Tips to Achieve contentment

أعوذ بالله من الشيطان الرجيم

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Ya ay yuhan nasu inna wadal lahi haq qun fala tagur rannakumul hayatud dunya wa la yagur ran nakum bil lahil garur. Al Quran-35:5

O men! Certainly the promise of Allah is true. Let not then this present life deceive you, nor let the chief deceiver deceive you about Allah.

The boatman and the people

A boatman stops in an island and informs people to get down in the island but warned them that there is more danger in the island and they should return soon to the boat immediately after fulfilling their needs. Some paid heed to the words of the boatman making use of the important things in the island and returned soon to the boat and got a good place to sit, very spacious and comfortable. Some people’s mind got lost in the island totally forgetting the words of the boatman. Later they became conscious of the boatman’s words and came running to the shore to get on the boat. They got the place but a very dungeon one. Some were so lost in the island that they took the stones they liked, cut the trees they liked completely forgetting the words of the boatman and they could find only very little place in the boat when they returned. They didn’t have the heart to leave the things they took from the island too and they carried those things in that little place along with them. This gave them pain, sometimes in the hip, loin and sometimes in this flank and that flank. They are having their journey with much difficulty and restlessness. The other people in the island were so lost in the beauty of the island that when they returned to the shore, the boatman already left with the boat. These people who remained in the island became food for the voracious animals.

Allah ﷻ is saying:

Ya ay yuhan nasu inna wadal lahi haq qun fala tagur rannakumul hayatud dunya

O men! Certainly the promise of Allah is true. Let not then this present life deceive you.

We have come down to this island of world only for a little while. Some are very fortunate that they take only necessary things from this dunya and start journeying in the boat towards their destination. Their face is only towards the destination in the boat and they eat, wear, earn only what is necessary and have house only as per their requirement. Some forget the words of Allah ﷻ inna wadal lahi haq. These people are also fortunate if they remember Allah ﷻ when they get fifty or sixty or even seventy years old and start running towards the original destination thinking that they are only travelers. They too will get a place in the boat. Some people are so engrossed and infatuated with this dunya that they want this dunya to be their home; they buy and gather all sort of things in their home. They made their life so heavy that sometimes they get pain in their hips, sometimes they get depression, tension, and sometimes they lose their sleep in the night. Neither do they have peace in the day nor do they have tranquility and rest in the night for such is the heavy life. Some do not have any sense and they do not even know where they are heading. Allah is warning us not to get lost in the attraction of this dunya and it is enough if one takes important and necessary things from this dunya and let the face be always towards the destination.

Will any wise man invest in someone’s house?

When a man is in a rented house, he won’t fulfill all his wish and desires there as the master of the house can send him out anytime when he wishes. When our inner heart tells us that this dunya is a rented one and we are just a trustee here, then why is a Muslim keen in fulfilling all his desires here? It is he who fulfills all his desires who thinks that this is his house. It is in one’s own house that one fulfills his needs. Alladheena yarithoonal fir’daus. Allah will make you inherit that house, the jannatul firdaus. Walakum feeha maa tashtahee anfusukum. Therein ye shall have all that your souls shall desire. Make your heart understand that the master can send you anytime out and so why to make expensive flooring and attach expensive tiles and construct a big building there when the master will remove us anytime. Muslims one time had this understanding and was very firm in the belief that this world is a rented place and the Master of the universe can send them out of this dunya anytime. Just like how it is impossible for a water bubble to stay long and so is our stay in this dunya. We are quite sure when it comes to length of stay in a waiting room but we don’t even have that much belief about staying in this temporary world. The ignorant Muslims want all his desires to be fulfilled here and his wishes and desires never end and wants to get fulfilled. Will a man who is to die wish like this? Will a man who rents in a house think like this? Say the master gives a man his house for rent for a month and this man starts building double floor and start attaching new tiles, does he have any brain? Has he gone mad? What is more foolishness that he is to die and leave this world and he wants to fulfill all his desires here?

The fight erupts between a husband and a wife because the wife complains that his husband doesn’t fulfill her desires and so do the husband complains about his wife.The man is not clashing with a man but desires of a man are clashing with desires of another man. The hirs (whims) of man is clashing with other’s hirs. The long term goals of a man are clashing with the goals of others. The whole world is a prey for this clash. The desires of anyone be it the father, son, daughter and the mother never end. The man wants to fulfill all his desires right in the rented house. The man who spends on a rented house is called a fool. He will be called of less intelligence if he invests in someone’s house. When this is the case, how about the one who doesn’t know when he will leave this dunya, in the morning or in the evening? Today he is among the living ones and tomorrow he might be among those who are dead. What can be more foolishness than this? But only in this foolishness, the whole world is running. In fact whoever is more into it and whoever spends more on this earth, he is called the most intelligent as everyone is running in this foolishness.

The love of dunya and the love of Allah cannot stay together

Let Allah grant us the true faith of the life of hereafter and through this Allah grants one, the contentment. The one whose eyes are on the akhirat, Allah saves him from the dirty diseases of hirs, greediness, wishes and jealousy. One is saved from the fire of these diseases and gets the wealth of satisfaction and contentment that he thinks whatever he has, he has more than enough. If he gets two times food per day, he thinks it is more, if he has two to four dresses for the whole of a year, he thinks he has more for how long he has to stay here! One leads a peaceful life and a life of contentment when his eyes are fixed on the hereafter. He is like the one who understood the words of the boatman and got his necessary things and then came and sat in the boat. He says as he is on journey, lesser and lighter the things better will be his journey. His journey of life is better when he has a blessed small house, small vehicle and not a big status. With these, his journey will be easier. Unfortunately now the wishes and desires has been so amplified that it has now been encompassed in something very necessary. Look at the man and the woman, their desires never end and their wishes never get fulfilled. These are all worldliness where the heart is stuck in the worldly things. The heart in which there is love of the world, the love of Allah is forbidden in that heart. Just like in one utensil, the water and the fire cannot stay together, the love of the world and the love of Allah cannot stay in a heart as both are completely different things. Today we have this poison of love of dunya and we have been afflicted with this disease.

Extinguish the fire of hirs with contentment

Every person desires for a status and he wants to see all his desires to be fulfilled. The fire of hirs never extinguishes and never ends. He is very ignorant for he thinks when he gets more, it will be all ok. This is like throwing dry grass over the fire, will the fire extinguish? Won’t it flare up more? If you keep questing for more and more wealth and think that the fire of desires will extinguish, then this will never happen for it will only flare up more. Water is poured on the fire and not the dry grass. Sprinkle the water of contentment on the fire of hirs and not more wealth. The fire will then cool down. Develop the thinking of that hereafter. Ya ay yuhan nasu inna wadal lahi haq. O men! certainly the promise of Allah is true. fala tagur rannakumul hayatud dunya. Let not then this present life deceive you. Allah ﷻ is saying to the Muslims: wa laa tamuddanna a’ynayka elaa maa matta’naa behi. Do not strain your eyes towards that which we have given to those Kuffar. azwaajam minhum zahratal hayaatid dunyaa, le naftenahum feehe. we have given for enjoyment to parties (wedded pairs) of them, the splendor of the life of this world, so that we may try them in it. All the enjoyment given to the Kuffar is to put them in fitna (trial). This disease has so fallen on our lives that we have forgotten the akhirah.

When a man forgets the akhirah, then his longing for desires extends, his expectations become far stretched, his goals become long-term. And in whosoever’s life there is the remembrance of akhiratu, Allah ﷻ grants him the life of contentment and he thinks whatever he has, he has more than enough. Today neither the man is content nor the woman, neither he is satisfied nor her. The man raises the slogan, “more, more” and so do the woman. The woman asks her husband, “What did you do for me so far?” and the man asks her, “What did you do for me?” When the akhirat disappears from the sight, then all the long-term goals and wishes never get ends, there won’t be any patience and gratitude; his desires never gets end and he needs more and more. There is then a beautiful life where a man keeps that world (hereafter) in front of him at every single moment where Allah ﷻ will make him the master of that house. Alladheena yarithoonal fir’daus. Allah ﷻ will say, “Today is the day where you can fulfill all your desires and wishes.” This is not the place though for we have to leave from here.

The story of Ibrahim ibn Adham (RA)

Ibrahim ibn Adham (RA) was leading a heedless life when a man came to him. The man was looking into the house here and there. Ibrahim (RA) asked him what he is doing here. The man said that he is a stranger and he is looking for some place to stay. Ibrahim RA told him that this is his house and not an inn where he could stay. The man asked him in a serious tone, “Who lived here before you?” Ibrahim RA replied, “My maternal uncle”. The man asked, “Where did he go?” for which he replied, “He died”. The man then asked, “Who lived before your uncle in this house?” and he replied, “His uncle’s father”. He asked again, “Where did he go?” and he replied he died. He further asked him who lived before him and Ibrahim replied, “His father”. He then asked him where did he go and he answered that he also returned to Allah ﷻ. The stranger then taught the lesson to Ibrahim that the first one came, stayed for some time and went away, then came the second one, stayed for a while and went away and so the third one. And he told Ibrahim that the one who comes and goes like this is a traveler. He told him from such a depth of the heart that it so affected Ibrahim that it changed his life entirely, he left all his kingdom and he became the chief of the awliya of Allah ﷻ.

Aye sarai dahr musaafiron, ba khuda ye kisi ka makaan naheen,

jo the muqeem kal yahaan,  aaj kaheen un ka nishaan naheen

O the travelers of the temporary world, by Allah, this is not anyone’s house

Those who were residing here yesterday, today nowhere is their sign.

None remained on this earth for everyone went under the earth.

The biggest admonisher

The one who doesn’t allow a fly to sit on his cheeks, today he is eaten up by the worms. The eyes that had so much of shine, today has become the food for the insects. The brain from which the evil used to originate and in which there was characteristics of fir’aun is being disintegrated under the earth. How many are like this, who never cared about themselves in this dunya! They had a big name and status and where did they go now? Everything is going to be destroyed and it is all the scene of the times. O the honored ones! The biggest admonisher and the preacher for Muslims and the thing that brings in revolution in their lives is the true remembrance of that afterlife. The Prophet ﷺ said I am leaving two admonishers behind me: 1) Naatiq, (the one that speaks), which is Quran and 2) Saakit, (the one that is silence), which is death. This is such a big admonisher. Let Allah ﷻ help us all to take a lesson.

An analogy to ponder

Say a person is undertaking journey for hajj, riding on an animal and on the way, he stops at a field to feed his animal so it gets fat and he gets so lost in feeding his animal that he forgets his journey, won’t one call him a fool? With this body as a conveyance, Allah ﷻ wants us to reach that destination but one gets so lost in feeding this body and so lost in the comfort of this body that he doesn’t like any stain to appear on the face, he doesn’t like to see any change in his beauty, he doesn’t like to see any patch on the dress and he doesn’t like to have any sort of lack in the comfort or peace. One is so fixed to this ride that he forgot his destination. Who can be more foolish than a person like this? What sort of life is this? The vehicle we got through which we are to reach the destination, we have been so attached to it and forgot the main destination. O the honorable ones! That’s the real life and if one is fortunate to get its true remembrance, then the immediate wealth that one gets in this world is Allah ﷻ grants him the life of contentment and his desires comes in control. The fight then won’t erupt between the husband and a wife based on fulfilling any desires; neither will a fight erupt between the father and a son based on any desires for all these are the consequences of love of dunya and being heedless of akhirat.

The signs of an akhirat oriented person

1.    Contentment

You will never see an akhirat oriented person severing relation for such people will unite. If there is any severing, then that would be only for Allah ﷻ and never will they fight based on desires. Today all the severity stems from desires; very big desires and wishes clash with each other. So the sign of the one who has been destined with the remembrance of akhirat is that Allah ﷻ grants him the life of contentment. He will always remain content and satisfied, he might be in a hut, he might get just one time food, even be it dry, he will always remain happy and content for how long he has to stay in this world and the days will pass just with one time food per day. Only the one who wants to live longer gets worried about the taunts of the people and the status for he thinks what the people will say, what the community and the family will say. This fear has made him a depressed patient and destroyed his sleep. This fear has created a pricking in him that what will people say. The one who is not destined with the remembrance of akhirat is not destined with contentment. The greatest sign of a person’s belief in akhirat is that he will have contentment always in his life.

2.    Repentance

The second sign is that Allah ﷻ will make him fortunate to do tawbah (repentance) immediately. As he knows that the life of akhirat can start anytime, he won’t procrastinate his repentance thinking like let me start another factory on usury and I can repent later or let me earn the haram for a while and then I will see later if I should repent. This can only be done by a person who is heedless of akhirat and whose belief in akhirat is not true but has become very weak. Once a person gets a firm belief in akhirat, he immediately repents to Allah ﷻ and there won’t be any delay. It is not like I am committing five sins and I will leave one. It doesn’t happen like this but if he is committing a sin, every day he will repent and pray hajat salah asking Allah ﷻ to save him from that sin and grant him salvation. So when one gets a firm belief in the akhirat, he gets the tawfeeq to repent soon. The one whose belief is weak, he keeps delaying the repentance and sometimes he becomes so unfortunate that Allah ﷻ forbid he dies without repenting.

3.    Strong affinity towards righteous deeds

The third sign is that an akhirat oriented person doesn’t get mere submission when it comes to good deeds but he gets a strong desire towards the righteous deeds. When I know I will get great reward on my hard work, then how much I will enjoy the work. There will be enthusiasm, right? When I know tomorrow I will get prize from Allah ﷻ in front of all people, how much happiness will be there in the ibaadat (worship)? When the belief in the akhirat becomes weak then ibaadat moves away from the life and even if there is ibaadat, it will be done with laziness and indolence. waithaa qaamoo ila alssalaati qaamoo kusaala. When they stand up to prayer, they stand without earnestness. They always stand in prayer with laziness and do their ibaadat thinking that as a burden. Either he does that thinking that as a burden or he doesn’t do at all. There is no enthusiasm, desire and eagerness. This is the sign that his belief in the akhirat has become very weak. So there are three signs when a man gets firm belief in the akhirat. 1) Allah ﷻ grants him contentment, 2) He gets tawfeeq to repent soon and 3) Allah ﷻ grants him enthusiasm, desire and eagerness in righteous deeds. He gets all these things.

The one who remembers the hereafter often will be raised among the martyrs

O honorable ones! It is very necessary that we should get rid of this disease seen today about the heedlessness of the life after death. We should always be highly conscious and mindful of that life. We should have attention and regards to that life all the time and then we will enjoy the life and the life will be very joyous.  That is why our beloved Prophet ﷺ used to say, “O people! Remember that life abundantly”. Only through this, the worldly desires will leave you alone and the long term goals will leave you alone. Our beloved mother Ayisha RA asked our beloved Prophet ﷺ, “O Rasulullah! When the martyrs will be assembled on the Day of Judgement, will anyone else also will join their ranks?” The Prophet ﷺ replied, “O Ayisha! The one who remembers that akhirat at least twenty times per day and night of his life, Allah ﷻ will gather him among the martyrs.” Yes among the martyrs for such is the wealth of remembering death. That is because the whole of the life gets beautified by remembering the death and being firm in the belief of that life like earnestness in the ibaadat, improvement in the akhlaaq (conduct), the worry of halal means and to speak the truth, the essence of humanity is created from it and the beauty of humanity comes with this. Overlooking others, forgiving others, to gain control over one’s anger, patience, tolerance, the realization of one’s mistakes and all these things come here and one gets the beauty of the life. So let one remember the death abundantly.

How to remember the death?

Now how to remember the death? Think of those close to you who passed away like where did they go, how beautiful their faces were, how they had their wishes and aspirations, how wealthy they were and where did they go today? How beautiful were their eyes and what would be their conditions today under the earth? What the scene the worms and insects would be creating to them? How will be their punishment, how lonely their life would be and how they would be lying in the darkness of the grave? And the one who left this world all of a sudden, think of them and think how the death comes all of a sudden. Remember that this life is temporary and time bounded. And so my honorable ones! For the sake of Allah ﷻ, keep your life in this world very light, a life of less expenditure and a life of contentment. That is why our beloved Prophet ﷺ said that the special slaves of Allah ﷻ don’t lead a luxurious life. When the man falls for the luxury of this world, he then forgets the akhirat. Only in fulfilling his desires, he is so cheerful, hardworking and is extremely worried about earning more that he doesn’t even know that he has to go somewhere else.

There is no comfort, but the comfort of the Hereafter

The Prophet of Allah ﷺ said that the man who wakes up with the worry of this world, Allah ﷻ will leave his heart restless for the entire day and the one who wakes up with the worry of akhirat, Allah ﷻ makes him independent of this world. How many are today, those who wake up with the worry of the akhirat? The man sleeps with the worry of the dunya and wakes up with the worry of this dunya. If a man is worried about his son, it is to do with the dunya, if he is restless about his wife, it is about the dunya and this is the only concern. No one worries about the hayaa (modesty) of his daughter, the youth of his son, the haram means and no one asks for wazeefah for such things. We will get to hear many people asking for wazeefah saying that their business is not going well, the factoring is not running well and their earning has decreased. No one talks and complains about the akhirat of the daughter and that the environment of the house is not akhirat inclined. No one cries on this, none gets agitated on this and none is worried because the very wish is that they make up the dunya and that’s it. O the honorable ones! Life is Allahumma la aisha illa aishul aakhirah. O Allah! There is no comfort, but the comfort of the Hereafter.

No one knows when this journey will end. During night, one is among the living ones and no one knows how many will be among the dead during the next day. How many people are like that! In the morning they will be among the living and when the night comes, they will be lying under the earth. There is no delay in the death, a man sleeps and he doesn’t wake up, a man goes to office and he gets heart attack. This is life and be prepared to go to Allah ﷻ. Keep the life simple and lighter, do not spend more, lead a life of cautiousness that you should return to Allah ﷻ. Keep your heart clean, keep your body and its parts too clean from the sins so that Allah ﷻ is pleased seeing us and pleased seeing our hearts. Keep the heart clean for others free from jealousy, rancor or malice. Keep your body and its parts also clean from the dirty of sins so when you go to Allah ﷻ, you do not feel ashamed and reach Allah ﷻ victorious. And we do not know when we will be presented before Allah ﷻ. Let Allah ﷻ grant us all the true remembrance and concern about the akhirat. Ameen

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