Give Up Sins O Slaves of Allah ﷻ!

أعوذ بالله من الشيطان الرجيم

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Keep away from sins

Until we get rid of both zaahiri (apparent) and baatini (hidden) sins we cannot remain spiritually healthy. The zaahiri sins are those related to hands, ears, eyes etc., while the baatini sins are related to the inner heart like jealousy, malice, pride, the love for dunya and so on. It might be that one’s ears, eyes and hands are saved but his heart has attachment for this dunya. Our beloved Prophet ﷺ told that the love for dunya is the root cause of all the evils. When a person takes medicine and he is not dieting, he can’t find good health and say what happens if he eats medicine and also poison? If we do not give up sins in our lives, then we won’t get firmness in deen and thus it is very important to give up both zaahiri and baatini sins. Today why do you think the man is daring to commit a sin? Because he thinks he will face the punishment for his sins only after the death and his belief in the life after death has become weak. The truth is the effect of this poison is not just seen after death but right in this world. It may not be recognized by all but definitely it shows its effect and this is like sometimes doctors cannot diagnose a patient and some fail to recognize the cause of certain disease.

Have firm belief in the evil consequence of sins

The more one gets firm in his mind that the consequence of sins will be seen for sure in both the worlds, he will find it easy to save from the sins. Say one doesn’t have control over his anger, will he show his anger before someone who is powerful than him? We do not leave the sins because we do not have yaqeen (firm belief) in the evil consequence of the sins and if one gets this yaqeen, even the criminal will give up his crimes. Say for forty years one is fond of having sweet dishes and suddenly the doctor says if he doesn’t give up eating sweet there is no guarantee of health. Won’t he give up eating sweets even though he is in the habit of eating for forty years? He will decline to eat even if his friends offer him but why? He has complete yaqeen in the evil consequence of eating it. The problem with the Muslim today is he has lost the yaqeen in the evil consequence of the sins. This is a fact that if a person keeps committing the sin and is not repenting for it, then definitely some blessings will be taken away from his life. It is not necessary one loses the blessings of eyes but there is also blessings in righteous deeds like Allah ﷻ gives tawfeeq to some to offer tahajjud salah with istiqaamat. How unfortunate is to get deprived of this great blessing when Allah ﷻ wakes up some for tahajjud salah? One will definitely be deprived of blessings in one way or the other if he is immersed in a sin.

Be sure of losing blessings when you commit a sin

Once a man from Bani Israel told Musa (AS) that Allah ﷻ does not hold him to account when he commits sins. Allah ﷻ informed Musa (AS) through wahi (revelation) to ask him if Allah ﷻ didn’t remove the taste of sweetness from his ibaadat for his sins. When our tongue loses the sense of taste, then whatever we eat will be felt like eating sand and when Allah ﷻ removes the spiritual taste, then he feels everything alike if he offers salah or abandons salah, recites Quran or doesn’t recite Quran. The sins make one weak physically, mentally and have the worst effect in both the worlds. One might be deprived of having righteous children or blessings in time or blessings in rizq (provision) or having peace during young or old age because of sins. The evil consequence of sins is so much that only Allah ﷻ knows them all. I wish Allah ﷻ grants everyone a strong yaqeen in the evil consequence of the sins. One great buzurg (pious elder) said that the main purpose of ilm (knowledge) is to show its effect in action. The sins will take away the noor (divine radiance) of the ilm and thus a person might know many things but it won’t benefit him.

Do not lose the noor of ilm

Once Imam Shafi (RA), very young was sitting in the company of Imam Malik (RA) to gain knowledge. Imam Malik (RA) was amazed at his memory power and his brilliance in acquiring knowledge. He addressed Imam Shafi (RA) as, “Son, I see there is Allah’s ﷻ noor in your heart. Do not extinguish this noor by the sins.” Once someone complained to a great buzurg about his weak memory. The buzurg asked him to give up sins because ilm is noor and Allah’s ﷻ fadhl (grace), and Allah’s fadhl is not given to the sinners. Some wonder and get irritated that how is memory related to sins and instead of giving some wazeefahs to read for memory standing on one leg or two, why is he asked to give up sins. You can take as many medicines as you like for your memory but if you keep taking poison, you won’t find any positive effect and the sins are poison. Let Allah ﷻ make us affirmed about the danger of sins.

Sins take away the blessings of rizq

The truth is when one persists in committing a sin; he is deprived of the Allah’s help and assistance. His every single blessing, physical and spiritual remains unsecured. The biggest sin of the heart is love for this dunya and a person commits sins all the time because of this love sometimes based on relation, society and so on and on. Leave the sins both zaahiri and baatini for the effect is very bad. You can never attain the blessings in your rizq until you give up sins and Prophet ﷺ said that a person is sent his rizq but is stopped from reaching him because of his sins. A person might lose his ten years hard earned money to a thief because of his sins. There won’t be barakah in his earnings. When you know the danger of something, how much you will be cautious of that thing. The problem is one is failing to know the danger of the sins because of his weak eemaan.

Sins create desolation and dreariness in the ibaadat

Due to the evil effects of sins, a wall of wahshat (desolateness, cheerlessness, dreariness) erects between Allah ﷻ and the sinner and there won’t be love and attachment with Allah ﷻ. As much as you lead a life free of sins, that much your heart will be attached to ibaadat like recitation of Quran, spending time in Masjid and loving time of solitude remembering Allah ﷻ. The more you involve in sins, more you will find a kind of wahshat in ibaadat. If you want to know how much you have affection for Allah ﷻ then see how much your heart is attached to ibaadat in solitude. When one gets attached to someone he yearns to find the time of solitude to speak with him all alone and he keeps seeking for that time. The more you commit sin, the more you will find wahshat with Allah ﷻ and some won’t even feel like coming to Masjid because of this wahshat, one of the evil outcomes of sins. The wahshat will make one feel more comfortable in finishing the salah soon rather than performing it. So this is the punishment for sins that a person doesn’t find attachment with Allah ﷻ but feels desolation. A person can get all the worldly means of happiness but he will feel deserted and lonely because of being away from Allah ﷻ. He will find a strange feeling of uneasiness, restlessness, worry, hopelessness which are the outcome of wahshat inside him and he won’t find any enjoyment.

The source of worries and restlessness is your sins

Just like every doctor cannot diagnose a disease, our condition is such that we may not be able to recognize the evil effects of sins completely when in reality there is a severe loss related to this dunya. And in fact a person becomes more distressed when he doesn’t know why he is distressed. The strange worry inside him increases his worries. When he finds some amulet inside his house or some piece of paper that came flying inside his house, he makes it very sure that someone did something to him like black magic when the truth is to do with his distance from Allah ﷻ. So know that the evil effects of sins are not seen only after the death but right in this world. Is it a small punishment that Allah ﷻ removes His love from your heart and replaces with wahshat that your life becomes a fire? What a wretched life to lead being worried all the time! Just think about the person who commits suicide, who takes his own life. How much he would be distressed and how much he would have the wahshat from Allah ﷻ? You can’t imagine about his state. The reason for majority of people almost 90% losing their minds is haram love for their minds are filled with wahshat. His madness of love is so much that his mind cannot bear it. So know the reality that the evil effects of sins are seen right in this worldly life.

Give up sins and save from a life of misery

Remember whenever you get the feeling of wahshat, know that it is because of your sins and when you give up sins, you will find love and affection towards Allah ﷻ. Sometimes it so happens that one gets wahshat even towards the righteous slaves of Allah ﷻ. And when this wahshat gets strong, he gets wahshat of their majaalis also and he gets deprived of their association and their barakah. The more your mind distance away from Ar-Rahman, more your mind will be close to the shaitaan. The more you are away from the jamaat of Ar-Rahman, more you are closer to the jamaat of shaitaan. And when this wahshat keeps progressing, he will start feeling wahshat towards his wife, children and all the relation and it can reach to an extent where he will have wahshat with his own self when he commits suicide. These are the evil effects of sins. Let Allah ﷻ make us firmly believe that the disobedience of Allah ﷻ is the greatest danger for our progress and success in both the worlds. Do not tolerate the sins and try to purify your life from sins as soon as possible. Let Allah ﷻ grant us all tawfeeq to act on what we hear, write and read. Ameen

-Morning Tarbiati Majlis (14.9.2012)

1 Response to “Give Up Sins O Slaves of Allah ﷻ!”

  1. 1 Ali Najeeb September 22, 2012 at 12:44 am

    Alhamdhu lillahi.It’s really very inspiring and helped me to strengthen my eeman.May Allah bless you with His mercy.

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