Ask Allah ﷻ

أعوذ بالله من الشيطان الرجيم

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم



O honorable brothers and sisters in Islam! When we perform salah, we come across a word repeatedly and this is the word “Rabb”. We recite Alhamdulillaahi Rabbil Alameen when standing, when going to ruku we say “SubhanAllah Rabbial Azeem” and on standing back, we say “Rabbana lakal hamd”. We then go to sajdah and say, “SubhanAllah Rabbial A’la”. In every rakat we come across this word. We say, “Rabbij’alni…”, “Rabbana zalamna anfusana…”, “Rabbana aatina fiddunya….” SubhanAllah! In fact even before coming to this world, we were made to recognize this word. Allah ﷻ asked us, alastu birabbikum qaaloo bala shahidna, Am I not your Lord (who cherishes and sustains you)? – They said: “Yea! We do testify!” Al Quran: 7:172. This word was then repeated again and again in the man’s life, in the life of a Muslim. This is because now when does a Muslim deviate from the path of truth, siratal mustaqeem? This is when his aqeedah (belief) in the Ruboobiyat (Lordship) of Allah ﷻ becomes weak which makes his entire life weak. If we look at the attacks on the aqeedah of the human, it is this exact aspect that has been attacked. Aqeeda-e-Ruboobiyat was always attacked. And the greatest trial that will be coming in the end times, the trial of Dajjal from whom the Prophet ﷺ sought refuge and in whose hand there will also be the flag and the speculation that will be present will also be related to this aqeedah because he will proclaim, “Ana rabbukumul a’la” “I am your Lord, most high”. Fir’aun also proclaimed the same, “Ana rabbukumul a’la” and so will Dajjal.

It is our Rabb who has perfect Knowledge, Power and Affection

We were often taught the lesson, “Rabbil alameen”, “Rabbial A’la”, “Rabbial Azeem” “Rabbana lakal hamd”, “Rabbana aatina”, “Rabbana hablana”, “Rabbana innaka ta’lamu ma nukhfee”. The same word was repeated again and again. Aqeedah-e-Ruboobiyat is to believe that Allah ﷻ is one’s Rabb. There is affection in Rabb because without affection one cannot cherish. If there is no affection in the mother, she won’t give birth to the children. It is the affection inside her that wakes her up many times during the night for the child and still she embraces her child with love. She cleans the child from the filth and at the same time loves him. During the cold nights, she washes off his clothes and embraces him in her lap. There is a perfect level of affection in Rabb. There is also ilm (knowledge) in Rabb because without ilm, the upbringing cannot be right. Rabb has affection, ilm and won’t He ﷻ have power? Rabb also has power. He ﷻ is the Beneficent, the Knowledgeable and the Powerful. O honorable ones! Just tell me if one has the firm belief that his Rabb is with him and he is with His Rabb who is the Beneficent, the Powerful and has the perfect level of knowledge, then how much he will have peace in his life? A child gets a slap outside his house when his mom is not near him but the word that comes out of the child’s mouth is “amma” even though she is not present before him as the child knows his mother is the one in whom he can seek refuge because during harsh times of hot and cold weather and during difficulties, she helped him. Now when the Muslim attaches himself with Allah ﷻ, whenever a thorn prickles him, he thinks of his Rabb. From deep inside, the word that comes to his tongue is that of Rabb, “Rabbi” “O My Lord”. This word Rabb, subhanAllah, has a great power in it and behind it is the firm aqeedah. That is why this word was reminded again and again. “Rabbil alameen”, “Rabbial A’la”, “Rabbial Azeem”, “Rabbana lakal hamd”, “Rabbana aatina”. O my Lord.

Know that only our Rabb is the Dominant

Yes O honorable ones, when the life is full of difficulties and trials, when the life is fearful, when the life is full of distress and restlessness and when one gets support in such a circumstance, there is a great appreciation. O honorable ones! Today the support we need is of the Rabb whose Ilm, Affection and Power is perfect and complete. He ﷻ is more Affectionate than the mothers, more Beneficent and Loving than the mothers. My wealth, provision and my future are under His ﷻ custody. And the power He ﷻ has! Allahu Akbar! If He ﷻ is to close the ways, there is none to open them and if He ﷻ is to open the ways, there is none to close them. If He ﷻ is to ease the ways, there is none to bring the hurdles. If He ﷻ wants to solve a problem, no one can cause any difficulty. waAllahu ghaalibun alaa amrihi. And Allah hath full power and control over His affairs. Al Quran-12:21 wallaahu yahkumu laa mu’aaqqiba lihukmihi. (Where) Allah commands, there is none to put back His Command Al Quran-13:41. If He ﷻ is to decide something, there is none who can dare to turn it down. Alaa lahul khalq wal amr. Is it not His to create and to govern? Al Quran-7:54. We are the masterpiece of His ﷻ Power and the decisions in our life go only as per Him ﷻ, as per that Rabb. O honorable ones! Let Allah ﷻ so make it that we become very familiar with the belief in our Rabb. Let us make Him ﷻ close to us and we become close to Him ﷻ. This belief is very much definite and this belief has very high strength that my Rabb is Allah ﷻ. My Rabb is Rabbus samaawati wal ardh-The Lord of the heavens and the earth. This belief has so much of strength.

The strength of Aqeedah-e-Ruboobiyat

Every single person became enemy in the sight of those youths that their lives, wealth, honor and respect were in danger. Everyone turned away from them from the ruler to the public, from their own ones to the strangers, from the blood relatives to all the relatives and there came the danger for their lives, wealth, honor and respect from every single of them. What a tough time it would have been? What was that thing which filled the hearts of those few youths with strength, courage and boldness when they became the strangers in the whole of that fully established society? Apparently they were aidless but what was that thing that created in these youths the strength, the courage and the boldness and kept their consciousness sound and made them take a firm decision? This is the Aqeedah of Ruboobiyat. Both their own ones and the strangers tried to explain to these youths that why they chose the path that severed them from people and made everyone their enemies? Which path did you people choose? What did these youths reply? Rabbuna Rabbus samaawaati wal ardh. SubhanAllah! They said, “Our Rabb is the One Who is the Rabb of the heavens and the earth?” The Quran has mentioned the true story of these youths. So reflect. The whole society has become their enemies and no one is ready to assist them be it their own ones or the strangers. The ruler too gave them the respite to decide in few days. Even their own ones withdrew their hands from helping them thinking even their life will fall in danger if they are with them. Even their own ones withdrew their hands of tolerance and forbearance. No one was ready to say any sweet word or a word of comfort. Everyone adopted the abandonment and the ruler announced the punishment of death for them giving a few days of respite to allow them to think and decide but SubhanAllah these youths learnt only one subject- Rabbuna Rabbus samaawaati wal ardh. Warabatna Alaa quloobihim ith qaamoo faqaaloo rabbuna rabbus samawati walardi lan nad’uwa min doonihi ilaahan laqad qulnaa ithan shatataa. Haaolaai qawmunaa ittakhathoo min doonihi aalihatan lawlaa yatoona Alayhim bisultaanin bayyinin. We gave strength to their hearts: Behold, they stood up and said: “Our Lord is the Lord of the heavens and of the earth: never shall we call upon any god other than Him: if we did, we should indeed have uttered an enormity!”These our people have taken for worship gods other than Him: why do they not bring forward an authority clear (and convincing) for what they do? Al Quran: 18: 14-15.

Such were the words of the aqeedah they uttered that our Lord is the one who cherishes the heavens and the earth and Whose Power is dominant over the heavens and the earth and Whose knowledge works on the heavens and the earth. And by His ﷻ affection and kindness, the insects inside their nests, the fishes in the oceans and the birds in the sky are being cherished and fed. The talluq (connection) of Rabb we have is that of the Rabbus samaawaati wal ardh. So what is there the danger for us? We do not have fear of anyone. Rabbuna Rabbus samaawaati wal ardh. He ﷻ even feeds the insects inside the rocks. By His ﷻ ilm, He ﷻ sees even those insects and by His ﷻ power, He ﷻ further sends the provision to them. He ﷻ is our Rabb. This aqeedah is such a thing that fills the man’s heart with strength. It fills the heart of the man with courage and boldness. It creates strength inside the man and the man becomes strong, courageous and bold. This indeed is a strange aqeedah. It is very easy to say when one’s own ones withdrew from them, even the friends changed their path, all the relatives severed their ties with them and the whole society turned away from them. The King announced the death for them and these youths are not some lowly ones but they were from noble families, brought up rich and yet were very fortunate to get a very effective aqeedah that filled them with strength and power. Rabbuna Rabbus samaawaati wal ardh.

“I am as My slave thinks of Me”

The Prophet ﷺ used to say that Allah ﷻ says, “I am as My slave thinks of Me”. When those youths decided to build the talluq with that Being, then Allah too manifested the superior level of His Ruboobiyat. Allah made them the manifestation of His Ilm and Power. The world then witnessed. Those youths went inside a cave and Allah overpowered them with sleep and He made them sleep for years and years. Allah says, wanuqallibuhum zaatal yameeni wazaatash shimaal. We turned them on their right and on their left sides. Al Quran: 18:18. If a man sleeps just on one side, his skin deteriorates. And Allah is saying wanuqallibuhum zaatal yameeni wazaatash shimaal. These words are so filled with love that Allah is saying He Himself turned them on their right and left sides like a mom turns the sides of the child with love. Allah is expressing such a love that He Himself is turning their sides sometimes to the right and sometimes to the left. Sunrays are very essential for life and He commanded the sun to throw their fresh rays on His slaves when it rises and He commanded the wind to keep passing the breeze on His slaves. And they kept sleeping for years and years. Allah woke them up after many years.

Glory to that Rabb

O the honorable ones! Allah is Allah for He is the most Powerful Being. When He wants to treasure someone and save someone, none can harm to the least and when we cut ourselves from Him , then who can save our honor and who can protect our lives and wealth? All the means of protection will remain futile. When He turns away His glance of Mercy, then no one can save. There is One being and if we get attached to that Rabb and if His Mercy turns towards us, our job will be done. So these youths proclaimed the true aqeedah that their Rabb is the Rabb of the heavens and the earth and their talluq has been done with Him and so ‘we do not care about others’. The entire army and the regime were behind their lives but Allah wanted to save their lives. Whenever people used to pass across that cave, Allah so put the dreariness there that none dared to peep into that cave. Allah then woke them up. And when they woke up, Glory to Allah , they didn’t feel hungry or thirsty when they were sleeping for years and now that they woke up, they were feeling hungry. When years passed by sleeping, one of them thought that only one whole day was passed sleeping. The other person said that not the whole day but half the day. They then said, ‘Let us not engage in futile arguments but get some food’ and told the one whom they sent to get the food, “Go with precaution so you don’t fall in someone’s eyes lest you get arrested. Get the food and have this money. Be careful that you get only the halal food and see from where you get the food because the haram food extinguishes the light of eemaan. Sometimes the adversity of haram food reaches generations so be cautious and bring the halal food. Go to a good shopkeeper”.

When the youth went to the shopkeeper he got bit perplexed with the change he observed for they slept really long but Allah is Allah and He has the greatest Power and He is the most Beneficent. When he presented the coins to that shopkeeper and got the food, the shopkeeper said, “Give me the new coins for you have brought the old coins.” He replied, “How come this has become old for just now I went from here.” The man held his hand and he remembered the story of the youths of his country who were treading the right path. The king of that time wanted to arrest them but they so disappeared that none knew any sign of them. The man asked him if he is not that youth. How can he lie now and said yes he is the one. The man then said that the king of his time was not alive and so his people. The king has changed and so are the people. And the man told him that he will take him to the court of the righteous king who would be very happy to see him. When he was taken to that king, the king was in prostration praying to Allah , “O Allah! Some of the people of my nation are of the belief that there is no life after death and they think how they will raise after death. Send me such a manifestation and send me such a proof so I can make them understand.” As the youth came, the king understood that Allah has heard his plea and sent this clear manifestation that the One who can make them sleep for years and years can even raise the dead.

The base of the tarbiat of our children

O honorable ones! There is no deficiency from the part of that Rabb but from us. It is we who forgot Him . We became close to every single thing and if we distanced from anyone, then it is our Rabb from whom we distanced. We forgot Him . His power is same even today and He has the same strength even today. He has the same affection and benevolence even today. He is extremely beneficent. The tarbiat (upbringing) of a Muslim child used to be based on this very aqeedah-e-Ruboobiyat. The first lesson of a Muslim child was, “Iqra bismi Rabbikalladhee khalaq”. Al Quran: 96:1 SubhanAllah! “Recite in the name of your Rabb,” In fact the Islamic scholars have written that this is exactly the nisab-e-taleem (the course of study) and nisb-e-tarbiat (the course of upbringing) of the Muslim children. Iqra bismi Rabbikalladhee khalaq. Who will cherish you? How many people’s deen becomes bogus and how many people become astray from the path because the biggest problem they think to be is of livelihood! How many people’s deen get destroyed because of livelihood thinking how they will eat? So the tarbiat of a child starts from here that Iqra bismi Rabbikalladhee khalaq. It is the Rabb Who will feed. It is Allah Who feeds the fishes, insects and bugs and it is Allah Who returns the bird that flies from its nest with its stomach filled in the evening. It is Allah Who will send you the earnings to the place where you opened the shop. And the land in which you sow seeds, it is He Who will put the taste there. The grains and fruits that come out of it are saved from hot and cold weather only by Him . He is the Rabb. You can establish a factory and produce things but it is not in your control to inspire the buyer to buy things from you. You can sow the seeds, you can plant, tame the land and water it, but the seeds under the earth bursting out in a unique way and the soft fruits coming out of it being protected in the hot and cold winds, growing them, then bringing out the fruits and putting taste in it, who does that? Rabbuna Rabbus samaawaati wal ardh. It is He Who cherishes.

When you were unable to do all these things and in fact you couldn’t even walk from your place, you couldn’t hold anything by your hand; you couldn’t even express your hunger, then Who is that One who placed your provision in the mother’s breast? Rabbuna wa Rabbusamaawaati wal ardh. In fact when you didn’t even see the light of this world and you were inside your mother in the darkness, the darkness of the night, the darkness of the stomach and then the darkness of the womb in which you were in, who sent you the provision? Rabbuna wa Rabbusamaawaati wal ardh. It is He Who cherishes. The Muslims’ tarbiat used to be with this kalmah and aqeedah. And then this aqeedah is reminded in the entire life. Whenever we pray salah, this is reminded several times and whenever we are to ask something to Allah for our life, then it goes with this word. Rabbana aatina…Rabbana hablana…Rabbi habli…Rabbana zalamna…It goes right with this word. SubhanAllah! Rabb is Rabb for it is He Who has the perfect Power, Affection and Knowledge. Oh the honorable ones! That Rabb is cherishing us even today and even today He is cherishing us with all His Power but we should have husn-e-dhan (good opinion) with our Rabb and we should get close to our Rabb. More one gets close to His Rabb, he will feel the blessings of aqeedah-e-Ruboobiyat. He will realize the blessings of this aqeedah, he will feel the strength of this aqeedah inside him and he will feel the benefits of this aqeedah.

Become independent of creations

When we pray salah, pay some attention to the words Rabbil Alameen- He cherishes the whole of the universe, Rabbial Azeem-My Rabb is very Azeem, Rabbial A’la-My Rabb is the most High, Rabbana lakal Hamd- It is my Rabb to Whom belongs all praises and compliments. A very sweet word is this. O honorable ones! It is this aqeedah that we need to bring alive and we bring the freshness. It is with this the Muslims’ life would be sorted out. Wherever there is a necessity, they would call their Rabb. Whenever the wind blows fiercely, the Prophet of Allah ﷺ would turn to Allah ﷻ and fall in prostration. Whenever the time of difficulty arises, the Prophet of Allah ﷺ used to remember his ﷺ Rabb inside his ﷺ dwelling. In every single situation, if he ﷺ called anyone, it was his ﷺ Rabb. O honorable ones! Even today our Rabb is present with His Power, Affection and Knowledge. We should get close to Him ﷻ. Get close to Allah ﷻ and this indeed is the only thing that can give us support with which inshaaAllah we will not need others support becoming dependent on others. Allah ﷻ will Himself ﷻ facilitate the means. Every man, woman, young and old should bring this aqeedah alive which will create revival in our lives. Today we do not have this bloom in our lives but only despondence and fear. The hopelessness we have today in our lives will all change if this aqeedah gets alive. We have our Rabb for He ﷻ is the One Who gives life at the clutch of the death.

The story of three young men

The Prophet of Allah ﷺ narrated a story that there were three young men. One was very dutiful to his parents; the other was very fulfilling towards the rights of his sub-ordinates and dependents and to the third person Allah ﷻ gave the tawfeeq to refrain from the haram act. He was a very courageous man because as a youth and a youngster he had all the strength to dirty his juvenescence and could have dirtied his chastity. At this very exact time, he stepped back from this act out of fear of Allah ﷻ. These were the three youths who were taking rest in a cave when a big rock rolled down and shut the cave. Each one presented one righteous need before their Rabb. One said, “O Lord! You know that I used to be dutiful to my parents. One day I went far away grazing the sheep and when I returned I saw my parents taking rest. I milked the sheep and stood near their head. I didn’t sleep fearing they might wake up in the night out of hunger and feel distressed. And I didn’t wake them up so I don’t disturb their sleep. (SubhanAllah! And thus he spent the entire night wakeful.) Ya Allah! If You like this act then save me from this rock and get me out of the clutch of the death.” The Prophet of Allah ﷺ said that the rock moved and some space was made but not enough to let them out. The other one said, “Ya Allah! You know that I had a laborer who went away without collecting his wages which I then invested in the business. He returned back once. The valley was filled with cattle and slaves when he was demanding his wages. I told him, “All this is from your investment, so take it with you.” He replied not to make fun of him and give him his wages but he was told that everything belongs to him because all the blessings came out of his wages. He then took those with him. The man continued, “O Allah ﷻ! If this deed is accepted to you, save us from the death.”” The rock further moved but the way was not made. Now the third said, “O Allah! You know that I went near my cousin with a wrong intention but she denied saying that if I only bring this much of money, she will allow me to overpower her. I then worked hard and saved money. When I collected enough money and obtained enough strength upon her, there came the words from her, “Fear Allah ﷻ. Do not do this”. O Allah! Only for Your sake, I was saved from this sin. O Allah! If you liked this deed, then grant us life.” The Prophet of Allah ﷺ said that the rock then moved away and these youth got life from the clutch of the death.

Seek the pleasure of Allah

O the honorable ones! One gets the closeness of Allah ﷻ not just by doing righteous deeds but also by refraining from sins. Say a person has full strength to commit a sin but doesn’t do so for sake of Allah ﷻ then this is more superior to the night long worship. Today we should get close to Allah ﷻ when He ﷻ will show His ﷻ Power and bring us out of difficulties with His ﷻ Power. O honorable ones! Whenever we would like to get something from someone, we first please him. We can’t get things from others making them angry. We want to make our lives and we want to improve our condition but without pleasing our Rabb. Not by wazeefahs you can please Allah ﷻ but do those things with which Allah ﷻ will be pleased. Please Allah ﷻ. If you do not please Allah ﷻ but keep doing wazeefahs, job won’t be done. Please Him ﷻ and then He ﷻ will show His ﷻ Power and solve your problems with His ﷻ Power. Today we need the life of this aqeedah, so revive it. It is He ﷻ Who will cherish us and protect us by His ﷻ Power. The solution to all our problems is with Him ﷻ alone. If this aqeedah gets revitalized, subhanAllah a man will not destroy his deen because of his livelihood. A man is a haji, fasting but his affairs related to the livelihood are not good because his aqeedah is weak that how he will eat. In spite of a man being religious, his children are put through such a tarbiat keeping in mind only his livelihood for his future.

The best thing to be left for the children

Umar bin Abdul Aziz (RA) was a strange king who passed away. He used to lead a very luxurious life wearing expensive clothes and having excellent food. Allah ﷻ then gave him the responsibility of this ummat and in a moment, his whole mode of life changed from his dress code to the condition of his house and his entire state. As he was leaving this world, his friend near him asked him what he left for his children. He left about 13 or 14 dirhams and his shroud too should be taken care of. He was the ruler of his time, ameerul mumineen and he could have saved a lot for his children but he could not enter the fire. He told that though he didn’t leave much for his children, he has left piety with them and when they knock the door of their Rabb, they will get their needs fulfilled and that he has taught them. O honorable ones! Our Rabb is Allah ﷻ. Rabbuna Rabbus samaawaati wal ardh. He ﷻ is Rabbil Alameen, the cherisher of the heavens and the earth and He ﷻ will also take care of my small house and also sort out my short life. He ﷻ can make up my life for He ﷻ is the Rabbul alameen. Make talluq with that Rabb and love that Rabb. Whenever you call Rabb, let this aqeedah become alive that He ﷻ is the One Who cherishes. SubhanAllah! He ﷻ has in Him ﷻ Affection and Power. Just like how a child calls his mother when in need, let Allah ﷻ so make us that we call our Allah ﷻ, our Rabb in every single situation. Whenever some difficulty arises, we should call our Rabb ‘O my Rabb!’ Call Him ﷻ in such a way that this aqeedah gets refreshed and if some word comes on our tongue, let it be our Rabb.

Make the habit of asking your Rabb

Today our Muslims call Allah ﷻ only when they lose hope in everyone else and then he says, “Now, only Allah ﷻ can do”. Our beloved Prophet ﷺ taught us to call our Rabb first and knock His ﷻ door. Allah ﷻ will then put barakah in whatever means you adopt and will give the ability for the work to be completed. So call Him ﷻ. When you will call Him ﷻ, then subhanAllah you will remain content if the work is done or undone. Yes you will remain content when you will call Him ﷻ if the work is done or undone because Rabb is the most beneficent. Sometimes a mother doesn’t give her child what he asks for and once when he gets the understanding, he will thank his mom for not giving that thing that he asked for knowing its harm. The mother asks the child to take bath when he denies having bath crying and he takes bath against his wishes but he will tell later that mom did only good thing. If the aqeedah in Rabb gets refreshed, one will remain content in spite of being the work done or undone because he knows that the decision is made by that Being Who is the most Beneficent, Whose ilm is perfect when mine is deficient. He ﷻ sees my past, present and also the future. This is the benefit of calling that Rabb for he will remain content in every single state that it is his Rabb Who took this decision. O honorable ones! If you do not call that Rabb and keep adopting the means, you will never remain content even if the job is done and if the job is not done, then you will become disappointed as such. Who is content today whose work has already been done? So make talluq with your Allah ﷻ and make talluq with that Rabb. Sit in seclusion and mention His ﷻ name with much love. Yes, because with the one whom one talks and mentions His name often, he gets his qurb (closeness) for sure and becomes very familiar with Him. So sit alone and mention the beautiful names of that Rabb. You will then get familiarity with your Allah ﷻ and will come the love. And whenever you want to ask for something, ask your Rabb. Make this your habit. The Prophet ﷺ said, “Even if my shoelace gets broken, I ask my Rabb”. Ask Allah ﷻ for every single thing. It is only He ﷻ Who gives. Make it a habit to ask your Rabb. Ask every single thing only to Allah ﷻ. Become so close to Allah ﷻ that whenever any difficulty comes, your mind thinks only of Him ﷻ. Let the mind go only towards that Being. Let the talluq be to such an extent that if your mind goes anywhere, it is to Him ﷻ. Get closer to Allah ﷻ to that extent. O honorable ones! You will then see the barakah of this aqeedah. You will remain content and there will be a great courage and strength in your life. No other thing can create strength like this in life.

Get connected with Allah

Today’s man is not solid from inside. A slightest trial comes; he becomes disappointed. The wind slightly changes its direction; he becomes prey to severe agitation. But with the talluq of this Being, a new life comes inside the man. Create this inside the children too because this used to be the nisab-e-Taleem of Muslim children which unfortunately is not present today. So mention this before the children, ‘Who gives you?’, ‘Who feeds you and quenches your thirst?’ Your Rabb. This will make them ask their Rabb. Familiarize them to ask their Rabb. Connect your children with the talluq of that Rabb. Let the environment of the house be such that everyone asks Allah ﷻ. Today if one family member gets worried, everyone gets worried because all are weak. Aforetime even if one member used to be very courageous and bold, he will make everyone strong because of the talluq of Allah ﷻ. O the honorable ones! He ﷻ is Rabbuna Rabbus samaawaati wal ardh. He ﷻ creates circumstances and conditions for the heavens and the earth and so He ﷻ will make circumstances for us. Yes, no one can create circumstances for us but only Allah ﷻ for it is He ﷻ Who has the keys of all the circumstances. So it is very essential that we turn towards that Rabb. Wasaari’oo ilaa maghfiratin mir rabbikum. Be quick in the race for forgiveness from your Lord. Al Quran: 3:133. The more you run towards the forgiveness from Him ﷻ, the closer you will find Him ﷻ to you. The Prophet ﷺ of Allah ﷻ said, “O ibn Abbas, if you take care of Allah ﷻ, He ﷻ will take care of you.” That is if you keep in mind the commandments of Allah ﷻ, then you will find the help and victory from Allah ﷻ before you. And he ﷺ said, “If the whole world wants to benefit you something, they cannot benefit you if Allah ﷻ doesn’t will. And if the whole world wants to cause you any harm, they cannot harm you if the Rabb doesn’t will”.  So connect yourself with Allah ﷻ.

The one and only solution to all our problems

The biggest problem with all of us today is we have distanced ourselves from our Rabb. The biggest problem with us today is we have broken our contact with our Rabb. The destruction we face everywhere is because we have broken our connection with our Rabb and if we get connected to Him ﷻ, all the problems will start getting resolved. All the problems will get resolved. The Prophet ﷺ connected the broken society with that Rabb because of which their every single thing was set right. Their every single thing came to its right place. He ﷺ did just one job, he ﷺ connected that society with the Rabb and every single thing was set right. The son became his father’s, the wife became her husband’s, the husband became his wife’s, the brother became his brother’s and all became brothers irrespective of colors and races because they were all connected to their Rabb and everything got connected to its right place. O honorable ones! From the time we disconnected ourselves with our Rabb, everything got disconnected. Not a single thing is right at its own place. The most wise of this ummah, the best reformer of this ummah and the best doctor of this ummah, the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ prescribed this very thing exactly that the solution for all our problems is to get connected with our Rabb. This should be on our tongue that the solution to our problems is to get connected with Allah ﷻ.

The person who has the special mercy of Allah

Two men were arguing who earns more mercy of Allah ﷻ, the one who keeps connected to Allah ﷻ or the one who disconnects and then connects with Allah ﷻ. An old wise man was passing by who told them that even though he does not have much ilm, he will tell out of his experience. He told them that he makes threads and the thread that breaks and gets attached has his special attention lest it breaks again. So without doubt, the slave who gets disconnected with Allah ﷻ and then gets connected to Him ﷻ has His ﷻ special glance of mercy so His ﷻ slave doesn’t get disconnected again. O honorable ones! Such is how He ﷻ is beneficent. Get connected with that Rabb. SubhanAllah! Get close to Him ﷻ. Do not think about your past the way you lived a sinful life. When you get connected to Him ﷻ with the true intention, He ﷻ won’t even remind you about your sins and humiliate you. He ﷻ is just pleased that His ﷻ slave got connected to Him ﷻ and He ﷻ purifies his entire sinful life and then He ﷻ has His ﷻ special glance of mercy on this slave.

Two things that keeps away the punishment of Allah

O honorable ones! Get connected to Allah ﷻ. The Prophet ﷺ said Allah ﷻ will keep away the punishment from my ummah as long as there are two things among them: my very presence and the second thing is as long as my ummah keeps seeking forgiveness from Allah ﷻ, He ﷻ will keep them protected from His ﷻ punishment. Allah ﷻ will not punish as long as the Prophet ﷺ is alive and He ﷻ will not punish as long as this nation seeks His ﷻ forgiveness. It is this istighfaar (seeking forgiveness) because of which a slave gets attached to his Rabb and when he starts doing this Allah ﷻ will keep away His ﷻ punishment. This was said by the Prophet ﷺ and so is present in the Book of Allah ﷻ. The Prophet ﷺsaid that this is how a sinful slave gets connected with Allah ﷻ and he seeks forgiveness with the regret over his sins. He ﷺ said, “Whosoever regularly seeks Allah’s ﷻ pardon, Allah ﷻ makes for him a way out of all tight corners, removes all his worries and grants him sustenance from sources he had never imagined.” Get connected to Allah ﷻ and see how it goes. The improvement of our condition and the setting right of our condition lies in this and so is the solution for all our difficulties. So get connected to Allah ﷻ and not just you but also connect your family with Allah ﷻ. Make the environment of your house in such a way that every member becomes like the one connected with Allah ﷻ. Change the environment of your office, factory or whatever is in your control. Connect everyone with Allah ﷻ. And towards this turns the mercy of Allah ﷻ.

Let Allah ﷻ grant us all tawfeeq to act on what we hear, write and read. Ameen

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