Effect of sins on our soul and life

أعوذ بالله من الشيطان الرجيم

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Many of us do commit sins without knowing its effect on our lives. The sins are poison and it snatches away not just the materialistic blessings but also the spiritual blessings from a person. A person can never obtain steadfastedness on his deen when he keeps commiting sins and does not repent from that. We should never take lightly any sin be it a major or minor one.

A man from Bani israel told the Prophet AS of his time that Allah SWT doesnt catch him for the sins which he is committing continuously when Allah SWT descended wahi to the Prophet that He SWT took away the khushu from his salah for his sins and is that punishment not enough for him? A man came to Hasan Basri RA and said ke he couldnt wake up for tahajjud and Hasan Basri RA said, take care of your words and acts in the day time, Allah SWT will take care of your night waking you up for tahajjud. Tahajjud is a blessing, reciting Quran is a blessing, offering salah in the beginning time is a blessing and if a person was given these blessings and then if he couldnt do any of these acts, its because of his sins that snatched away these blessings from him.

Until we dont change our state, Allah SWT wont change our state. When a blessing is taken away because of sin, its not necessary we get back that same blessing as the time just passes and yeah when we repent, Allah SWT can grant us some other blessing but we cant necessarily get back the previous blessings that we lost. When a person does acts that please Allah SWT and then becomes heedless of Allah SWT thereby commiting sins, Allah SWT then swears on His SWT honor and majesty that till His slave gets back to the state that pleases Allah SWT, He SWT would never let the slave in a state pleasing to him. Thus we might have means of getting happiness like house, wealth, family but we wont get the blessings from it. Our spouses wont be pleasing to us, a husband with kindness can approach his wife but he wont get love and affection, a wife can adorn herself and approach her husband but they may end up in quarrels, our children wont be obedient to us, our money will not be helping us and will be spent for lawyers and doctors and this is snatching away of blessings. Allah SWT wont let us enjoy the means of blessings and its a clear statement from Allah SWT that if we dont please Allah SWT, He SWT wont let us in a pleased state and Allah SWT is the most truthful in His SWT speech.

The going away of spiritual blessings is worst than the materialistic blessings. Its not that blessings are taken away all of a sudden. We know how the termites eat the wood from within the wood taking away all its strength when finally the wood falls off. For the person watching the wood from outside, he might see the sudden falling of wood whereas its a process whereby the wood loses its strength over a time period. Sins are like these termites. A person first loses khushu in salah, then he delays the salah, then he abandons the salah, a very major sin and thus moving far away from Allah SWT falling into more and more sins leading him to jahannam when the major sin of leaving fardh salah is itself enough to take him to hell. Thus sins take away deen from a person. Nadhubillah. 

We should now know that we should have the firm resolution that we shouldnot have sins in our lives. There can some sins happen in our lives for we are humanbeings but we should seek forgiveness immediately and get rid of it for sins are slow poison and we shouldnot let the sins stay in our life and we hold on to those sins. A young man came to our beloved Prophet SAW and asked him SAW, ‘Ya Rasoolullah how will I know if I have eeman or not?’. Prophet SAW replied when your sins make you very uncomfortable, think that you have eeman. Till a believer have sins stick to him and he doesnt get rid of it by sincere repentence, he wont feel ease.

Righteous deeds and keeping away from sins are like a fortress, the moment a person comes inside, he will feel secured and peaceful and that peace would be reflecting on his face and on his life, while a person who doesnt fear Allah SWT will fear everything and will have always feel insecurity and fear in his heart. Sins will take away ruh (spirit) from our salah, zakat, hajj and we wont have any strength and so we should fear Allah SWT. A good prescription to stay away from sins is whenever we do a sin that we think we cannot leave, we should pray immediately two units of nafil salah after commiting that sin and repent to Allah SWT and seek His SWT help. Say if we commit 10 sins in a day and we pray 20 units of nafil salah for that, we will inshaaAllah feel ourself the difference because the shaitan gets disappointed. Why? because not just the slave gets rid of sins by repentence but he gets close to Allah SWT by performing nafil salawat. So everytime the shaitan tries to distance the slave from his Rabb by making him commit sins, this slave not just repents for his sins which itself earns love of Allah SWT but also performs extra righteous deeds which will take him more and more close to Allah SWT. So the shaitan gets disappointed and loses hope in such a slave and move away from him and tries to target some other weak slave of Allah SWT.

If we just repent from sins, we wont get improvement in taqwa but increasing righteous deeds will increase our status because we will not just get rid of sins but our spiritual diseases like takabbur, jealousy etc.. will be cured. Nomally when we do more good deeds, we might get takabbur while when we do this act we feel humble as we are repenting to Allah SWT for our sins and at the same time, our good deeds are increasing. This is when we will get istiqamat in our deen or else just repenting for sins wont make us steadfast. Let Allah SWT purify us from zahir (outer) and batin (inner) sins and grant us His SWT love and fear and sin-free life and give us tawfeeq to stay firm on His SWT deen and do more and more righteous deeds and increase our status in both the worlds. Ameen ameen thumma ameen.


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