The effect of aamaal (deeds) on our life

أعوذ بالله من الشيطان الرجيم

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

The common thinking of man

Whatever we do, be it pleasing to Allah ﷻ or displeasing to Allah ﷻ, the good we do, the evil we do, the words we utter, the tongue that speaks the truth or that it speaks the lies, the acts of these hands, the life that we lead in the day and the night, does all these have an effect on our lives and the society we live in or does it have no effect? Do these have any priority or they don’t? Do we think whatever one does, he will get peace and honor in this world and there is no link of his deeds with his life? Honorable brothers and sisters, so far man has been thinking that there is no link of his deeds to his life. He thinks that whatever he does; his life gets progressed or destroyed only by the material things, by the wealth, by the profession or by the priorities. It is not in his mind that his honor and his humiliation have the link to his deeds; his health and his sickness has the link to his deeds; the increase and decrease in his provision has the link to his deeds; the feeling of fear and security has the link to his deeds. This thought and concern has left the minds of the people and the consequence of this is that his desire and predilection for deeds has decreased and increased for the means and resources of this world for he sees that life is made out of it.

What does Allah and His Messenger say?

Allah ﷻ speaks the truth and His Messenger ﷺ speaks the truth and there are countless aayaat and ahadith that says whatever one sows in the form of deeds, he will see the outcome right in this world and he will be repaid fully in the hereafter. When one leads the life of righteousness and the other leads the life of evilness, then it can never happen that both will have the same condition of the heart. The honor in the hearts of the people can never be same for the one who is a fasiq (the worst sinner) and the other who is a muttaqi (pious). When there is disobedience of Allah ﷻ in a house and there is a life of taqwa (piety) in the other house, then it can never happen that both the house will have the same environment. Definitely there will be a difference. Jazaa’aw wifaqa-Allah ﷻ says “A fitting recompense (both here and the hereafter).” Prophet ﷺ said, “It can never happen to expect grapes coming out after a man plants the thorn.” By leading a life of disobedience, if one expects peace to come, it can never happen. Do whatever you want, it is just impossible. Only if one gets the assumption and firm belief in words of Allah  ﷻ and His Messenger ﷺ that every deed will have an effect on my life, every word I utter will have an effect on my life, the time of solitude of my nights will have an effect of my life. The weakness of one’s life of loneliness becomes apparent only when he leads his life in public. To make us understand this truth, Allah ﷻ has presented countless aayaat.

Lessons to be learned

Why did shaitan become ashamed in the court of Allah ﷻ? It is because of a deed, the disobedience of Allah ﷻ that he became rejected by Allah ﷻ and he fell in the eyes of Allah ﷻ. His both outer and inner face became ruined. He was near to Allah ﷻ but then he became away from Allah ﷻ. He used to be in the company of friends but then he was joined among the enemies. The effect of his disobedience came into his life. What made the people of Nuh  sink in the water that so much of water came out oozing from the earth and shower from the sky that even the mountains sank? It was the disobedience of Allah ﷻ and the effect of it fell on their lives. What made severe wind to blow over the people of Aad  and they fell on the earth tossed around like decayed palm trunks? Everything was destroyed from houses, markets to fields. What brought this and it was disobedience of Allah. The people of Samud  were very strong. A loud cry of punishment came from Allah ﷻ and there livers were torn apart. Why did they meet such a consequence? It was the disobedience of Allah ﷻ. The people of Lut : the angels descended, took the whole city up and threw them down. Every stone was showered upon them with a name written on each stone that it will fall on such and such. It fell on the head and came out of the feet tearing apart the whole body. It was the disobedience of Allah ﷻ that the people of Lut  faced this. The people of Shuaib : the clouds came up and everyone was gathered for there was severe heat and only the fire showered from those clouds. Why did they meet such a consequence? It is the disobedience of Allah ﷻ. Fir’awn, the ruler of the Egypt under whose palace, the rivers used to flow, the one who had extreme pride in his might and strength, full of army men and resources but Allah ﷻ sunk him with all his might and resources. What brought that? It is the disobedience of Allah ﷻ.

Qarun, the man of wealth whose wealth cannot be matched by any richest man of the present world was sunk in this earth along with his wealth. Nothing helped him and none of the people watching him helped him. The Bani Israel, a large group of people so blessed with bounties, when they started disobeying Allah ﷻ, severe tyrants were left loose on them who slaughtered their men, arrested them with their women and children and burnt their houses and their fields. This happened once when they disobeyed but their next generation too came up with the disobedience and they too were left to the tyrants. Why? It is because of the disobedience. Whatever they sowed, they had to harvest that. When victory was achieved over Kabras, a sahabi named Abu Darda  was found sitting and crying when Hazrat Zubair  said, “O Abu Darda muslims have got the victory and have got the honor and you are crying?” Abu Darda replied, “O Zubair I am crying at this fact that these people overlooked the commandments of Allah ﷻ and so Allah ﷻ too overlooked them and they fell before His ﷻ eyes.”

When the punishment descends, it seizes all

Prophet ﷺ said people don’t get destructed until they prepare the means for destruction by themselves. When people prepare destruction for themselves, then none can stop their destruction. Umm-e-Salmah  narrates that she heard from the Prophet ﷺ, “When the sins become so common, clearly transgressing the limit set by Allah ﷻ, then Allah’s ﷻ punishment too will become so common that none will be saved.” Umm-e-Salmah asked, “Oh Messenger of Allah ﷺ, even if there are righteous present among them, will they be caught in their punishment too?” Prophet ﷺ replied in affirmative that they too will be caught in the punishment meted out to them in this world but in the hereafter Allah ﷻ will join them among those slaves who will receive His forgiveness and with whom He ﷻ is pleased with but when the sins become common then the punishment coming down too will be common.

Prophet ﷺ said till three things don’t exist in this ummah, this ummah will be under the mercy and protection of Allah ﷻ. They are:

  1. When the learned scholars go to the court of the rulers and the rich deprived.
  2. When the righteous people of this ummah start praising the fasiq people for the sake of this world.
  3. When the righteous, pious people are insulted and mocked by the bad elements of this ummat.

When these three things happen, then Allah ﷻ will lift His hands of mercy from this ummat and He ﷻ will lift the hands of protection from this ummat. Then Allah ﷻ will let loose the tyrants on them who will oppress them to the worst level and Allah ﷻ will afflict them with the economic congestion and poverty. So Allah ﷻ and His Messenger ﷺ makes us understand that the deeds of man do have an effect on the society and it has an effect on our condition. It is not that the man will do anything and nothing will happen be it he did in the darkness or he did silently or openly or he did without considering that as a sin. Whatever condition is to arrive, his deeds will have interference in that. Prophet ﷺ said, “When a man angers Allah ﷻ by the sins; Allah ﷻ will take blessings of provision from him.” When one does righteous deed, he will be given provision from above and below, that is the rain of mercy will be showered from the sky and the earth will bring out its food. Even the journey of the trade will be made to carry out safely. When one disobeys Allah ﷻ by committing sins, Allah ﷻ will take away the blessings from the provision that one already has and he gets deprived of food.

The effect of sins on the rizq and other blessings

Muhadditeen have written widely on the topic of rizq (provision) because in rizq, we have health, children, wealth and honor. When rizq gets affected, everything else is affected too. The health deteriorates when the blessing of rizq is lifted and today even a fifteen year old child gets such a disease that once only the old people used to get. Allah ﷻ takes away the blessing from everything be it health, children, wealth and honor and people have even forgotten the word ‘honor’. Prophet ﷺ said that from every direction, your enemies will be invasive on you and everyone will gather together just like inviting hungry people for meal and the way they will rush towards the food from whichever direction possible trying to reach the food. Similarly to destroy the muslims, the kuffar will gather together. The sahabahs  asked him, “Oh messenger of Allah ﷺ, is that because we will be few in numbers?” Today the way the muslims have natural resources, wealth, mineral, fuel, the four climatic seasons, trade and everything is not found with the kuffar. Prophet ﷺ said, “No, you will be in large number but you won’t have any weight like the foam of the sea.” That is the foam will turn to whatever direction, the waves takes them to. You won’t have any weight but you will do whatever the society wants you to do. You will do whatever the world asks you to do. If it asks you to sit, you will sit, if it asks you to stand, you will stand. You won’t have your own views, culture, your own society, and no education rules of your own and today we muslims don’t even have our own language. Nothing will be yours and you will run behind the foreigners. Allah ﷻ will remove your fear from the hearts of your enemies and He ﷻ will put wahn, cowardice in your hearts fearing your enemies that they will attack you and kill you and they have reached you. The fear of anything and everything will take off his sleep.?” All these things don’t pop up just like that and it comes out of two things: 1) loving the world without any limit and 2) desire for a longer life and hatred for the death. When these two diseases, the love for the world and the hatred for death enter your heart, you won’t have any status. You will be covered with cowardice and fear and the enemies will see you as decorated food on the dining table and rush towards you.

So when you commit sins, it will have an effect on your own self, your country, your territorial boundaries, and the geographical condition and on everything and Prophet ﷺ is thus making you understand that the deeds of the man will affect his whole life and his society.


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