Let us not forget to make duaas

أعوذ بالله من الشيطان الرجيم

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Duaa, a great blessing

Duaa is presenting the needs and requests before the One who has power to grant them. Today we Muslims forgot to make duaa while duaa is such a great thing that one is saved even from very big calamities. The one who is given tawfeeq (divine help) to make duaa, think that his duaa has been accepted. When one makes duaa to Allah ﷻ, the immediate effect that is felt is he gets the content and feels assured that his work will be done now. This is like getting contact of someone who has the authority to grant what we need and we are assured that the job will be done. How we will feel? This certainly brings relief. It is indeed a ni’mat (blessing) if one makes duaa and continuously does so. From the time, Muslims have stopped making duaa to Allah ﷻ, they have started asking everyone else and when they were making duaa to Allah ﷻ, they were made independent of people. We are so dependent on Allah ﷻ for every single moment that we should keep making duaa to Allah ﷻ while sitting, walking and so on and on. Ask for aafiyah, ask for health, ask for eemaan and keep asking Allah ﷻ for indeed there is great pleasure in asking to Allah ﷻ.

Our beloved Prophet ﷺ has left us with so many beautiful duaas. When we see someone sick, we should pray to Allah ﷻ, “O Allah! Do not deprive me of the blessings of my health.” When we see someone in trials, calamities and when we seem them immersed in sins, we should plead to Allah ﷻ, “O Allah! Protect me from the calamities and protect me from Your disobedience.” There is such a great pleasure in making duaas to Allah ﷻ. Our beloved Prophet ﷺ has asked us to block the way of calamities and trials with duaa. When duaas protect us from calamities, the other blessing of duaas is that it makes us conscious of Allah ﷻ all the time. We get the firm contact of Allah ﷻ and we get His love and pleasure.

Make use of special time

When one cannot make duaa all the time, at least allot some time in a day to make duaa from the heart. Our Prophet ﷺ told us that there are many such times where duaas get readily accepted and not rejected like making duaa after farz salah, during azaan; and our beloved Prophet ﷺ told which is 100% guaranteed that there is a time in Friday when believers’ duaa will be accepted whatever they ask for. If a ruler announces to the citizens that he will grant people whatever they want on a particular day, how people will rush towards him! This ruler is after all not an independent source for he himself is dependent on Allah ﷻ, then how about Allah ﷻ, the King of the kings announcing that He ﷻ will grant His slaves whatever they ask for! As far as that blessed time of Friday, there are different opinions. Some say it is anytime in the day, some say it is the shortest time between jumuah khutbah and salah, some are of the opinion that it is the time between asr and maghrib and some say it is the time immediately before maghrib. So make use of this time, after khutbah without raising the hands, make duaa and seek forgiveness.

As such, the time after asr is very blessed and normally making zikr after asr has more fazeelat (excellence) and the time after asr of the mubarak (blessed) day like Friday has more fazeelat. If one cannot allot entire time between asr and maghrib, make duaa immediately after asr salah and the time before maghrib. Those who ask Allah ﷻ, they ask for hours and hours. If we cannot ask for such a long time, allot few minutes to make duaa to Him and inshaaAllah, we will then get tawfeeq to ask more and more and for a longer time. Ask Allah ﷻ with azmat (greatness) of Allah ﷻ in the heart. Know that it is Allah ﷻ who has all the treasures of heavens and the earth. Every single thing we need and we ask for, it is with Allah ﷻ alone and above all it is Allah ﷻ who is the most merciful and gracious to us, so why not ask Allah ﷻ? If we are worried, if we have pain, if our heart is restless, if some calamity is coming, ask Allah ﷻ. Keep asking Allah ﷻ for 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes, half an hour and keep asking Allah ﷻ while sitting, standing, walking, in markets for we are in need of Allah ﷻ all the time.

Duaa is ibaadat

The other thing about duaa is duaa as such is ibaadat (worship). If one doesn’t recite quran and one doesn’t pray nafil but if he just sits in masjid and start making duas, he is indeed doing ibaadat. How many have eased their way by doing this act of duaa. So keep making duas and inshaaAllah you will get ease. We will get more attention of Allah ﷻ, when we ask Him ﷻ more. So keep asking Allah ﷻ. Once a person requested a great buzurg to make duaa to Allah ﷻ to grant him a pious child. The buzurg kept making duaa and a good amount of time passed away and the man didn’t have child. When enquired it was found that he didn’t even get married. The buzurg got angry and reprimanded him firmly saying how he will get child without marriage. The problem with many of us is that we don’t adopt the means or make any attempt and we want our duaas to be accepted. Allah ﷻ is verily Al-Qadir, the All-Able. He ﷻ can even grant us provision while we just sit inside our rooms but He ﷻ has so organized that we should adopt means through which He ﷻ gives. With all possibility, we should adopt plan within the limits of shariah and then ask for Allah ﷻ. Both are required. A pious buzurg told that our attempts and efforts to gain a thing are same like that of a child. A baby keeps crying, screaming and keeps moving his hands and legs; his screaming, moving his hands and legs as such won’t bring milk to him but through this he seeks the attention of his mother who comes and feeds him. Our efforts and attempts are just like this screaming and crying through which we seek the attention of Allah ﷻ. Nothing happens as such with our plans but we adopt it as it is the command of Allah ﷻ and the rest is it is Allah ﷻ who grants what is required.

Duaa is the cry of the heart

We should know that duaa is the cry of the heart. If one just spreads his hands and utters through his tongue, while his heart is somewhere, then this is not duaa. Duaa from heedless heart will not be accepted. Think of a person who books a train ticket in first class, wears good dress and goes to the ruler preparing to give the letter of request with beautiful words. And when he gives the letter to the ruler with his face turned away, how will he be seen. The ruler will get offended thinking him to be a person of very bad manners and conduct and his request will be turned away. So is the case with duaas, one can utter beautiful words but when the heart is heedless, our duaas will not be accepted by Allah ﷻ. So make duaa but from heart. When we make duaa and it is being accepted, then it is nothing but Allah’s ﷻ special mercy turning towards us. Now this special mercy can be seen as such in getting the thing we ask for or it can show its effect by saving us from some calamity or it will show its effect in the hereafter where we will be more in need of the special mercy.

Connect yourself to Allah

Only making duaa is your job, leave the acceptance to Allah ﷻ, Do whatever you can and leave the rest to Allah ﷻ. When we don’t get the thing we ask for, make more efforts to correct the way we ask, for perhaps we might be lacking proper etiquette in asking.  Even then if we do not get that exact thing, then be content that there should be some khair in it and this is humility. This is a mujahidah (striving) that we should bring down the nafs that wants to have whatever it likes. One distressed person came to a buzurg and requested him to make duaa for him. The buzurg replied to think him to be dead who cannot make any duaa or anything for him, The person felt that reply to be harsh on him and when someone asked the buzurg about this, he replied that if he keeps making duaa for him, he would become heedless, he won’t strive himself relying on him and so he disconnected the person from himself and connected him to Allah ﷻ directly. Sometimes people leave everything to pious buzurgs to make duaa for them, to make istikhara for them and in the process they become sort of heedless.  One can ask others to make duaa for him, but he too should make duaa for himself.

The etiquette of making duaa

The etiquette of making duaa is one raises hands to the level of one’s heart and the palms face the heavens for the qibla of duaa is heavens. After making duaa, one then wipes his hands over the face and this indeed is a good sign of expression that he got something he asked for and he is sort of embracing the gift he got. This is a strange and beautiful way of expressing one’s servitude. Some question about wiping the hands over the face. Some ask about those who do not raise the hands or object doing so while making duas.  The answer to this question is they do not value the royal benevolence. When we get a royal gift from a royal court, it is the sign of a good omen. When we get some precious, a very valuable gift, a beloved thing we normally embrace with our eyes. Ask a sick person to make duaa for you for angels say ameen to the duaas of a sick person. Start making duaa for yourself and then extend it to the whole of the ummah of the Prophet ﷺ like, “O Allah! Forgive me and forgive the ummat of Rasool ﷺ. O Allah! Have mercy on me and have mercy on the ummat of Prophet ﷺ.” Keep yourself in mind before others in duaa that you are more dependent on Allah ﷻ than others. Praying two units of nafil salah and asking one needs is very effective. Don’t be too haste while making duaa but ask with tawarru (piety).

Have the quest for duaa

The person who wants his duaas to be readily accepted should make a habit of making more duaas in the time of well-being. Our heart yearns during the period of calamity that our duaas be answered. A simple solution to achieve this is to make duaa when one is in the state of aafiya (being well) and good health. When he does so and then makes duaa during the period of calamity, then the angels intercede for him for acceptance of his duaa.  So make duaa to Allah ﷻ in every single state be it good or bad. Every Muslim should have the quest for duaa. Ask others also to make duaa for you. Keep this in mind that you don’t ask a person to make duaa as a formality but request the person to make duaa thinking that he can be more pious than you and his duaas can be readily accepted. It has been the glory of people of Allah ﷻ to ask even the young to make duaa for them. They use to value and honor every single Muslim and had respect for them for the eemaan in their hearts and they used to think them as better than themselves and so they think others duaas will be readily accepted for them. So make duaa by yourself, give more importance to it and ask others also to make duaa for you.  Particularly in these times of trials where security of everything is challenged and when everyone is in a state of distress, we have to make loads of duaas. This makes us feel that Allah ﷻ is with us all the time and this in turn brings more courage, bravery inside us. This is like how a person would feel more secured when he has two or three guards with him.

Have Allah with you all the time

So have Allah ﷻ with you all the time through duaas for duaa is the weapon of a believer. If one doesn’t do this, in these worst times, the man will become too distressed for he is after all a human and what he sees or feels in the society will affect him. Keep asking Allah ﷻ in every single state, while sitting, walking to grant you aafiyah, to grant Muslims aafiyah, to protect you and all the Muslims, to show mercy on you and all the Muslims. This will give one more courage inshaaAllah and one will feel the difference like how peaceful and content he is. Whatever be the issues, whether they are related to business, family or anything, ask Allah ﷻ.  Not just the one who is more merciful to me than anyone is with me but when He ﷻ is the most powerful of all, then what is there to worry. It is He ﷻ who has all the treasures, the most powerful and the most merciful and when He ﷻ is with us, then all the difficulties will ease. We will feel His presence all the time and we will start enjoying the life by making duaas and talking to Him all the time. Let Allah ﷻ grant us all tawfeeq to make plenty of duas to Allah ﷻ. Ameen

-Morning Tarbiati Majlis (30.3.2012)


3 Responses to “Let us not forget to make duaas”

  1. 1 towardsfalah June 25, 2012 at 1:40 am


    May Allah (SWT) accept our du’aas.

  2. 2 sumayya July 7, 2012 at 7:39 pm

    beautiful post masha-Allah

  3. 3 Ali Najeeb September 23, 2012 at 2:25 pm

    Thank you for the useful lesson on du’aa .

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