The Poison of Music

أعوذ بالله من الشيطان الرجيم

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Wamina alnnasi man yashtaree lahwa alhadeethi liyudilla AAan sabeeli Allahi bighayri AAilmin wayattakhidhaha huzuwa. Al-Quran-31:6

But there are, among men, those who purchase idle tales, without knowledge (or meaning), to mislead (men) from the Path of Allah and throw ridicule (on the Path)

The music grows nifaaq as the water grows the crops

Hazrat Abdullah bin Mas’ud, Hazrat Abdullah bin Umar, Hazrat Jabir bin Abdullah, Hazrat Abdullah bin Abbas (Radhiyallahu anhum), all these great personalities told that the above ayat was descended on the blasphemy of kuffaar. There is a word here, “lahwa alhadeeth”. Relating to this, these great Hazraat told that it refers to songs and music. Our beloved Prophet ﷺ said that he was sent to this world to eradicate musical instruments. Our Prophet ﷺ told that the music so grows hypocrisy in the hearts as the water grows the fields. When a doctor says that a certain food will give rise to a certain disease and even though the doctor might be a Hindu or a Christian, one will trust his skill and give up that food immediately. He won’t even ask how that food is related to that disease and the doctor being a Hindu or a Christian, he will so trust his skill that he won’t even have any dispute with him. He was addicted to that food for forty years but he left that in a moment. He believes what a Christian say and in fact when his child is addicted to that certain food, to save that child from that food is considered as shakkat. He thinks that as wishing well as per the rights of that child and tells the child with loving words that the particular food will cause disease and the mother won’t give the child that food even though he cries and screams.

Are we the well-wishers or the enemies of our children?

And here is the Prophet ﷺ of the universe, behind whose truthful words the knowledge of Allah ﷻ is and behind whose truthful words the establishment of wahi (revelation) is, he is saying that nifaaq (hypocrisy) is created through music, and the ignorant Muslim asks how? He can trust the skill of a Hindu and a Jewish doctor, he can trust the knowledge of a Christian doctor, but this ignorant muslim in spite of calling himself a Muslim, he doesn’t trust the words of the Prophet ﷺ! Even after being a Muslim, he asks how is this and why? When a certain food is said to cause some disease by a doctor, the child is prevented from that food and it is thought to be good but today when the child cries, he is left to hear the music to make him calm! A strange scene! Give him the instruments of music and he would be calm! Is this enmity or well wishing? On one hand, the child is prevented from taking certain food and the food is kept away from him as per the advice of a Christian doctor and it is interpreted as well wishing while on the other hand, the child is equipped with musical instrument to keep it calm and in fact they are admitted in a school where this is arranged. Is this well wishing or enmity? Either he is not wishing good for the child or he does not trust the words of the Prophet ﷺ. Either of the two should be correct. If he really wishes good for the child and if he trusts the Prophet ﷺ, then definitely he will keep his child away from these instruments and he will keep his house clean from this dirt. If not, then he does not trust the words of the Prophet ﷺ that it will create nifaaq. If he trusts the words of the Prophet ﷺ, then he is not wishing good for the child for he is creating nifaaq in the child. If he really trusts the Prophet ﷺ and he cares for the child and he is his well wisher, then definitely the music cannot be heard in his house.

The two sounds most hateful to Allah

The Prophet of Allah ﷺ said that two things are extremely hateful to Allah ﷻ: 1) The music that is raised during singing and 2) The moaning during a calamity. There are only two phases in the life, the time of happiness and the time of being sad. The Muslim goes into playing music in the happy moments and during his moments of grief he moans, screams, cries and laments. The Prophet ﷺ says that both these sounds are extremely hateful to Allah ﷻ. If there is an epidemic of cholera and it is been announced that the cholera is spread by a certain fruit and if a small vendor crosses one with the same fruit, what will he tell him? O the heartless, what are you doing, why have you become the enemy of humanity, why do you want to kill the human beings, the plague is spread through this fruit and why you are selling this fruit? This is what will be said. In case, by mistake what will happen if a child gets that in the house? Won’t one be shocked and stop him explaining to him that the plague is spread through that fruit. There is so much of trust that the plague is spread through that food and the seller, the buyer, the less intelligent and everyone is told off. Now the vehicle in which my child goes has the sound of the music, the van in which he goes has the sound of the music, the van in which he comes has the sound of the music, if he goes to school there is the sound of the music, if he goes to a wedding there is the sound of the music and wherever one goes, one gets to hear this filth. This sin has been so widely established that none thinks it as a sin, and the Prophet ﷺ is calling it to be the nourishment for nifaaq.

Nifaaq and its consequences

As this nourishment is available everywhere, the man has become two faced and this is the reality of the nifaaq that a person is different from how he is seen. While his look is something, his inner is something very different. This is called nifaaq. As this nourishment is available everywhere, the man is double faced and his reality is entirely different from how he looks. One thinks how come this can happen from a person when he used to pray, fast and what sort of things he did! This is because of the presence of nifaaq as the music was playing in his house which clashes with his ears every day. Our beloved Prophet ﷺ told once that faces of some people of his ummah will become deformed and when they wake up in the morning they will look like monkeys and pigs. Abdullah bin Umar  asked “O Prophet of Allah ﷺ, won’t they be Muslims?” The Prophet ﷺ said, “No no, they would have uttered the shahaadah bearing witness that they believe in Allah ﷻ and His Messenger ﷺ and they would even fast”. It was then asked, “Why would this happen to them then?” The Prophet ﷺ replied, “They would be playing music and drinking alcohol during the night and in the morning, their faces would be deformed.” So music is the nourishment for nifaaq and is present everywhere. Abdullah bin Nafi  narrated that once as Abdullah bin Umar  was going with him and the pipe was heard, he immediately placed his fingers in his ears and he walked far away and asked him, “Nafi, are we hearing anymore?” He replied, “No”. Abdullah bin Umar  then told him that once he was going with the Prophet ﷺ when pipe was heard and he ﷺ immediately placed his fingers in the ears so the music doesn’t enter the ears.

The music will shower calamities on the people

The baatin (inner) of a person is dirtied with this music for one gets the nifaaq and that is why his outer is different from his inner which is accustomed to the sound of shaitaan and he couldn’t get rid of the filth as it has become his habit. And today this filth has spread everywhere. Our beloved Prophet ﷺ said when music becomes so common and widespread like from house to house, then the trials and tribulations will so befall people one after another just like the beads will fall off when the string is cut off. When a voice of one disaster stops, the other one starts. When a voice of one calamity doesn’t even stop, the other one comes. The Prophet ﷺ has spoken the truth. Our beloved Prophet ﷺ told that a time will come when the public treasury will be used as a personal money, people will breach the trust, they will consider zakat as burden and tax, they will gain religious knowledge to gain the worldly benefits, the wife will be obeyed and the mother will be abandoned, the friends will be made close considering them to be well-wishers and the father will be hated, voices will be raised inside the masaajid, the music will be common in every single place. When one opens the door of the driving room, the music is heard and it is heard when one sits in a vehicle and when he sits in the airplane. And the music is heard everywhere when the Prophet of Allah ﷺ is saying that to be the most hateful sound to Allah ﷻ and he ﷺ is saying that the music creates nifaaq in a person.

Hazrat Fuzayl bin Ayaz (RA) used to say that the songs and music is the mantar (charm) of zina (adultery, fornication) because of which the sexual desires get kindled and slowly and slowly the man gets impure and his chastity falls into danger. This is the mantar of zina. So the music will be wide spread, the alcohol will be drunk, people will wear silk, the worst man and the most filthiest will be their leader, people will honor him just because they be saved from his evils while there won’t be any respect in their hearts, the people of lowest rank will speak worst of those of higher ranks, the women will imitate men and the men will desire to be like women. The Prophet ﷺ continued that the calamities will then befall people like beads will fall off when the string is broken. Today the voice of calamities is heard from every single direction. The calamities are falling one after another. There is adversity in whole of the society. Two sins are so established in our society that we seek refuge from that: 1) In every single place, one can find those who do not pray (benamaazi) and that too the sin is very open and 2) In every single place, one can see obscenity (behayaa’i) very open. These have made the whole environment disastrous. Benamaazi and behayaa’i have brought disaster in whole of the environment.

The society’s degradation is linked with the musical instruments

O the honorable ones! The Prophet ﷺ has said that the music creates nifaaq and Hazrat Fuzail bin Ayaz (RA) is saying this is the mantar of zina. The well wishing for children is that they are saved from this mantar and they are saved from this nifaaq. They are only children and they are very innocent. They might not realize but slowly and slowly they will become addicted to it. If one gets habitual to it and even if Allah ﷻ gives him tawfeeq to repent from it, if he hears the music slightly, then he will get inclined towards it and this is because this has Satanism in it. Even if one hears after years and years, he will still get inclined to it for such is its attracting power. The effect of shaitaan is present in it completely. That is why our Prophet of Allah ﷺ said that this is the most hateful sound to Allah ﷻ. In fact the sign of degradation and abjectness of a nation is that these musical instruments get in the hands of the youth of that nation. Can I tell you the sign of the loftiness and the honor of a nation? That is when there is arrow and sword in the hands of its youth and the sign of degradation and abjectness of a nation is when its youth have tabla (percussion) and sarangi (fiddle) in their hands. This is said by Iqbal. The youth is dancing with guitar in his hands and he remains happy with the guitar. And today these instruments are made to be things of honor in our society. Fifty years back, the people of this art are considered to be low class people. No one takes their daughters’ marriage proposals to them as these people of this art used to be a very low class people. Their musical skill used to be hated and if they repent, then anyone can become beloved to Allah ﷻ. One can become even the wali (friend) of Allah ﷻ. Anyway definitely there was a hate for this art. But they were then so favored with awards and honorarium and they were so brought to the front that now they have become the idols for the youth of this nation.

Protect the younger generation from this filth

Today in the educational institutes, there is a determined time to teach this thing. How is it related to education! Unfortunately the hands in which our youth and the new generation are brought up are not our well-wishers but our enemies. This is the most unfortunate thing. Those in whose hands our youth are and to whom our new generation go to study are unfortunately not our well-wishers but evil wishers. So they make only the nourishment of nifaaq available to them from which comes the nifaaq and the outer and the inner are very different. O the honorable ones! The well wishing for the children is that we keep them protected from this filth. The house in which the music is heard, the camps of shayateen are set there as the shaitaan likes this sound very much. Very much liked. The house then cannot be saved from adversity by anyone. There are only calamities in there and only darkness is present. Let Allah ﷻ protect and protect again and again and let it not happen that our generation gets addicted to it and die in that state. There are some fortunate ones who return to Allah ﷻ when they are in prostration and when they are reciting the Quran. Some can be so unfortunate that one is hearing the music while driving and dies in an accident in that state. A person dies as he was hearing. There is this same sound everywhere. The vehicles in which our kids go to school, they get to hear this in the very morning. There is no realization today that what our kids are absorbing inside them. And the state in which a person dies, he will be raised up in that same state.

We will die like how we live

Our beloved Prophet ﷺ said that our death will come just like how we live and we will be raised up just like how we die. Whatever you were doing while dying, you will be raised up doing the same. O the honorable ones! Let Allah ﷻ clean the houses, business places and institutes of Muslims from this filth for this has a big misfortune. The tabla, surangi, musical composition, drum are all most hateful to Allah ﷻ. The Prophet ﷺ told that he came to eradicate these musical instruments. There is too much of courage today, a man is calling himself an ummati of the Prophet ﷺ and he is standing against the Prophet ﷺ! He ﷺ came to eradicate and he works to spread it. He ﷺ came to break these instruments and he gives them as dowry for his daughter. He came to end these things and he is decorating his house with these things. He is really having much courage! Do not know how he will bear the fire! Today the realization of this sin has come to an end. How big is this very sin! It so happens that a person himself might not be an addict but he will go to the wedding where the music is being played and he becomes a participant as he doesn’t realize that to be a sin.

The demand of eemaan

Being a believer, the eeman (faith) demands that he stop the evil and if he doesn’t have the strength, he speak against it and if he doesn’t have even that strength, then at least have the despise for that evil. Hate it and at least do not make you associated with it. When fire is caught, I try to put it down myself and when I cannot, I call for people’s help and if they don’t come and the fire is spreading, I take my things and save myself from the fire. As the realization of this filth is removed from one, he gets associated with it. When one goes to a hotel, the music is heard and if he doesn’t have enough courage to tell them with loving words, then he can go to some other place but he stays there nourishing his nifaaq. As the realization has ended, this sin has become very common. Neither one cleans his house with this filth nor do the elders take any responsibility to stop it and it is getting very common. O the honorable ones! The effect of things that Prophet of Allah ﷺ told is very true. Let any skilled person today tell that this will happen because of this, see how one believes. Now when the Prophet of Allah ﷺ says, then the trust on him has so weakened that one asks, “What is the relation between music and nifaaq?” The noble Companions of the Prophet (RadhiAllahu anhum) so trusted the Prophet ﷺ and firmly believed in his words that even if something had a strong base intellectually, they never dared to ask him why and how it can happen.

An example of the Companions’ trust in the words of the Prophet

When Prophet ﷺ went for the journey of miraj during a short time in the night and he travelled from mecca to Bait-ul-Muqaddas and from there he went up to the heavens, journeyed through jannah and returned, the man of enlightening thought of that time, the intellect, Abul Hakam whose name became Abu Jahl later came running to Abu Bakr Siddique  saying, “Listen what your friend is saying”. His thought was that today Abu Bakr  will leave the company of the Prophet ﷺ for this is not believable that he ﷺ travels all the way from mecca to baitul Muqaddas, then to the heavens, journeys through jannah and returns back on the same night. He was so confident that today Abu Bakr  will proclaim to part from the Prophet ﷺ. And so he came running to him saying, “Did you listen what your friend is saying?” He  asked, “Who?” Abu Jahl replied, “The same Muhammad bin Abdullah for he is saying that he traveled to baitul Muqaddas, then to the heavens, journeyed through jannah and returned back on the same night” Abu Bakr  said that if these words were uttered by Muhammad ﷺ, then he spoke the truth. If it was indeed him who told then for sure it is true and there is no second opinion. This is eemaan.

The dangerous and shocking environment of our children

O the honorable ones! If our beloved Prophet ﷺ said that the music nourishes nifaaq, then these words are true. The inner baatin gets ruined. So it is very necessary that our lives and our children’s lives be saved from this. The truth is wherever our children are going today, those people never claim and there is no obstinacy in them that your children will become people of Allah ﷻ and His Messenger ﷺ after coming to them and they never claim that the appreciation of eeman and Islam will become alive in them and their eemaan will become matured. Rather if we leave our children like this, after some years they will say that there is nothing called eemaan and kufr, shirk and tawheed (oneness of God), revelation and the Last Prophet ﷺ for all these things will become insignificant for them. This is because the institutes where are our children are studying, there is no mention of revelation, the azmat (greatness) of Allah ﷻ, Prophethood and Muhammad  ﷺ. Rather it is more and more tried to eliminate all these things. This is the reason why the generation that comes out of this institute and moves to other countries, they get married to Hindus, Christians, Sikhs and Qadiyanis.

The respect for islam comes to an end and the distinction between shirk and tawheed gets destroyed. So do not leave these new generations in such environments very freely. There their land is made favorable so the seed of the nifaaq germinate well. That is why in the whole of that surrounding, the musical environment is given and it is taught properly so that their hearts can easily tolerate the kufr and apostasy. Every sin is made to be tolerated easily and the music levels the heart for that and levels the land of the heart. That is why today nothing comes without music to make the heart favorable so he accepts every single sin and this is happening. The sin which will make us nervous twenty or thirty years back today has been easily accepted through slow poisoning by making the heart favorable for that. Everything is accepted because whenever the TV is switched on, the music falls on the ears and whenever the TV is switched on, absurd picture comes before the eyes. It has all been tolerated, isn’t? Today how much ever be the absurdity along the path, it is tolerated when those who are sticking it are Muslims. And we do not know what the state of their children is. So the land has become so favorable that every sin is tolerable. O the honorable one! It is very essential that we purify our houses from such instruments and filth. Our last hope is our beloved Prophet ﷺ that he ﷺ will give us water from Rawza-e-Kawthar and through whose hand, intercession will be accepted. Now the Muslim is standing against the Prophet ﷺ for he ﷺ came to eradicate the musical instruments and he wants to sell it. He ﷺ came to eradicate the musical instruments and he wants to spread it. He ﷺ came to eradicate the musical instruments and he wants to decorate his house with that. Now even the last hope will get removed from one’s life.

Replace music with the recitation of Quran

We are having the hope that he ﷺ will intercede for us and by standing by his ﷺ flag, we will get salvation, isn’t? So let one get hatred to this sin and one get despise to this sin and the new generation be saved from this. O honorable ones! Let it so happen that in place of music, the recitation of Quran is heard in our houses and in place of becoming addicted to music, one gets addicted to the recitation of Quran. Aforetime in the houses of Muslims, the Quran used to be recited during the tahajjud time. The mothers and daughters used to so recite the Quran that in madinah munawwara, when men go to Masjid-un-Nabawi for tahajjud salah, they hear their recitation from the houses as the buzzing of bees. The recitation of Quran from every single house! The mothers, sisters and daughters everyone used to recite. Tell me how much those children would have become the coolness of the eyes of their parents and how much noor would be in that house. That is why our beloved Prophet ﷺ said with his truthful tongue that wherever the Quran is recited, the angels get crowded and the crowd gets so extended that they reach the heavens. Those who recite the Quran so shine to the dwellers of heavens as the stars shine to the dwellers of the earth. Such is how is the shine of the houses wherein the Quran is recited for those in heavens.

The power of Quran

How blessed are those houses from where such a Quran recitation comes! The men and women both used to recite the Quran. The manzil you see in the Quran like manzil 1, 2, 3.., these seven manzils used to be the custom of Muslims that they used to recite one manzil everyday and in one whole week, they used to complete a Quran. Such was the recitation. The kalaam of Allah ﷻ in houses and the recitation of Allah’s ﷻ kalaam, SubhanAllah! Let Allah ﷻ make it so that we become masters of reciting Quran again. Just like the nifaaq grows with music, the eeman gets so progressed with the Quran recitation that Hazrat Ikrima  says that the one who is habitual of reciting Quran and reaches old age, Allah ﷻ keeps his mind very sound. And so let the Quran be more and more recited in the old age so the light of his mind remains good because of the barakah of Quran’s noor and there is strength and energy in his heart. However old he is, his memory and his mind remains sound. The Quran has its own power. O the honorable ones! Let not the voices of shayaateen and Satanism be heard in our houses. Rather there be the recitation of Quran. Half of our adversities and tensions will end as such if we don’t have these instruments of sins in our houses because wherever we don’t have these instruments of sins, the Angels start coming and the shayateen say to themselves that there is no more nourishment for them and they should move out now. Their nourishment is finished and the man feels rahmath (mercy), affection, love and peace inside the house.

Create a righteous environment in your house

When you visit the masaajid of Allah ﷻ, you will feel a unique attachment and depending on the worshipping and righteous environment present inside a masjid, one will accordingly feel the attachment. Aforetime the mothers, sisters and daughters used to so make the environment of the house that as soon as one steps inside the house, one feels the peace. That is why a person came to the Prophet ﷺ and asked him where he can find salvation for there is more fitna wherever he turns. The Prophet of Allah ﷺ replied that keep your tongue in control and let your house suffice you. Let the house be so radiant and religious that as soon as one steps in his house, his eemaan is protected and the eemaan gets progressed. Let there be the custom of Quran recitation inside the houses and everyday let all the family members gather together and read some religious book for ten minutes regularly. There is more barakah in the house because of this in which there is motivation for the recitation, prayer, and righteousness. Moreover in some cases when a husband cannot tell the wife and the wife cannot tell the husband, when the father cannot tell his grown up son, these things can be explained through the books. So let there be religious narrations everyday and ten minute be allotted to read religious books like fazaail-e-aamaal, fazaail-e-zakaat and there are many islaahi (reformation) orations which can be read every day.  If you see the family is lacking in something then one can encourage them on that particular subject. O the honorable ones! Aforetime there used to be a very good environment like when the child goes to his maternal grandma’s house, there is good environment, when he goes to his paternal grandma’s house, there is righteous environment, when he goes to friends, he will find them too righteous and when he goes to educational institutes, there is also good environment and the good was dominant that time while today, to speak the truth the evil is dominant. It is very necessary for us that wherever we have the influence, it is made sure that at least the environment of our houses remains religious.

Let us everyday have such narrations and the book is read for few minutes and one have concern for this. And then every week or every fortnight, make time along with the children and family members to come in contact with some reliable religious scholar and hear the religious things with utmost consideration. Go there with the thinking that it is very essential for your spiritual well being and to gain progress in your eeman and deen. Even after this, if things didn’t change in the house, then consult with one’s guide and elders about improving the state of the environment of the house. When one gives consideration to this, then one gets the help of Allah ﷻ and the children and the environment will become the coolness of one’s eyes. If we don’t have any regard for this, then even though one might be religious, his religiousness won’t be protected tomorrow. At times, because of family members, one’s religiousness is not protected. There should be some hard work that the environment should be good and everyone should get this thought of progressing one’s eemaan and religion. That is why there is the duaa of the righteous slaves, Rabbana hab lana min azwajina wa dhuriyyatina qurrata A’yunin”.” Our Lord! grant us in our mates and offspring the joy of our eyes”. O the honorable ones, it is very essential to create a good environment in the house. Keep your lives and your houses clean from the musical instruments and instruments of sins so the Angels of Allah ﷻ come there and a righteous environment is created there. Let Allah ﷻ helps us all to act on what we hear, preach and write. Ameen

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