Amaal-e-Saaliha:The righteous deeds

أعوذ بالله من الشيطان الرجيم

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

There is no doubt that Allah SWT emphasis more on righteous deeds (amanu amilu salihati), tawasaw bil haq and tawasaw bis sabr (Illah ladhina amanu amilu salihati, wa tawasaw bil haq wa tawasaw bi sabr) together with eeman in His SWT kalam. Eeman is a very precious jewel and it is the righteous deeds that protects and preserves it.  The sins and disobedience of Allah SWT are the enemies of this wealth and wherever we have this both, this wealth starts leaving from us slowly. When a person doesn’t leave the sin and when he doesn’t stop others committing the sin while witnessing it, then the hatred of sin slowly fades away from his heart. He becomes weak and he starts taking the sins slightly and very normal and this is but kufr. When in his eyes, the sin is not a sin anymore and he does not have any realization that Allah SWT’s command is broken, then that is when he is said to be completely devoid of noor of eeman. This is just like a blind man who has a stick and a snake before him and he couldn’t sense both that shows that he is completely devoid of eye sight. If he has even little eye sight, he would have distinguished between the snake and the stick; and seeing the snake, he would have stepped back or he would have been restless and there might be some reaction from him.  Similarly when a man loses the noor of eeman, he cannot distinguish between a righteous deed and a sin and he wouldn’t even sense if he did a sin or if he did anything good. This is the sign that he is emptied with noor of eeman.

The noor of eeman has such strength in it that it extinguishes even the Hell fire. If this is the case of Hell fire, then we can imagine the case of this dunya which is so worthless. When one has this noor-e-eeman in his heart, the fire of this worldly distresses or worries cannot touch him. If one wants to be free from distress or worries, then the only condition is to have this noor-e-eeman in his heart. If one attains this, then Hazrat says, ‘Wallah (By Allah), the peace and tranquility of both the worlds is only for us.’  Prophet SAW used to supplicate, ‘Allahumma inni as’aluka imaanan yubashiru qalbi, wa yaqiinan sadiqan hatta a’alamu annahu la yusebuny illa ma katabta li, redan minka bima qasamta li’ (‘O Allah! I seek from Thee a faith that will saturate my heart, and a true conviction that will make me realize that naught can befall me except what Thou hast decreed for me, and that I may find contentment in whatever Thou hast given me.’) So now, when we will get this content of the heart? This will be achieved when we will look through the eyes of eeman that Allah SWT is not only Al-Haakim but also Al-Hakeem, Ar-Rahman and Ar-Rahim and there should definitely be wisdom in whatever He SWT has provided us and bestow on us. We can also observe how our beloved Prophet SAW used to ask for eeman when he SAW was the best of creations and being a Prophet, we can’t even imagine how heavy his SAW eeman would be.

So there won’t be any grief when we get this noor-e-eeman which can even extinguish the fire of hell but yes there will be one grief and that is about the meeting of Allah SWT and when we get to taste this grief, we will find it very delicious. We will kick away every single calamity tasting this grief. But unfortunately we are very far away from this wealth and those who are fortunate enough to get this then this dunya becomes insignificant in their eyes. The method of achieving this noor-e-eeman by the fazal of Allah SWT is by two key words; zikr, the remembrance of Allah SWT and fikr, the grief about meeting Allah SWT. Fikr is to think before every single act that we don’t get in to big trouble doing this act. We should think before doing any act or utter any word, if it is right or wrong, lawful or unlawful, if Allah SWT will be pleased or displeased and we should always have this fikr in our hearts. Also we should take account of our own deeds. If we can think of any disobedience happened from us, we should immediately repent to Allah SWT. We should think of adhab (punishment) of Allah SWT for this will give rise to hayaa (chastity) and khauf (fear) and we should think of blessings of jannah for this will give rise to love and desire for it.

Today in the corrupted society, people have weak understanding of the word progress as with many words. For people, progress means to keep moving without stopping irrespective of one’s right is violated or not, if it is really useful or not. Aforetime people wanted to extend the power so as to keep others in control and protect themselves from other’s oppression. Today people want their power not just to extend over dunya but also over heavens and they do all this blindly either be it spending money or shedding the blood of fellow human. People want to take control over moon and other heavenly objects. On one side people do research to gain knowledge and on the other side, they spend millions and millions of dollars for something worthless and they do all in the name of research. They just want to keep moving and then they take pride in giving up life for useless examination. It is like consuming poison and dying and feeling proud that it is a brave act while this is nothing but stupidity and so is the case of men when they kill their time behind useless things without knowing what is necessary and what is not and what is the purpose of creation and so on. People least bother about earning for akhirah which is a real life and this world is means to gain the reward in the akhirah and save oneself from punishment of hell and we see that we are just wasting our time behind worthless things.

The one common accusation that muslims are facing today is that islam is biased and looks down people. When there is no such thing in islam, islam is also not free from ghayrah, the sense of respect too. If someone speaks ill of our mother, we won’t have any friendship with him and by this, we won’t be called we are biased or narrow minded or that we are looking down the people but we will be called people of ghayrah. Let our thousands of mothers be sacrificed to the love and honor of Prophet SAW. How can we have friendship with enemies of Prophet SAW and how can we be called that we are biased or looking down the people like Qadianis when it is nothing but the ghayrah. Today it is sad to see muslims imitating the kuffar when they have clear guidance in every single thing be it dress or manners or whatever and we have lost the ghayrah for Prophet SAW for we abandoned His SWT way of life and the righteous deeds He SAW has taught us and we abandoned one who was sent as a mercy and a guide to the whole of mankind from our Creator.

Coming to the part of zikr, Allah SWT says Khalaqal mautawwal hayata li’yabluwakum ahsanu amala 67:2 (He created life and death so that it can be proven who among you is better in deeds). We see here Allah SWT says ahasanul amala (good in deeds) but not aksaru amalu (more in deeds). Quality stands and not the quantity. If are doing some deed in abundance without having any sincerity, without taking care of sunnah of Prophet SAW, then that deed has no weight even though done in abundance. Similarly when we do a small act taking care of shariah of islam and taking rights of wife, children, husband, parents, it has more weight even though it is a small act. Progress will be achieved through quality but not with quantity. We see that we keep doing nafil acts when our sick parents need us or our wife or husband need us, then what is the use of such nafil acts for it will lose its quality and hence no effect. There are many virtues of hajar-e-aswad. One is that the one who kisses it, if he has goodness in him, it will become apparent and if he has more evil, then his evil will become apparent. If a person doesn’t change after hajj, that indicates his hajj is not accepted.

When we see that our heart is inclined towards lecturing others in deen while we don’t enjoy our ibadah in seclusion with Allah SWT, then think that it is just our nafs that is driving us and it is the destruction of the heart. There is no doubt that when we remember Allah SWT while we walk or sit, there will be some effect on us but the real essence of worship is seen in seclusion. When we don’t have any effect on our souls when we worship in seclusion, then be sure it won’t have any effect on others while we lecture them and it just the destruction of heart. If it is not farz on Prophet SAW to guide the muslims, he SAW would have preferred only seclusion and we know how he SAW used to spend days and days in the cave of Hira remembering Allah SWT and even today it is difficult to reach his place of meditation. So what if we can’t seclude ourselves with Allah SWT when our heart is weak? We just have to strive. If we can’t sit for 10 mins, then we should push our self to talk to Allah SWT for 5 minutes in the beginning and if we can sit for 30 mins, then sit for 15 mins and when we keep striving like this for few days then Allah SWT by His SWT mercy will change our heart to such a state that we will become restless when we don’t sit in seclusion with our Creator and we will start enjoying our ibadah. Let Allah SWT fill our hearts with noor of eeman and grant us love and fear of Allah SWT. Ameen


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