Raza, the pleasure of Allah SWT

أعوذ بالله من الشيطان الرجيم

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Raza is the jannah of dunya. Raza is bowing oneself before Allah SWT in obedience from heart. The nafs doesn’t bow down before others easily for it wants others to bow down before it. The nafs keeps asking why this happened to me and why it didn’t happen like how it wanted. When we are pleased with Allah SWT without any complaints, this dunya becomes jannah and if this comes deep from his heart, he will remain happy. He will feel the peace and coolness inside his heart that even the people around him will enjoy the coolness just like when a cold breeze passes over a person, he enjoys its coolness. He will be content with his provision and if he was not, he feels the burning inside him out of hirs, greediness that he didn’t get this and that and he will remain distressed. 

How do we know if our heart is pleased with Allah SWT? This same question was posed by Prophet Musa AS to Allah SWT when Allah SWT replied ‘O Musa! Ask your heart, if it is pleased with Me, then think that I am pleased with you.’ So every time when we keep asking our heart how it is pleased with Allah SWT, we can know about Allah SWT’s pleasure. A person who has be given many blessings and he keeps complaining he didn’t get what he wished and there was a person who is very sick passing through a calamity but he feels happy with Allah SWT’s qadr and this person is really blessed. We should check our heart when we pass through any trials be it sickness or any calamities, if we don’t have any complaints against Allah SWT for that’s the sign of Allah SWT’s pleasure. This is how sahabahs (RA) were. Hot stones were placed on them, their wealth was snatched away, they passed through severe trials and they never had complaints against Allah SWT and that’s why Allah SWT says I am pleased with them and they are pleased with Me. 

Allah SWT loves when His SWT slaves keep asking Him and the slave might get what he asked or not, but his status gets exalted. This status is much better than getting the thing we asked our. Many times we ask Allah SWT and we get disappointed when we don’t get it. Our work is only to ask and we are not wise as Allah SWT, we are not knowledgeable like Allah SWT and we can’t be as generous like Allah SWT. On that Day, some people will enter jannah without reckoning when the angels will ask if you went through reckoning. They will say no. Then the angels will ask if you passed through pulsirat and they will say no. They will ask how then you achieved this status. They will say by the mere fadhal of Allah SWT and we had two qualities in us in dunya. One: we used to fear Allah SWT in obeying him when we were alone and two: whatever we had even little, we were content with Allah SWT and the angels replied verily you deserve this status for these qualities you possessed. When we perform more good deeds, we complaint more for we think we have become more righteous but our problems not getting solved. 

When we get more problems and our contact with Allah SWT increases, that’s the sign of pleasure of Allah SWT and love of Allah SWT. Many times we keep telling our problems, which distress us more. When we don’t keep ranting, our heart will stay calm than keep speaking about that. When we have love of Allah SWT, we won’t complaint. Our pious predecessors won’t even say that today was a very hot day or that the cold is severe. They were content with everything. We keep hearing negative things and we keep saying negative things, this makes us sadder and sadder. So avoid speaking more about our problems. When we love Allah SWT, we will even enjoy His SWT trials for we will feel the love of Allah SWT and we won’t complaint. So if we want to be content with Allah SWT, we should increase love of Allah SWT inside us. When hot stones were placed on Bilal RA, he kept saying Ahad, Ahad for he loved Allah SWT. When Khubaib RA was to be hanged, he wished to perform two units of salah to talk with his beloved and he said he could have extended the salah if he didn’t fear that the enemies will say out of fear of death, he is delaying by praying. Another sahabah RA when he was to be thrown into boiling oil, he got tears and when enquired he said he just have one soul to give in path of Allah SWT and he doesn’t have many souls to sacrifice in path of his beloved. 

One way to to achieve the pleasure of Allah SWT is to increase the love of Allah SWT and that can be achieved by performing more nafil acts and if we are to perform nafil salah, increase the khushu in those salawat and do more zikr for this will lead to pleasure of Allah SWT. The second thing is when we get some problems, think that we could have got something big but it didn’t happen. Once a buzurg was robbed and he said Alhamdulillah and when people wondered he said only my things were stolen and my eeman was not stolen. When we get stomach ache, think that our mind is atleast good and other parts are good. By thinking like this we would get raza of Allah SWT. The third solution is when we pass through calamities, think that it is good for us for it is sent by Al-Hakeem and definitely there should be good in it.  The fourth point is thinking that by this trial, Allah SWT is testing our love if we are truthful or not in our claim that we love Him SWT. So with these four points, inshaaAllah we will get raza of Allah SWT and we will be content with Allah SWT.

Let Allah SWT grant us all His SWT perfect forgiveness and perfect pleasure. Ameen


2 Responses to “Raza, the pleasure of Allah SWT”

  1. 1 thufail ahmed October 27, 2010 at 9:48 am

    Man is always for material benefits and full of desires. But this is will come down only through bow ourself before our lord Allah with hope for good.

  2. 2 Saji saji February 9, 2012 at 8:06 am

    Its really very informative and i like it.it we follow all this we can get all blessings of Allah SWT.INSHALLAH.

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