The oppressed muslims in need of our support- Cageprisoners

أعوذ بالله من الشيطان الرجيم

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Almost all the blog posts here are related to the bayan of sheikh Maulana Abdus Sattar (DB). Here I would like to write something that affected me a lot and I am sure you will feel the same. I was going through this website:

What an amazing service of humanity, “Giving voice to the voiceless”. Many times I got distressed because of the weakness of my eeman when I go through the trials. I did feel that Allah SWT is testing me too much but then I read about the lives of these people, the detainees are held in horrible prisons with worst torture that we can ever imagine. In fact any human cannot imagine going through such trials. This life doesn’t continue for days or months but years. They have been detained without any solid evidence separated from their families. Some are even killed in the process of torture by the countries which talk about human rights. With out any doubt, they have always shown the worst hypocrisy. I really feel ashamed before these brothers and sisters and their families for the trials they are going through. I feel ashamed of complaining about my state often to Allah SWT. After given such a comfortable life, how ungrateful I am and I never tasted  even 1% of what they are going through living in those small cells without knowing if they ever be released but living just on hopes in Allah SWT. The physical and mental tortures they go through everyday do not take them away from Allah SWT but only bring them close to Allah SWT. They should be the best among us all for Allah SWT has chosen them to elevate their ranks. They don’t get despair of mercy of Allah SWT but they keep up the prayers including the prayers in the last third of the night begging before Allah SWT and they have become even the huffaz of Quran. Perhaps they are the true believers and Allah SWT brings out their true belief and raises their ranks in our eyes bringing them closer to our hearts.

I am sure that Allah SWT would love them more or else we won’t feel such greatness for them in our hearts. InshaaAllah when we see their ranks in the akhirat, we would envy them. If a slave loses everything but gets the love of Allah SWT, what else he wants for he achieved Allah SWT. If a slave gets everything but not Allah SWT, what did he achieve. Perhaps it is their duaas that Allah SWT is helping the muslims and keeping us safe from the punishment. Here we can read about few amazing personalities that will make us humble.

There are many stories that can be read in that website. Go through each of them and see how it moves you. Our job should not stop from reading about their lives but we should extend our help to these brothers. For sure Allah SWT is enough for them and will compensate them with a beautiful compensation but we will be definitely asked like what we did to these brothers who are suffering in the hands of tyrants. Didn’t our beloved Prophet ﷺ say we are like one body and when they are in pain, how can we rest comfortably. When we alleviate the pain of a believer, Allah SWT will alleviate our pain in the akhirat. We should remember them and their families in our duaas, we should help them financially if are able to, we should make people aware of their condition and to the least we should at least give them moral support whatever we can. When this world is a prison for the believer, they are living in the prison of the prison that too the worst prison of tyrants who have no sympathy or humanity or whatsoever. Here is a simple thing we can do which will give them strength. Show your brotherhood to them, that you care for them by writing letters to them and help these brothers and sisters of yours.

Here is a quote from a former Guantanamo prisoner, Feroz Abbasi: “The odd letter from a person I didn’t know in the outside world gave me a lot of strength, particularly because I felt we had been abandoned by the world – especially the Muslim world.”” Read here and see what you can do.

Kindly pass this link to your friends and family  and ask them to remember these people in their duas. A duaa for a believer in his absence is more worthy in eyes of Allah SWT that it is readily accepted.

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