Take yourself into account before you are taken into account

أعوذ بالله من الشيطان الرجيم

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Remember Allah ﷻ in every breath that my Allah ﷻ is watching me. He ﷻ is with you wherever you are. If there are three, then the fourth is Allah ﷻ and if there are four, then the fifth is Allah ﷻ. Be it few or many, Allah ﷻ is always with us. When we have our elder brother with us and if we have hayaa, we won’t act improperly before him. If we have hayaa (modesty, shyness) and respect, we won’t do anything cheap in presence of parents. The more a believer has hayaa and respect for Allah ﷻ, he will remain protected that much. The parents can miss watching us but Allah ﷻ never miss watching us. Hazrat Umar  used to say, “Take account of yourself before you are taken into account and weigh your deeds yourself before it is weighed.” Equip yourself for the biggest trade. Nothing will be concealed and even what is in the hearts will be disclosed. So fear Allah ﷻ in the matter of deen and have hope in all your affairs only in Allah ﷻ and have sabr (patience) during times of difficulty.

Ali  used to say if there is anything to fear, then it is just our sins. Today if muslims fear for their sins as much they would fear for the loss of their material things, then subhanAllah how they would be protected! Prophet ﷺ said that to save one self from sins is the fortress of that person and it is the hedge of his protection and he remains protected. If something is to be feared, it is the disobedience of Allah ﷻ and if there is any deficient in that, then the hole has been formed in the hedge and he might lose something. Save yourself from sins as you would normally save yourself and your children from poisonous creatures and the fire. He saves from this because he knows that these are something to be feared. Thus Ali  used to say if there is anything to be feared more than these things, it is sins.

Ya ayyuha allatheena amanoo qoo anfusakum waahleekum naran. O you who believe! Ward off yourselves and your families against a Fire. We can’t see anyone jumping into the fire or we keep watching our children jumping into the fire, then why should we allow jumping into the fire of sins? Save yourself from the sinful life. The fire of sins is like the fire of the jahannam leading up to the hearts and the fire of sins is such that it will leave one’s heart in distress showing its effect right in this world. Allatee tattaliAAu AAala al’afidati-The Fire of Hell will leap up to the hearts. The fire of sins will fill the heart with the distress that his turning around on the bed won’t give any comfort to his heart. So fear the sins. Let Allah ﷻ give us tawfeeq to act on what we hear, read and preach. Amin


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