Understanding Women’s Freedom

أعوذ بالله من الشيطان الرجيم

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Allah is aware of our psychology

When it comes to the guidance from Quran and hadith to save oneself from fitna, it has been commanded to observe purdah, protect the gaze and that the women stay inside their houses. Allah ﷻ is the one ruling this world and He ﷻ is the Hakeem (the most Wise) and He ﷻ is fully aware of the psychological condition of a human being and his weaknesses. Allah ﷻ has placed some qualities in men and so in women and there is a big difference in both their qualities. That is why Allah ﷻ has set aside the working place for men and women very different. It is only possible for a woman that she can clean his son from filth even ten times during a night and still hugs him and makes him sleep near her. The man cannot do this. Even if the child screams and irritates, the woman takes him as very dear and she cleans and keeps him so close to him and this is the job of the woman. The man cannot do this. The man doesn’t even have that affection that Allah ﷻ has kept inside the woman. Each have different qualities, some are present inside a man and some in a woman. That is why the shariat has kept the work circle different for men and women.

The excellence of the leader of women in Jannah

When Prophet ﷺ gave in marriage his beloved daughter Fatimah (RA), whom he ﷺ calls very dear to him, to Hazrat Ali , he (Ali) told Fatima that now as their work circle and abilities are very different, he will take all the responsibilities outside the house and she will carry all the responsibilities inside the house. The leader of women of Jannah, Fatimah (RA) so used to do house hold works that she not only grinds the flour in the mill with her hands but gets even scar on her hands because of that. She used to do all the house hold work and they get many guests and she gets very tired. Once Prophet ﷺ received many slave girls when Hazrat Ali  asked her to go to Prophet ﷺ and ask for a slave who can help her with the household work. Hazrat Fatimah (RA) went to the Prophet ﷺ and stood there waiting hesitating to ask him ﷺ. And when just 2 or 3 slaves remained with the Prophet ﷺ, she asked his father ﷺ to give her one slave so she gets help. Prophet ﷺ told his daughter that there are many who are in need of slaves more than her and only they will get those slaves but he told her that he could give some tips to get rid of tiredness. He asked her to recite subhanAllah, Alhamdulillah and Allahu Akbar 33, 33, and 34 times respectively before she goes to bed very tired and told her that Allah ﷻ will take away all her tiredness. Prophet ﷺ is giving the tips to his ﷺ daughter and he ﷺ is teaching the women of the whole of his ﷺ ummah, the mothers and daughters that doing house hold work is not something to be looked down but a very appreciable act.

Freedom is being wrongly propagated

It has been very wrongly put in the hearts of Muslim mothers and daughters that Islam doesn’t give them freedom and that house is a jail and the freedom is to serve some ghair men (strangers) tea but not to her own husband. Present the tray of food before ghair men but do not present it before the husband! It is slavery to serve one’s own but to serve ghair men is freedom?? It is very difficult to smile before a husband but when it comes to ghair men, there is more sweetness in words while the husband feels the words very bitter like poison. This is the effect of western culture, which through its education has put such things in the hearts of mothers and sisters. Working inside the house has become a stigma for her and outside job has become a sign of pride for her. This is the fitna of women. The Prophet ﷺ told that even the work circle is different for men and women. There are some jobs that a woman can do from behind the veil and serve the society but again there is a separate work circle. If a man does a job and the woman does the same in purdah, then what is the problem? Take the example of educational system; is it really necessary for boys and girls to learn together?

Evil consequence of co-education

Certainly today in the world, the west from which this plague spread, seeing its evil consequence has been compelled to admit that their co-educational system is highly destructive. This is because the boy might be looking at the book but his mind will be in some other book. Outwardly he will seem to be reading the book before him but he will be reading some other book in his heart. He will pretend to his father that he is studying but the moment his father’s eyes get closed, his mind will be wandering somewhere. This is the poison of co-education that has diffused in our society today. This has spoiled our daughters and the youth of boys has been stained. That is why Allah ﷻ has given us the deen which has guidance where a man and woman work but in a separate work circle. Let there be a wall between them which is of purdah, separation and there be no mixed environment. Where there is a mixed order, neither the family system will be secured nor will one attain education or progress.

Take admonition from the west

In today’s world, lessons can be learnt from western culture and also get admonished. Fa’tabiroo ya olee alabsaar. Then take admonition, O you with eyes (to see). Recently read news where the law there tells a twelve year old girl to seek its help if the parents say something to her. She goes on a wrong path which is called by the dunya as ‘love’ which in fact was obscenity. The parents thought of taking her to Belgium to give her a different environment so she might change. The girl had the mobile in her hand and she plainly informed that she is being kidnapped by her parents. The police came, arrested the parents and the girl was sent with her boyfriend. This is a lesson and a warning. And this is the consequence of the co-educational system that the west is giving us so we too get destroyed; our younger generation gets spoiled, our families get ruined, our education goes ruined and our educational centers get ruined. Why do we have rangers standing before every school and college here? Every girl and a boy come out of school or college, a ranger too stands there.  There is no big talk on this while even if a donkey gets killed before a madrasah, it will be news. There is murder and violence everyday in colleges but there is no propaganda on this. It is known that the girls are being kidnapped and sisters are being raped and that is why the rangers are present and this is the effect of co-educational system. That is why to save the mankind from this filth Allah ﷻ set aside the work circles for men and women separately.

How to save oneself from this fitna?

Waqarna fee buyootikunna wala tabarrajna tabarruja aljahiliyyati aloola. And stay quietly in your houses, and make not a dazzling display, like that of the former Times of Ignorance. During the days of ignorance, women used to throw the two corners of their shawl behind their backs because of which the front part remains open. Today people went way ahead as they don’t even find the shawl as a requirement. Those days were called as days of ignorance when the women still had the shawl on their head but threw the ends behind. Now that the people have advanced in this, the first teaching to save from this fitna is Waqarna fee buyootikunna. The second thing taught was that ghayrah is the asset of a mu’min. Keep the affairs of the house based on ghayrah. Our beloved Prophet ﷺ told that three people will not enter jannah and Allah ﷻ won’t look at them with mercy on the Day of Judgment. They are: 1) The one who is disobedient to the parents, 2) The woman who adorns herself and spoils the society with her immodesty and 3) The one who does not care about the modesty of his women. All these three people will not enter jannah. So keep the administration of the house based on ghayrah.

Hayaa and ghayrah, very part of eemaan

On one occasion Hazrat Sa’ad  said that if he sees a man with his wife he would chop off his neck. When this was brought to the Prophet’s ﷺ ears, he ﷺ told his Companions (RA), “Are you really wondering at the ghayrah of sa’ad, by Allah ﷻ I have more ghayrah than him and by Allah ﷻ, Allah ﷻ has more ghayrah than me.” He ﷺ then said Allah ﷻ is full of ghayrah and a mu’min too has ghayrah. But the English people don’t even have the word ghayrah in their dictionary. The English couples there, both the husband and wife are good as she doesn’t have any shame and the man doesn’t have any ghayrah. Their culture is based on this while the Muslims’ culture is based on ghayrah. O honorable ones! It is very essential to have concern over the fitna of women which is running like blood in today’s society to save one’s eemaan. A Muslim performs salah, do hajj, umrah etc., but if he doesn’t have any shame and ghayrah, then remember that our beloved Prophet ﷺ said that eemaan and hayaa (shame, modesty) go together, when hayaa is lifted, eemaan too is lifted. So have concern about how much you can keep up such an environment of hayaa in the houses, offices, community, society and factories. See how much you can maintain such an environment of hayaa. We are responsible for ourselves and we are accountable and if we lag in whatever we can do, then we will also have share in spreading this vision. Let Allah ﷻ grant us all tawfeeq to act on what we hear, write and read. Ameen

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  1. 1 Hussain February 3, 2014 at 10:33 pm

    No offence intended, but whosoever has titled this article did a poor job in naming!
    Please change the title, It’s very misleading.

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