Do the best whatever you can and yearn for that you cannot do

أعوذ بالله من الشيطان الرجيم

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

The glory of the believers have been that they do best whatever they are capable of and yearn for that they cannot do. This is like a man who works for wealth. He tries hard to achieve something and whatever he cannot achieve, he yearns for that. Both a kaafir and a muslim live in this world but a kafir works for this world while a muslim works for the akhirat. There was a buzurg who in his old age used to recite the whole of the quran in his nafil salahs every single day. Now if we cannot recite like that, at least we can yearn and long for that. In a hadeeth, it was said that there was a man whose rich neighbor used to spend a lot of money in the path of Allah SWT. Seeing this, the man yearned and wished that he too had that much money and spend in path of Allah SWT. In the akhirat, both the rich man and this man earned the same reward. The problem with us is we don’t even yearn for righteousness.

When we are capable of something, we should then take courage and do that act. When we can offer sunnah salahs, pray tahajjud, prolong the nafil salah, then we should take courage and do it without being heedless. When we are capable of cutting off of our sleep a little, then we should take effort to cut off and same goes with talking less and eating less. There are some whose wudhu keeps breaking and if they cannot offer more nafil salahs, they at least yearn for it. Most of the times, we don’t do righteous deeds or give up sins because our nafs says that we cannot do and this is the deception of nafs and shaitan. Say there is a small boy and his father asks him to lift 5 kg weight when he cannot, what would we think of that father? We would think it is very unjust of him to demand such thing from a small child and he is not in proper mind. Allah SWT has given everyone of us the ability to abstain from committing every single sin and that is why He SWT has forbidden us from carrying out such acts. Allah SWT being the wisest won’t demand something we cannot do. When a father won’t ask his child to do something out of his capability, why would Allah SWT do?

It is the law of Allah SWT that His help would only come when we take efforts. Allah SWT knows in advance that the enemies in the battle of khadaq will run away because of fierce cold winds that will uproot the enemies’ tents but Prophet SAW and the companions didn’t stay calm sitting in the masjid without doing anything. They tied the stone on their stomach and dug the trench with the best of their efforts and then came the Allah SWT’s help. Prophet SAW dug the tunnel taking axe with his own hands tying up the stone on his stomach. If Yusuf AS didn’t run to the door even though the doors were locked, the doors wouldn’t have been opened for him. He took the efforts and so the doors opened. There was a buzurg who was imprisoned. Every Friday, he would do ghusl, wear clean clothes and the come to the door of the prison praying, “Ya Allah! Whatever I can, I took the efforts and it is up to You to do whatever You wish.” Now he being the buzurg, a miracle could have so happened that the door opened for him but he was given the greater miracle than this and that is the constant effort he would take every Friday to prepare himself for jumuah even though the doors were locked. It is a great miracle to do any deed with much effort and courage.

Most of us have become weak before our nafs and are deceived that we cannot do and we never take any effort or have courage and we simple do whatever our nafs commands. When our nafs commands us to sleep for 8 hrs, we sleep for 9 hrs. Hazrat says that there was a road and on two sides of the road there were trees. From far, it appeared to a man that the road was blocked by trees. He was hopeless and so he didn’t take any steps towards that road and never found the path. On the other hand, another man took steps taking courage and as he advanced, the path opened up for him. Losing courage before doing any act will deprive us from that act. We should constantly take efforts and labor for righteousness when we will get the fruit. If our wives or children do not offer salah, we should not lose courage. Say, a man comes to know that his son is stealing money from his pocket everyday and his wife is planning to kill him, won’t he take any efforts? Will he be ok after 21 days without bothering what the son is doing or will he worry that he has been doing this every day? This is just the nafs that deceives us saying that we cannot do anything. We should take efforts constantly and the things will change. The prophet Nuh AS took efforts not just one or two days but for 950 years to call people towards Islam. We can imagine how a Prophet would call his people with full of care and affection towards them and he didn’t become hopeless but continuously tried for 950 years, a very very long time and in the end it was only about 80 people who accepted him. Be it the islah of our own selves or our family, we should never give up and become hopeless.

We should try our best to do proper wudhu and pray with khushu and rest is with Allah. After taking efforts whatever we can we should say, “Ya Allah! Whatever I can, I did and it is up to you to accept it.”  A man might be weak in abstaining from backbiting as poor he is sick with that disease but he should keep trying and every time he falls in the sin, he should repent sincerely and inshaaAllah he will be successful one day and so is the case with people with other spiritual diseases. Some people can pray with khushu without much distraction while some even after taking much effort will be subjected to wasawis. Every time they get such wasawis, they ignore and turn back to Allah SWT and keep trying. Now these people will get more ajr (reward) than the former. So here are the two tips to beautify your life, do the best whatever you cannot without being heedless and yearn for that you cannot do. If we hold on to these two tips, not just our life, thousands of people’s lives would change through us. Let Allah SWT help us all to act on what we hear, write and read. Ameen

-Morning Tarbiati Majlis dated on 10th February 2012

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