Eeman, its value and ways to save it

أعوذ بالله من الشيطان الرجيم

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Eeman, the faith, the guidance from Allah SWT is the most expensive of all the things in this world. Allah SWT knows the trials and needs of His SWT slaves be it related to money, family or any affair related to this world but Allah SWT, the all aware and the most merciful knows that whats the most needed by His SWT slaves above all is the guidance which He SWT bestows on slaves whom He SWT choose. This is the reason why from above the seven heavens Allah SWT descended the Quran with Surah fatiha teaching servants how to beg to Him SWT for His SWT guidance.

The value of eeman is known only to those who tasted it. This could be found from sahabahs (RA) life. When Khubaib (RA) was torn apart by swords and spears of mushriks of mecca and was asked in this state ‘Would you rather not wish that Muhammad SAW be in your place while you are safe and sound with your family?’ This question shook Khubaib RA for the mushriks under estimated his love and faith in the beloved Prophet SAW. This was khubaib’s answer to the kuffar whose question tested his faith “By Allah! I would not like to be safe with my wife and children with the joys of the whole world while the Messenger of Allah SAW is being hirt even with the prick of a thorn”. This is the value of eeman they had above all the things in this world.

When Abu Salama (RA) came to madinah to save his eeman in such a state while on his way that his wife and children were snatched away from him by his and his wife’s family who are yet to accept the deen of Allah SWT, Prophet SAW welcomed him with glad tidings saying that you indeed made a profitful dealing for you saved your eeman. This is the value of eeman much above one’s family and all worldy possessions. When a man is rich, his richess is inherited by his children but this eeman is so special that it is given to a man by Allah SWT’s special mercy that it cannot be possessed like worldly things by children or father and we see that the son of the Prophet Nuh (AS) wasnt blessed with this although his father was one of the great Prophets possessing wisdom and knowledge and prophethood and how much Nuh AS wished that his son has eeman. Such is the value of eeman which is so precious which cannot be compensated with anything in the world and in the akhirah, this is that with which Allah SWT will save muslims from hell and kuffar will be biting their nails saying we wish we had this eeman in the world.

When a man has a valuable thing in this world, he is extra cautious in protecting it for he knows there are theives behind that to steal it from him and this eeman is so valuable that shayateen and his allies are so behind to steal this precious thing bestowed by Allah SWT from the hearts and lives of muslims. The shayateen and its allies, the kuffar try their best to lead the muslims astray and take islam from their lives by all the worst corruption they could inflict on them be it by media or lifestyle or anything around us and we do see the state of muslims today. Having been surrounded by the fitna, there are four simple ways on which if we strive, inshaaAllah, our eeman will be protected.

  1. Keep thanking Allah SWT while sitting, standing and lying throughout the day often for placing this precious eeman in our heart for which we are not eligible in the least but merely by the grace and favor of Allah SWT.
  2. Being kind and serving our family members be they are deeni or not, for this will inshaaAllah eventually create a deeni environment around us which will preserve our eeman. Never be angry and harsh with family members.
  3. Increase the effort in whichever field we are, be it education or business, so people around us might know that the deen has moulded our character and efficiency in getting high marks and upright character and not made us useless so this will make them turn towards deen inshaaAllah.
  4. Be in the company of righteous pious muslims and scholars, and  stay in contact with them by attending masajid regularly for prayers and bayans.

When we strive on the above points, inshaaAllah our eeman will be preserved for verily Allah SWT is ever appreciative. All praise to Allah SWT who made us muslims. Let Allah SWT keep our eeman firm and steadfast. Ameen


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