler and am I fulfilling other’s rights? This realization has vanished. From every direction we hear ‘our rights’ but we cannot see anyone asking ‘what are my obligations?’ Till we get this thought in our mind, others rights will not be fulfilled. So the meaning of amanat is vast. A person can be performing salah but because of the corrupt environment which gave him the feeble understanding of amanat, he thinks that it is his right that he could leave the workplace after 3 hours instead of 6 hours. He thinks he has right on government’s stuff and when it comes to his hands; he could take those things to his house and he thinks it is his right. He doesn’t know what Allah SWT and His messenger SAW said that one who doesn’t have trustworthiness doesn’t have eeman. Prophet SAW has said clearly that person prays, fasts but he lies when he speaks, breaks the promise when he makes, breaches the trust when something is trusted on him, then those are the clear signs of a munafiq (hypocrite). In spite of doing all the ibadahs, he has the signs of munafiq. 

Allah SWT is seeing even the khayanat of eyes of a man and the man is given the responsibility of his body and his very being is a responsibility. He can give his book to anyone for it is his book, he can ask anyone to tear his book but he can’t write on a stamp paper and ask someone to shoot him for he has no right on that. He doesn’t have the right to commit suicide for he is not the owner of his body and the body and his life is his amanat and not like any book he possess. The eyes, ears, tongue are all amanat and the life given to one is an amanat and now if he is using this amanat where one should not use, then that’s a big khayanat. So it is not for a believer that he does khayanat on the blessings that Allah SWT bestowed on him. Today’s biggest problem is that the amanat has left us. In every single phase of our life, this amanat has come to an end be it a family or a work place or any where. We have been engulfed by this khayanat. Looking at the big khaayin (the person who breaches trust), the small khaayin thinks that he is righteous. This is because the society is so corrupted that a person taking the chair from office to his house says that it is not a problem for the other person took the official car. He takes it light taking a pen from the office because the other took full control of the office when he doesn’t have any right to do so and the corruption has spread throughout the society.  

Everyone is best khaayani at their own level. A person speaks badly about khayanat of a person at higher level when if he takes the same position of that person, he will be as khaayin as him. Everyone is in their level best in breaching the trust. The worst unfortunate thing is he is sinning and at the same time, he doesn’t even realize his sin. It is such a big sin that our beloved Prophet SAW is saying he doesn’t have eeman. If we are believers, we should take heed in knowing what the rights of fellow humans are and what the rights of Allah SWT are. We should take account of ourselves as believers if any khayanat is going on in our lives for Prophet SAW has said a believer cannot do any khayanat, a believer cannot lie, and a believer cannot break the promise. If anyone has it, then yes it is a sign of a munafiq and so remove it from your life as soon as possible for it doesn’t befit a believer. It is said clearly even if a person performs salah, fasts and these qualities are seen in him; then be sure that he has characteristics of a munafiq inside him. 

So trustworthiness is a measure of eeman and so we should give much importance to this and each one should look into oneself if any khayanat is going on in his life. This matter is very delicate for if we take it light even slightly, then the rights of others will get affected and we should know that as far as the rights of Allah SWT are concerned, if we repent to him and change our lives, He SWT will forgive us whereas when it comes to the rights of His creations, it is they who should forgive us and Allah SWT is The Just and so the matter is very serious and it could be very heavy on us.  Once the Prophet SAW asked his companions, “do you know who the muflis (bankrupt) is” His companions replied “Ya Rasulullah, the bankrupt among us is one who has neither money nor property”. The Prophet SAW said “No, the real bankrupt of my ummah would be he who would come on the day of resurrection with much of prayer, of fasting and sadaqah; but he will find himself bankrupt on that day as he will have exhausted the funds of virtues because he reviled others, brought calumny against others, unlawfully devoured the wealth of others, shed the blood of others and beat others. So his virtues would be credited to the account of those who suffered at his hand, if his good deeds fall short to clear the account, their sins would be entered in his account and he would be thrown in the hellfire.”

Thus we see that on the Day of Judgment, there is no currency but only deeds and only these deeds will be compensated for placing hands on others rights. So we should try to remove this habit as soon as possible and compensate right here in this world and change ourself and if we find difficulty, we should keep seeking Allah SWT’s help and His forgiveness regretting for what we did, so Allah SWT keeps us away from this dirty habit. Let Allah SWT give us all tawfeeq to save ourselves from this sin. Ameen


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