We are created to Worship Allah SWT

أعوذ بالله من الشيطان الرجيم

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

The Rewards Enjoyed By a Worshipper

A child can be poor or rich or anything but when he is born, adhan (call for prayer) is said in both his ears. Hayya alas-salah, hayya alal falaah is the proclamation of the ummat-e-mulim that victory and success lies only in the worship of Allah Azzawajal. The success lies not in wealth, position or status but lies only in the worship of Allah Azzawajal. What is falaah? When I ask for some ten or more things and I am given all those things and when I seek refuge from ten or more things and I am saved from all those things, then that is falaah. Only the person who worships Allah Azzawajal will have falaah and the rest will have only humiliation. It is obvious that we cannot get the exact falaah as per definition above in this world as this can happen only in the akhirah (hereafter). Allah Azzawajal says that we will be given there whatever we ask because we will be His guests and we can’t even imagine how grandeur will be His hospitality as He is the King of Kings, the Lord of heavens and earths! Yet Allah Azzawajal will make the one who worships Him taste some of its fruits right in this world. To mention few rewards:

  • The slave who worships Him SWT will be given a special noor on his face. When we consider two brothers whose faces are alike and if one of them is a worshipper and the other a disobedient, then both their faces will reflect what they are. The worshipper, the obedient will have noor (radiance) on his face and the other will lack this showing some sort of humiliation. The worshipper’s face will be radiant reflecting the light in his heart just like the face reflects one’s grief, fear or joy.
  • The worshipper will be blessed in his health. Imam Malik (RA) in spite of doing all the works, he used to offer 300 units of nafl Salah (voluntary prayers) every day. The worshipper will be given amazing strength even in his old days which will make people wonder.
  • The obedient slave will never be deprived of rizq (provision). Allah Azzawajal says, “When my slave allots time for my worship, I then fill his heart with contentment and grant him provision in a secured way.”
  • The worshipper will be given such an honor and respect in the hearts of people that will never fade away. As for others, the honor comes through worldly means such as wealth, status, position etc. When an officer got retired, he was mentally disturbed for suddenly he missed all those salutes given to him out of respect for his position and now that he got retired, everything has gone. The respect that a worshipper receives never fades away. The obedient was respected while he was young when people would volunteer to serve him to the extent of handling slippers to him by themselves and now when he became old and couldn’t walk, people lift him out of respect. Such will be the love and honor that Allah Azzawajal will put in the hearts of His creations for His obedient slave.

Salah is the Pinnacle of Worship

By mentioning Salah prior to falaah, it is declared that salaah is the pinnacle of worship. Salah is the worship mentioned foremost to other forms of worship such as fasting, zakat or hajj. Such is the status of Salah. The command for all other worships was descended in this world but Salah is the only form of worship that was offered to the beloved slave of Allah Azzawajal by ascending him and bringing him close to Him Azzawajal. When this gift of Salah was received, the Sahabahs (RA) were filled with joy for they now got the means to talk to Allah Azzawajal so close and ask Him Azzawajal directly their needs and wishes. Allah Azzawajal says when His slave is in sujud (prostration), he is very close to Him Azzawajal. Just imagine when one’s father gets him close to him or when a child is on the lap of the mother or when one comes close to his wife, won’t he feel the affection, love and joy? We can then imagine about coming close to the Lord of the heavens and the earth. Definitely he will feel special enjoyment and that is why our beloved Prophet SAW used to tell, “Oh Bilal call for the prayer and comfort my eyes.” Our Prophet SAW said that salah is the coolness of his SAW eyes. Now when a husband comes close to his wife but still doesn’t feel any affection, then there is something wrong. So is the case with the person who doesn’t find peace and enjoyment when he goes for sujud. There is some barrier and this barrier is nothing but our sins that prevent us from enjoying the pleasure of being close to Allah Azzawajal.

Excel with Worship

The greatness of this ummah is determined by the level of worship. The great people of this ummah Umar, Abu Bakr, Uthman and Ali (RA) were found to be in the first saff (row of prayer), leading in the worship. When our beloved Prophet SAW used to pray, his SAW blessed feet would swell. We can imagine how long would be his qayam (the standing posture in the prayer). When Abu Bakr (RA) performs prayer, he will stand like a pillar and so will Umar and Ali (RA) spend their nights in prayer. The greatness of this Muslim ummat doesn’t come through wealth, status, children or position as found to be decided in other communities but through worship. There is a great flexibility in improving one’s Salah. There is no limit in beautifying Salah for one can beautify and improve it as much as he wishes. If we take our worldly life, we tend to progress in our thinking and attaining goals, for example, a person riding bike would wish for a car when his income and status increase in the society. Unfortunately we don’t think of such a progress in our Salah. We never think of improving the khushu (humility) in our salah. Khushu is to offer salah peacefully. There is bodily khushu when one remains calm in their postures. The inner khushu is to avoid indulging in thoughts deliberately and to perform Salah peacefully. This is achieved by concentrating on the words we recite and when some random thoughts come, we should drop the thoughts without getting immersed in them. Most of us perform Salah like a button which when triggered, the things set automatically with words going on one side and our thoughts roaming elsewhere. This should be avoided and improved so we can see the effect of Salah. Our beloved mother Ayisha RA said that if the kings of this world would know what sort of peace we Muslims are enjoying in our hearts, they will come with their armies to snatch it.

Do Not Adulterate Your Salah

When chilli powder or salt or anything is adulterated, it will lose its effect in taste and so is the Salah. When Salah is mixed with thoughts, it will lose its effect and that is why a person might keep up his prayers but he won’t be honest in his business dealings or will be ill-mannered and so on. When Salah is offered with the correct procedure, the sins will never get along with salah just like water and fire do not get along well for Allah Azzawajal says innas salaata tanha anil fahshaai wal munkar (Verily the prayers restrain one from immorality and wrongdoing). Whenever our beloved Prophet SAW was afflicted with any pain, he SAW will immediately turn towards Salah and he SAW will be relieved. As a Prophet, we know the pains and trials our beloved Prophet SAW went through. The trials were like mountains. Strange indeed is the Salah and fortunate are the Muslims who are blessed with this. Many of us do not realize its greatness because we never tasted the sweetness of Salah due to our own negligence. Just like we cannot make a child understand how adulthood will be, it is hard for us to know the effect because we never attempt to offer Salah properly and so we never tasted its sweetness.

Do Not Behave Like a Disbeliever

When adhan is proclaimed between every two Salahs, it warns and alerts us if we are properly directed towards the worship in the time between the two salahs and so the adhan warn us as every new day begins. When adhan is heard, a hindu, a sikh, a Christian will remain seated while a Muslim rushes to offer Salah wherever he may be, in the school or college or office or any place. If even a Muslim sits doing nothing hearing the adhan, he is doing the same act as done by the hindu, sikh or any kafir (disbeliever). He did the act of a kaafir, the enemy of Allah Azzawajal and that is why our beloved Prophet SAW said Salah distinguishes a Muslim from a kaafir. During the times of Sahabahs (RA), people used to offer Salah even if they had the skerrick of eeman in their hearts and in fact even those who did not have any eeman in their hearts but just declared by their mouths, that is the munafiqeen (hypocrites), they too offered Salah as they know that a Muslim offers Salah and if they don’t they would be caught.

A Stern Warning

As life is worship and our falaah is in worship, we should increase the worship by increasing the Salah in our lives. If one offers Salah individually, then start offering the Salah in congregation right from the first takbir, increase the sunan (plural of Sunnah) and nafl Salahs (voluntary prayers) and start praying tahajjud (night prayer) for the nafil acts will increase the closeness to Allah Azzawajal. One pious predecessor said that for forty years, he used to be present for the Salah in the masjid before the adhan commenced. When it comes to khushu, we think that only pious elders can offer Salah with khushu and it is not within our ability but this is the deception. If we are unable to offer Salah with khushu, Allah Azzawajal would not have commanded us to offer Salah with Khushu. We have a firm warning that those who do not worship Allah Azzawajal and if they do not offer the Salah, which is the acme of worship, they will face the humiliation before the whole world. Sometimes when we keep seeing a sin or remain with a person who constantly sins, we may lose the sensitivity towards that sin and we may not realize the severity of sinning and to be worst we might take it as a normal act. Today the tradition of offering fajr salah has come to an end and people don’t even feel guilty or any feel of regret or pain. When a person is tranquilized and his body parts were cut off, he will not feel the pain. He will feel the pain only when he gains consciousness and comes to his sense. In the akhirah, the person will fully gain the consciousness and he will feel the pain right in his heart for the fire will reach his heart.

Wa maa adraaka mal hutamah

Naarullaahil mooqadah

allati tattali’o alal af’ idah

And what will make you know what the crushing Fire is?

The fire of Allah, kindled,

Which leaps up over the hearts.

Let Allah Azzawajal grant us all tawfiq to worship him in the most beautiful manner and get us close to Him Azzawajal  and save us from humiliation in both the worlds. Amin amin thumma amin


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