How to obtain istiqamat in deen

أعوذ بالله من الشيطان الرجيم

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Istiqamat in deen of Allah SWT is very important if we want to succeed in both the worlds. We should first decide to lead a life pleasing to Allah SWT and we should ask for that to Allah SWT that He SWT grant us such a life keeping us away from haram earnings, mixing with ghair maharam and all sort of shameful deeds, giving up music and then we should seek istiqamat on the deen in performing good deeds and staying away from sins.

If we get five things in our lives, inshaaAllah we will get istiqamat.

First we should seek for the company of those muslims who are more pious and righteous than us for this will increase our good deeds. Today we see muslims sitting with those higher in status and money than us and this makes us ungrateful and never be satisfied and content with what we have and we sit with those muslims who are less deeni than us making us to think we are very pious and this fills our hearts with pride and the moment we start thinking this, our destructive phase starts. Hanzalah RA was crying, ‘Hanzalah became a munafiq, Hanzalah became a munafiq’. Was he a munafiq? He being a sahabah, if his eeman was weighed against all the muslims of today, it cant be equal. Such is the eeman and piety of sahabahs RA. So what made him to say that? It was the life of Prophet SAW, the most righteous in front of his eyes. Thus we should always be in company of those who are much better than us in deen which will make us think inferior in deen and this is what we need for it will motivate us to do more good deeds and keep us humble before Allah SWT.

Second, we should never give up salah and we should pray with khushu for this will remove sins from our lives and we should be really firm in keeping up salah. The men should never miss salah in congregation and women should offer salah with adhan without delaying it.

Third controlling the tongue which backbites, hurts the feelings of muslims with words of anger. A person can do lots of good deeds but he would have uttered such a word that would earn the displeasure of Allah SWT that he would meet his Rabb in anger and his good deeds will be in vain and the honor of muslims is more sacred in eyes of Allah SWT than the holy kaaba. We will never dare to remove single stone from holy kaaba nor we cant tolerate others doing that and so lets think of honor of a muslim, which is more sacred than this.

Four, be conscious of Allah SWT all the time that He SWT is watching us and He SWT can disgrace us then and there for the sins we commit and He SWT even take the eeman from our hearts, the most precious thing if we earn His SWT anger. Behind every disobedience, there is displeasure and anger of Allah SWT and we never know which sin will descend His SWT anger on us. There was a man among the Bani israel who was committing sins without giving up and he was thinking that Allah SWT was overlooking him when Allah SWT put this thought in his mind as an answer ‘Didn’t I take the khushu from your salah and is this salah not sufficient for your sin?’ We should never be careless of sins and we should be very cautious.

Fifth, when we commit sins and we will definitely commit for we are human beings, we should immediately turn to Allah SWT in repentance praying two units of salah and if we delay our seeking forgiveness, our heart will be used to sins and become dirty and hard falling more into sins destroying our lives. It is important we talk to ALlah SWT in loneliness to forgive us and repent for  sin we committed that we will never do that again and ask Allah SWT’s help to give up sins.


2 Responses to “How to obtain istiqamat in deen”

  1. 1 Jaabir Muhammad May 12, 2011 at 7:37 pm

    Just read this article and it was enlightening!

  2. 2 FAIZAN JAVID May 23, 2012 at 8:34 pm

    Allah(s.w.t) is greatest and most merciful..may allah(s.w.t) grant us istiqamat,forgive our sins and restrain us in the future..

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