The written of the destiny

أعوذ بالله من الشيطان الرجيم

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
Hazrat Abdullah ibn Masud  narrated that the beloved Prophet ﷺ said, “O people, there is not a single thing that will take you close to jannah or take you away from jahannam but what I have told you (that is he ﷺ has already told what will take one close to Jannah and what will take one away from jahannam). Also I warned you of everything that will take you away from jannah and bring you closer to jahannam and have forbidden that.” He ﷺ then told that, “Jibra’eel  came down and put this in my heart that none dies until he gets the provision destined for him.” Jibra’eel  says only what is commanded by Allah ﷻ and when Allah ﷻ says something He ﷻ has khudrat (power) too with Him ﷻ and He ﷻ does what He ﷻ says. So Jibra’eel  brought the message that no one dies till his provision is completed. He won’t die till he gets the last grain written for him. How many were there that they ate something which none would have imagined that one would eat in such an unfavorable health condition and he just dies after having that. It is written that till he doesn’t eat that, he won’t leave this world.

Fear Allah ﷻ and try to earn provision through halal means and if you are to get that anyway, why should you make Allah ﷻ angry and why should you disobey Him ﷻ to get that. How ignorant is to think that by lying I can earn. How ignorant it is to think that by going against the promises I can save more or by breaching the trust, I can save something. How ignorant is this? Sometimes thoughts do come that if I go for salah by this time, the customer will go out and he will never return and he might get angry while Allah ﷻ says, the success is not in this customer but success lies in coming to His ﷻ court. If it is written for him, the person will come back to him or someone better than him will definitely come to him. If not today it will definitely come tomorrow for the one that is mine will never go somewhere. If this gets in one’s mind, then 90% of unfaithfulness will disappear for the main reason behind this unfaithfulness is livelihood. The wrong face of his life be it in terms of earning, or in the business transaction, 90% of the reason for being unfaithful is this stomach, the livelihood.

If we get this firm belief about the words of our beloved Prophet ﷺ that our provision will not go anywhere and we will definitely get it, then how easy the life would become? How many business affairs would turn clean and pure? If one is a watch man and gets someone’s money unlawfully, he can’t eat that for that belongs to someone. It is possible that he will remain a watchman though out his life and towards the end of his life, he will fall sick and fill the pockets of the doctor with that money. He works for forty or sixty or seventy or eighty years but when he is about to die he spends the money in big sum to the doctors for it is not written for him because it didn’t belong to him. If he has this thought that it is his money by earning lawfully, then Allah ﷻ will provide him and feed him with honor. That is why Prophet ﷺ said, “Adopt the correct way of provision and let not the quest of earning provision make one act towards sins.” Yes there is one thing as seen in a hadith that destiny changes by du’aas. Yes du’aa is something that can even change the destiny. One cannot get the treasures from Allah ﷻ by sins but by righteous deeds. The Prophet ﷺ says that sometimes a slave earns the provision and commits sins when Allah ﷻ doesn’t snatch the provision itself but definitely takes away the blessing from it. One is deprived of provision because of sins and sins don’t give any provision but only takes away the blessings of the provision. If one is to get from the treasure of Allah ﷻ, then that could be done through righteous deeds. Let Allah ﷻ give us all tawfeeq to do righteous deeds. Ameen


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