A beautiful story of a young man to reflect

أعوذ بالله من الشيطان الرجيم

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

This is a story taken from the lectures of my Sheikh. Be it the topic of piety, truthfulness or honesty or topic of hayaa of a woman or about giving an example of a pious father, I used to hear this story often which in fact  was not just beautiful to hear but makes us wonder and has lessons to reflect on and the impressive part is that, this is not some imaginary narration but a true story from lives of one of our pious predecessors.

The story goes with a young man who was very hungry and tired and he comes across a river wherein he drinks water and to his pleasant surprise finds an apple brought by the stream which he picks  immediately out of hunger and eats some portion of it, thanking Allah SWT. When he ate a portion of it, his conscience triggers fear in his heart and he realizes that the apple does not belong to him and what he consumed was unlawful. This makes him worried and fear of Allah SWT grabs his heart for the Hell fire eats the body which is grown by unlawful food. He decides to find the owner of the apple to seek his forgiveness before the Day of doom arrives when every deed be it good or bad will be brought forth before Allah SWT to hold for account. He walks along the direction across the river from where he found the apple and as he walks, an apple tree falls in his sight which was along the river.  Guessing that the apple should be from this tree, he looks around and finds a house in vicinity of that tree. With the thought that this tree should belong to the owner of this house, the young man knocks the door of the house. An old man opens the door and the young man politely confesses to him that he ate his provision with out his permission out of hunger and he ate some portion of apple in haste and he came here to seek his forgiveness.

Having seen the piety and honesty of this young man, the old man replied that he cannot forgive him but on a condition. The young man worried, thoughtfully asked him the condition when he replied that he should marry his daughter who is deaf, dumb, blind and lame. This distressed the young man and fell into thought that how he is going to spend his whole life with such a woman but then the thought of hell fire came in and his worry became insignificant before that and also he thought that this-worldly life will end soon whereas the life of the hereafter is eternal and none can bear the fierce of hell fire even for a moment and he can’t carry the sin. With this fear in his heart, he made up his mind and agreed to marry his daughter. The day of marriage came and he got married to the girl and as he entered her inner dwelling, he was pleasantly shocked to see a very beautiful young lady greeting him with salam whose piety and moral values reflected on her face and she was blessed with perfect hearing, eyesight and physique by Allah SWT.

The  young man went to her father and told him that she is not deficient as what he described to him. The father replied ‘son I spoke the truth. I told she was blind and by that I meant her eyes never fell on any man forbidden for her, she was deaf for she never sat in a place where malicious backbiting, gossips, tale-telling took place out of fear for Allah SWT and she was dumb as she never spoke to men forbidden for her and she was lame as her arms and legs never headed towards that which was haram. Having seen her piety I wanted to give her only in hands of a man of very pious nature which I saw in you and gave her to you.’

The story doesn’t end here but Allah SWT grants them a pious child who was brought up by such pious parents protected like pearls and the child was none other than Abdul Qadir Jeelani (Rahimahullah) under whose influence about seventy thousand people entered the deen of Allah SWT. This was a great reward that anyone could imagine as Prophet SAW said if Allah SWT guides through us one person, its better than hundred red camels and red camel is like todays Mercedes- Benz in those days and this is just for one person guided under us so we can think of seventy thousand who became muslims and all their progeny and the good deeds of all those guided will be added to the record of the pious couple too for they brought up the pious child, without diminishing the rewards of those performed the good acts.

Many things are to be reflected here, the fear of Allah SWT that pious  young man had which makes us wonder, then the hayaa of that pious lady like how she protected her chastity out of fear of Allah SWT and the pious father who looked only at the quality of piety when looking for a spouse for his daughter without questioning the wealth and status of the young man. These were our pious predecessors who lived for deen of Allah SWT and even their dunya was for deen while we live for dunya and we even opt deen for dunya. Through these stories, Allah  SWT sets the examples of  His SWT awliya who feared Him SWT as He SWT should be feared, so that we follow their footsteps. Also we should look how Allah SWT brought together the pious man and the pious woman and how He SWT granted them a pious child and indeed Allah SWT is ever-appreciative and all good is in His SWT hands, the most merciful, the loving and the kind.

Let Allah SWT grant us guidance, piety, chastity and richness of heart. Ameen, Ameen thumma Ameen


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