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The Poisonous Arrow….

أعوذ بالله من الشيطان الرجيم

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Our beloved Prophet ﷺ said, “Evil glance is one of the arrows of shaitan.”. When a sin is not committed widely, people will be more aware of it. For example it is not common to practice fornication and adultery among the muslims and so muslims know the seriousness. Similarly it is not common to consume alcohol and so when we see a drunkard, he falls before our eyes and in fact the one who sits with a drunkard too falls before our eyes but if we take gheebat, it has become so common that people enjoy listening to the gheebat without any feeling of guilt while the sin is so horrible that it is like eating the meat of the dead brother. What a dirty act and who will eat the meat of the dead like an animal and that too of one’s own brother? Our beloved Prophet ﷺ said that evil glance is the zina of the eyes and now as this has become common to throw evil glance, people don’t take it serious and fall into this sin to the extent that even haji is not spared from it. This has become so common everywhere that most of the muslims fall into it because we have Television, magazines and everything around us filled with haram pictures and scenes and thus has become too normal for people to look at these things. But just because a person eats poison thinking that to be sweet; it won’t stop having its poisonous effect on the one consuming it. So is the evil glance.

When one wants to keep the house protected, he should have a strong lock on his house and when one wants to protect his heart, he should protect his eyes. There is one special ability of eyes that Allah Azzawajal has bestowed on them, that is when some thing is brought near the eyes, say the finger, the eyelids immediately close and the eyes does that automatically to protect itself from physical harm. Spiritual harm is worst than the physical harm and so eyes are to be protected more spiritually. We unfortunately have broken the spring of the eyelids when it comes to haram glance.  Some might indulge their hearts into lustful thoughts and this is also a worst thing to do. One has to protect both the outer eyes and the inner eyes of the heart. Some of us common muslims do so much of ibadah that only a wali can do, that is we do the acts of wali but do you know what is the difference between wali and us? The wali preserves his aamal while we don’t. We waste our deeds through evil glance and evil tongue. This is the difference. It is impossible for one to have istiqamat (steadfastness) in ibadat when one dirties the eyes. A person can do more good deeds like prayers and so on but his face will be deprived of radiance because of this evil glance and that is because a person who throws evil glance brings the lanat (curse) of Allah Azzawajal on him. The man who looks with evil glance and the woman who comes out with perfume are thrown far away from the mercy of Allah Azzawajal.

Our beloved Prophet ﷺ said to Ali ؓ, “O Ali, do not follow the glance with another for the first glance is forgiven while the second is not.” Here the first glance has fallen accidentally, unintentionally and so it will be forgiven while the second is done deliberately and so one will be held into account. We see here that Prophet ﷺ is advising none another than Ali ؓ. What a great Sahabi he is? Even if all the shuyook and walis of today’s world are gathered together, they can never come close to a single Sahabi for such is their eeman and here our beloved Prophet ﷺ is advising Ali ؓ. Many of people say that they didn’t see with evil intention and by saying this they are trying to claim that they are holier than a Sahabi like Ali ؓ. There is another incident. Once the son of Abbas whos is the uncle of our beloved Prophet ﷺ was sitting besides the Prophet ﷺ on a camel and we can imagine what sort of spiritual light will be descending there sitting so close to Prophet ﷺ and that too they were coming from Arafat and what a blessed place is arafat! Adding to this, the month was Dhul-hajj. What a scared month! There were both men and women standing and Fazal ibn Abbas’ ؓ eyes fell on a woman when the blessed Prophet ﷺ turned his face away with his blessed hands saying, “What are you doing fazal?” Now this Sahabi belongs to the noble family of Prophet ﷺ. Being in the company of our beloved Prophet ﷺ, in the blessed place and in the blessed month, we can imagine the blessed environment and this Sahabi is being warned from the glance, we can then imagine about our own selves living in the worst environment today. One glance is enough to knock us out and so we should be more careful and precautious than them. The effect of glance won’t leave us that easily.

Some say they can make their heart calm by looking at the ghair mahram when their nafs urges but this is not the case. Hakeemul ummat Ashraf Ali Tanvi (RA) says this like the disease of itching which urges a man to keep scratching wherein the man finds comfort but the scratching doesn’t end and makes things worst. Even if he enjoys scratching, it is impossible that he enjoys the benefits of a healthy man for he and healthy man are not one and the same. People have seen the enjoyment of looking at the ghair mahram as the dunya is manifest but they never tasted the sweetness and enjoyment of unseen that is felt in the heart by refraining themselves from haram glance. As this is unseen, people might not know. Refrain from this act for at least a day and see how good your ibadat is, be it salah or anything. Haram glance will take the affinity towards ibadah and doing good deeds. One may be praying salah but he will do so under compulsion and he will feel like a burden. It will be difficult for him to come to masjid while the case of the believer is such that once he enters the masjid, he doesn’t want to leave the masjid. Even if he is in market, he will have strong desire to go to masjid for he enjoys the pleasure of acts of worship and the place of worship. Now as far the man casting evil glance, he might eventually loose any sort of affinity towards worship and worst thing is he will get hatred towards aamaal and being with righteous people. Allah Azzawajal will deprive him of finding pleasure in halal means because of his haram act. That is why a person will find other’s wives beautiful but not his own.

Now one might feel difficult to restrain their eyes in today’s world but when he knows the severity of the sin and takes courageous step, then Allah Azzawajal will definitely help him to come out of it for He Azzawajal is ever appreciative and He Azzawajal says that He will definitely make a way out and guide the one who strives in His path. Here are some tips to save from this horrendous act. First have the courage that even if your soul leaves you and howsoever the nafs urges you, you won’t cast the haram glance. Be firm that you will never look at handsome men and non-mahram women. When you go out, never look into others vehicles for it is possible that some non-mahram is sitting inside that vehicle. Always lower your gaze and do not look at the face of women if they wear burkha or not. One disciple asked his sheik to help him give up this sin and his sheikh advised him to give five rupees sadaqah for every single evil glance. The man did so but he couldn’t give up and he gave sadaqah of fifty rupees for just few days and he cried to his sheikh that if he gives that much money, his children will go hunger for that is how much his earning is. But he was advised to take courage and give the sadaqah as advised and by the end he gave up the haram glance altogether and every single day passed without any haram glance. So courage is very important for any mujahidah (striving).

For some spending money is mujahidah, for some praying salah is mujahidah and for some fasting. Some might find doing ibadat is easy but difficult to give up sins and for them giving up sins will be mujahidah. Greater the mujahidah, higher will be the reward. If one wants to give up this act, then make it difficult on the nafs like pray two rakat nafil salah for every single haram glance or give sadaqah or fast a day for every single glance. When parents or husband doesn’t take steps to make their womenfolk wear purdah, they will share the sin equally. So slowly bring the purdah right inside your homes when the family is a joint family. Know that it is impossible to achieve istiqamat in deen when one does not save themselves from haram glance. Knowing the seriousness of the sin will give courage to give up the sin. Before leaving house, pray two rakat nafil salah particularly keeping this sin in the mind asking Allah Azzawajal to help you against this sin. In case you fall into it, pray again two rakats nafil and seek forgiveness from Allah Azzawajal. One hadith says that evil glance is one of the arrows of shaitan and another hadith says that evil glance is the poisonous arrow of the shaitan. Just an arrow is enough to kill the person, then we can imagine how worst and dangerous is a poisonous arrow. Let Allah help us all from committing this sin and save us from this. Amin

Taken from tarbiati majlis dated 16th Dec, 2011.

Our life is worship

أعوذ بالله من الشيطان الرجيم

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

When a child is born be it  poor, rich or anyone, adhan is said in both its ears. Hayya alas-salah, hayya alal falaah is the proclamation of the ummat-e-mulim that victory and success lies only in worship of Allah Azzawajal. The success doesn’t lie in wealth, position or status but lies only in the worship of Allah Azzawajal. What is falaah? When I ask for some ten or more things and I am given all those things and when I seek refuge from ten or more things and I am saved from all those things, then that is falaah. Only the person who worships Allah Azzawajal will have falah and the rest will have only humiliation. It is obvious that we cannot get the exact falaah as per definition above in this world for such things can happen only in the akhirat for Allah Azzawajal says that we will be given there whatever we ask for we will be His guests and we can’t even imagine how grandeur will be His hospitality for He is the King of Kings, the Lord of heavens and earths! Yet Allah Azzawajal will make the one who worships Him taste some of its fruits right in this world. To mention few rewards:

  • The slave who worships Him will be given a special noor on his face. When we take two brothers whose faces are alike and one of them is a worshipper and the other a disobedient, then both their faces will reflect what they are. The worshipper, the obedient will have noor on his face and the other will lack this showing some sort of humiliation. The worshipper’s face will be radiant reflecting the light in his heart just like the face reflects one’s grief, fear or joy.
  • The worshipper will be blessed in his health. Imam Malik (RA) in spite of doing all the works, he used to offer 300 units of nafl salah every day. The worshipper will be given amazing strength even in his old days which will make people wonder.
  • The obedient slave will never be deprived of rizq (provision). Allah Azzawajal says, “When my slave allots time for my worship, I then fill his heart with ghina (richness-contentment) and grant him provision in a secured way.”
  • The worshipper will be given such an honor and respect in the hearts of people that will never fade away. As for others, the honor comes through worldly means like wealth, status, position etc. When an officer retired, he was mentally disturbed for suddenly he missed all those salutes given to him in respect for his position and now that he retired, everything was gone. The respect that a worshipper receives never fades away. He was respected when he was young that people volunteer to serve him to the extent they themselves would handle slippers to him and now when he became old and couldn’t walk, people lift him out of respect. Such will be love and honor that Allah Azzawajal put in the hearts of His creations for His obedient slave.


By mentioning salah prior to falaah, it is declared that salah is the highest form of worship. Salah is the worship mentioned first prior to other forms of worship be it fasting, zakat or hajj. Such is the position of salah. The command for all other worships was descended in this world but salah is the only form of worship that was offered to the beloved slave of Allah Azzawajal by ascending him and bringing him close to Him Azzawajal. When this gift of salah was received, the Sahabahs (RA) were filled with joy for they now got the means to talk to Allah Azzawajal so close and ask Him Azzawajal directly their needs and wishes. Allah Azzawajal says when His slave is in sujud, he is very close to Him Azzawajal. Just imagine when one’s father gets him close to him or when a child is on the lap of the mother and when one comes close to his wife, won’t he feel the affection, love and joy? Then we can imagine about coming close to the Lord of the alameen. Definitely he will feel special enjoyment and that is why our beloved Prophet SAW used to tell, “Oh Bilal call for the prayer and comfort my eyes.” Prophet ﷺ said that salah is the coolness of his ﷺ eyes. Now when a husband comes close to his wife but still doesn’t feel any affection, then there is something wrong. So is the case with the person who doesn’t find peace and enjoyment when he goes for sujud. There is some barrier and nothing but sins are the barrier for it prevents us from enjoying the pleasure of being close to Allah Azzawajal.

The greatness of this ummah is determined by the level of worship. The great people of this ummah Umar, Abu Bakr, Uthman and Ali (RA) were found to be in the first saff, leading in the worship. When our beloved Prophet ﷺ used to pray, his ﷺ  blessed feet would swell. We can imagine how long will be his qayam then. When Abu Bakr (RA) performs prayer, he will stand like a pillar and so will Umar and Ali (RA) spent their nights in prayer. The greatness of this muslim ummat doesn’t come through wealth, status, children or position as found to be decided in other communities but through worship. There is a great flexibility in improving one’s salah. There is no limit in beautifying salah for one can beautify and improve as much as he wishes. If we take our worldly life, we tend to progress in our thinking and attaining goals like a person riding bike wish for a car as his income and status increase in the society. Unfortunately we don’t think of such a progress in our salah. We never think of improving the khushu in our salah. Khushu is to offer salah peacefully. There is bodily khushu when one remains calm in their postures. The inner khushu is avoiding indulging in thoughts deliberately and performing salah peacefully. This is achieved by concentrating on the words we recite and when some random thoughts come, we while away the thoughts without immersing in them. Most of us perform salah like a button switched on and things go automatically with words going on one side and our thoughts roaming elsewhere. This should be avoided and improved so we see the effect of salah. Our beloved mother Ayisha RA said that if the kings of this world know what sort of peace we enjoy in our hearts, they will come with their armies to snatch it.

When chilli powder or salt or anything is adulterated, it will loose its effect in taste and so is the salah, when it is mixed with thoughts, it will loose its effect and that is why a person might keep up his prayers but he won’t be honest in his business dealings or will be ill-mannered and so on. When salah is offered in the correct procedure, the sins will never get along with salah just like water and fire do not get along well for Allah Azzawajal says innas salaata tanha anil fahshaai wal munkar (Verily the prayers restrain one from immorality and wrongdoing). Whenever our beloved Prophet ﷺ was afflicted with any pain, he ﷺ will immediately turn towards salah and he ﷺ will be relieved. As a Prophet ﷺ, we know the pains and trials he went through. The trials were like mountains. Strange indeed is the salah and fortunate are the muslims who were blessed with this. Many of us do not realize its greatness because we never tasted the sweetness of salah because of our own negligence. Just like we cannot make a child understand how adulthood will be, it is hard for us to know the effect because we never attempt to offer salah properly and thus we never tasted its sweetness.

When adhan is proclaimed between every two salahs, it warns and alerts us if we are properly directed towards the worship in the time between the two salahs and so does the adhan warn us as every new day begins. When adhan is heard, a hindu, a sikh, a Christian will remain seated while a muslim rushes to offer salah wherever he is be it the school or college or office or any place. If even a muslim sits doing nothing hearing the adhan, he is doing the same act as done by the hindu, sikh or any kafir. He did the act of a kaafir, the enemy of Allah Azzawajal and that is why our beloved Prophet ﷺ said salah distinguishes a muslim from a kaafir. During the times of  Sahabahs (RA), people used to offer salah even if they have smallest amount of eeman in their hearts and in fact even those who did not have any eeman in their hearts but just declared by their mouths, that is the munafiqeen, they too offered salah as they know that a mulim offers salah and if they don’t they would be caught.

As life is worship and our falah is in worship, we should increase the worship by increasing the salah in our life. If one offers salah individually, start offering with jamat right from first takbir, increase the sunan and nafl salahs and start praying tahajjud for the nafil acts will increase the closeness to Allah Azzawajal. One pious predecessor said that for forty years, he used to be present for the salah in the masjid before the adhan begun. When it comes to khushu, we think that only buzurgs can offer such salah and it is not within our capability but this is the deception for if we are unable to offer salah with khushu, Allah Azzawajal would not have commanded us to offer such a salah. We have a firm warning that those who do not worship Allah Azzawajal and salah being the highest form of worship and if we do not offer it they will face the humiliation before the whole world. Sometimes when we keep seeing a sin or remain with a person who constantly commits a sin, we may loose the sensitivity towards that sin and we may not realize the seriousness of committing sin and worst we might take it as a normal act. Today the tradition of offering fajr salah has come to an end and people don’t even feel guiltiness or any feel of regret or pain. When a person is tranquilized and his body parts were cut off, he will not feel the pain. He will feel the pain only when he gains consciousness and comes to his sense. In the akhirah, the person will fully gain the consciousness and he will feel the pain right in his heart for the fire will reach his heart.

Wa maa adraaka mal hutamah

Naarullaahil mooqadah

allati tattali’o alal af’ idah

And what will make you know what the crushing Fire is?

The fire of Allah, kindled,

Which leaps up over the hearts.

Let Allah Azzawajal grant us all tawfiq to worship him in the most beautiful manner and get is close to Him Azzawajal  and save us from humiliation in both the worlds. Amin amin thumma amin

Fikr of Islah-Part 2

أعوذ بالله من الشيطان الرجيم

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Taken from morning tarbiati majlis by Sheikh Maulana Abdus Sattar (DB) dated on 11th September 2011

Without mujahidah, nothing is achieved easily. Our beloved Prophet SAW spent more time in loneliness and his SAW heart was inclined towards staying in cave of hira for months in worship. From the Hira mountain, one can clearly see the Bait-ul-Allah and he SAW used to spend his time all alone in that cave. We can’t sit for five minutes in seclusion in the musallah and he SAW spent months in cave and the attachment of such a seclusion can be achieved only through mujahidah. This mujahidah differs for different things like for some, it is easy to fast but difficult to spend money in the path of Allah SWT and for them spending money is a mujahidah. For some, spending money is easy but to fast is a difficult task and for such people, fasting is a mujahidah, for some praying nafil salahs are easy but giving qurbani is difficult and so the mujahidah has different faces. Through mujahidah, one progresses a lot.

To abstain from unlawful things and sins, sometimes one may have to restrict from even permissible things. When a paper is wrongly folded, it can be made straight only by folding in the opposite direction. Here the intention is not to fold in the opposite direction but to make the paper straight at the folding. Similarly when a person starts walking down the wrong path, he is stopped from doing many permissible things to put him right. The intention here is not to stop him from permissible things but to keep him in the middle path just like the folding of the paper is straightened out. One can say he is doing only something permissible but the fold is not removed just by making the paper straight without folding in the other direction because it will keep bowing in the wrong direction. Similarly whenever the person gets chance of committing sins, he will bow down because he never did mujahidah to turn in the othe direction just like the paper is not being folded in the opposite direction. Our condition is same as we never tolerate mujahidah in the opposite direction. As we are already folded wrong, without mujahidah we always bow down towards the wrong direction even if we try to be straight for sometimes.

There are different types of mujahidah prescribed to control the nafs and to put that in place like eating less, waking up in the night for worship, interacting less with the people and so on. These things are generally permissible but put in restriction to bring oneself in control like when a person speaks more evil, then by speaking less, his tongue is brought into control and if it is left like that, he will develop that into a habit. That is why sometimes one is stopped even from permissible things. For such a person, the islah is achieved by the blessings of mujahidah. The main aim of mujahdiah is to remain steadfast on the deen and to bring oneself within shariat and the nafs generally doesn’t remain straight and to make it straight, it has to be folded in the other direction. A person cannot restrain from haram things until he trains himself to eat even the halal food in a restricted way with a limit. So everyone of us should definitely do some sort of mujahidah.

Do mujahidah bringing in courage towards three things mentioned before, that is:

  1. To abstain from sins
  2. To make a lot of duaa to Allah SWT for one’s islah
  3. To have a good sohbat

Even if our heart is willing or not, try to remain in seclusion in musallah for sometimes. If today’s man did even this much of mujahidah, he will achieve a lot. Some complain that they are not getting islah but if you can’t sit even for 15 minutes in seclusion per day, how can you get islah? If one feels good, he sits and if he doesn’t feel good, he moves away, then how can he have islah? For this, he should be persistently courageous and should have fikr of islah in any condition. This is mujahidah. Sometimes we feel like performing nafil salah and sometimes we don’t and if we persist in doing nafil salah even in those days when we don’t feel good, because of the blessing of this mujahidah, one will achieve such great things that won’t be achieved normally by performing nafil salah for 15-20 days. Once if we have the fikr of islah, then getting courage too is easy. Let Allah SWT grant us all this tawfeeq. In today’s time, not many are prescribed very tough mujahidahs like completely restraining oneself from eating for some days or talking but Hakeemul Ummat Maulana Ashraf Ali Tanvi (RA) prescribed something simple according to our times like to speak less, sleep less and eat less. If one achieves this to a smaller extent, even then one will benefit a lot.

In today’s times if one restricts completely from all this, there is a danger of detrimental health. That is why today’s mujahidah is to limit these things to one’s need. Hakeemul ummat Maulana Ashraf Ali Tanvi (RA) says as far as eating less and sleeping less, even the shuyook type people may not have complete knowledge and advise firmly for it will differ from person to person like for a person who normally eats five breads, for him eating just three breads is a mujahidah and it may not be so for someone who eats normally three breads and so is the case of sleeping. Some people really sleep long like 8 hrs and if he sleeps just for 7 hrs, that is a mujahidah and so generally all people cannnot be prescribed same amount of food or sleep as it will differ from person to person fearing that it might affect their health. Now when it comes to speaking less and interacting less with people, this is really tough but has great blessings in it. One who wants to have islah of aamal and akhlaq, one has to do mujahidah at least towards these two things that is speaking less and interacting less with people.

One pious elder engraved in his ring, “Speak good or remain silent”. Another pious elder used to say, “Interact less with the people and interact more with the people”. Here the first part of the sentence refers to those people who are heedless and negligent of deen and the second part of the sentence refers to the pious people. One has to interact less with irreligious people while interact more with the pious people. Keep away from the environment of negligence and join the environment where one gets the recognition of deen. When one keeps away from the people, one should not have the intention of doing so thinking that people are bad but should think that he is bad and thus not strong and will become sick if he interacts more with people. This is like mud pot which is still raw and when water is poured into the pot, the pot starts breaking eventhough the water is good and the water comes out. So think that your mud is very raw. One sort of thinking is people are bad and thus avoiding them and the other sort of thinking is I don’t have strength to stand in that environment and thus will get affected. The second thought will keep away one from takabbur (pride) looking down others. So one should think he is sick and his sickness doesn’t afflict others when he interacts with them. Roaming freely in a market is better than abandoning people out of pride that they are worst than you for pride is a disgusting thing. So have this intention that you are bad and people will be affected by your evil and to accept this from your heart is a difficult thing.

Never do mujahidah deciding by yourself like from today I will stop eating bread or sleep less and so on but do mujahidah under proper guidance of a sheikh because many lose path by deciding on their own and can be more detrimental. It is obvious when one is sick, he doesn’t take courage to do his own surgery but he goes to the doctor for he has the knowledge. Same goes with spiritual cure too, a person should go to the one who is his well wisher and advise him good. When a person does mujahidah on the advise of the spiritual guide, inshaaAllah things will work out for him. Let Allah SWT grant us all this tawfeeq. Amin

Fikr of Islah-Part 1

أعوذ بالله من الشيطان الرجيم

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Taken from morning tarbiati majlis by Sheikh Maulana Abdus Sattar (DB) dated on 11th September 2011.

The person who has been granted the fikr (concern) about his islah (reformation) has indeed been favored by Allah Azzawajal.  When one is concerned about his islah, his path becomes easy. Take an example of a man who is not cared about his health and is just content about his health, any expensive medicine won’t be of any use to him even if it is placed right in front of him as he won’t care to take it. Similarly even if one gets the expensive tips for islah, a person would not mind taking it. The more one has fikr of his islah, easier will be his way.

There is zahiri (apparent) islah and batini (hidden) islah. When a person is exposed to deeni people, zahiri islah is attained to some good extent like growing beard, wearing turban etc. Unlike zahiri islah, batini islah takes more time. When one has fikr of evils within him like jealousy, rancor, attachment to the world etc., he will get the treatment for these diseases. When ones physical ailment is apparent like the eyes changing its color, wound on the hand, the teeth is shaky, pain in the ears and so on; he gets more concerned about his health. Sometimes it so happens that a person has disease inside him which doesn’t show outside and if he doesn’t take any X-ray or other tests, then he will not be aware of this disease. It is observed that there is no secretion of blood, nourishment with the intake of food and no cheerfulness and when tested with X-ray or other equipment, he is found to be afflicted with cancer.

Similarly a person might be doing ibadat outwardly but his eeman may not increase within him, no spirituality and things are just not working for him. This shows that he has been afflicted with some spiritual cancer be it jealousy, rancor or anything because of which there is no progress. Let the person have fikr of both zahiri and batini islah. If one has the fikr, then the path will be easy and if one doesn’t have any fikr, then the path will be very difficult.  Sahabah rizwanullah ajmaeen, even though their paths were determined and the best thing was that they had the companionship of the Prophet sallallaahu alihi wasallam but still when they see a minute shortcoming in them, they would be troubled a lot like a Sahabi Hanzala (radhiAllahu anhu) used to say, “Hanzala became a munafiq (hypocrite); Hanzala became a munafiq.”

They used to be very very sensitive when it comes to their islah and eeman just like we are sensitive of our health. We become too sensitive when we see even a small spot on our face. If they feel they are lacking to a very small extent, they would be troubled a lot. As they had too much of fikr of their islah, Allah Azzawajal blessed them more and made their paths easy. The first and foremost of all important things is one gets the fikr of islah. If one is fortunate enough to get this fikr, then there are three basic things in islah.

1)    Saving oneself from every single sin

2)    Making abundance of duaa to Allah Azzawajal for one’s islah

3)    Sohbat (association)

If one doesn’t get the sohbat of a pious person daily then definitely we have masjid. If a person sits in the masjid alone for 15-20 minutes, he will get the sohbat of the Angels if not pious men and his job will be done with the blessings of this sohbat. If you get the fikr that you need islah and you should get the islah done, then Allah Azzawajal will make your path easy and if one is too content of his own self then it will be very difficult. The truth is we don’t just need islah but we need it a lot and in fact this need will remain till we go to our qabr (grave) because there is no limit for islah. Look at our affairs, how we get too emotional over little things losing the control of our tongues and how we fall. The reason is we simply lack islah in our temper and we are in dire need of it.  If Allah Azzawajal grants this fikr, then it is indeed the great tawfeeq from Allah Azzawajal and great fadhl from Allah Azzawajal.

One should ask Allah Azzawal for islah as one would ask for anything he is in need. One should allot certain time be it 5 or 10 or 15 minutes asking for islah daily. Sohbat has such a barakah (blessing) that one is in constant fikr that he is lacking something big like one finds his defects looking into the mirror. Even if one doesn’t find sohbat of pious men, sit in masjid after salah for 15 minutes when all the people leave after salah or come to masjid 15 minutes before salah and inshaaAllah one will definitely find the difference. If one has the fikr of islah, then one will embrace all three basic things with courage. If one doesn’t have any fikr, then although these three medicines are very effective, one will not have courage to take that.

When one has the fikr of his health, the courageous steps he takes is stunning like he comes forward to remove his leg to save the rest of his body from disease. How courageous he is! He is doing this willingly and above that he pays the doctor and is thankful to him. He could do this because he is concerned of his health and so is the case of islah that if one has the fikr, then he will get the courage. A person goes to the same job constantly for 30-40 years going in the morning and coming back only in the late evening all because of his concern about his income. So courage is achieved on something when one has the fikr of that thing. Without mujahidah (struggle) and courage, nothing works out. This mujahidah and courage is found only in the person to whom Allah Azzawajal grants the fikr of islah. Take any famous person known for his piety and guidance be it Imam Ghazzali or Rumi or any great person, none achieved the status without mujahidah and courage. They cried waking up during the nights for their islah because this is not a simple thing but very precious.

Islah is not achieved by anyone without struggle and courage except the Prophets (peace be on all of them) where Allah Azzawajal specially bestows this blessings on them. Rest of all of the people can achieve islah only through hardwork.  Eventhough Prophets (peace be on all of them) are specially and purely granted this blessings by Allah Azzawajal but still they too are passed through mujahidah because Allah Azzawajal wants to make them an example for the ummat. Prophet Musa (alaihis salam) grazed the sheeps for ten years and he never considered that to be against his spiritual status. He used to run after the sheep after sheep when they try to run away. So without mujahidah nothing is achieved.

Muslim and Salah

أعوذ بالله من الشيطان الرجيم

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Bismillaahir Rah’maanir Rah’eem. Qad aflah’a man tazakka wa dhakarasma rabbihi fa s’alla. In the Name of Allah, the most Beneficent, the most Merciful. He indeed shall be successful who purifies himself. And magnifies the name of his Lord and prays.

All praise to Allah. Let peace, blessings be on our beloved unlettered Prophet, his family and his noble companions. I seek refuge in Allah from the accursed shaitan and I begin in the name of Allah, the most beneficent, the most merciful.

Salah is the pride of muslims

My dear esteemed, honorable brothers and elders of Islam and the sacred mothers and sisters of the ummat-e-islam, just like how a soldier has pride and trust in his weapons, the rich has pride and trust in his wealth, a little child has trust in his crying that he will get the attention of its mother, a muslim too had more pride and trust than this in his salah that through this he will get the attention of Allah ﷺ and he will draw the mercy of Allah ﷻ towards him and he will make the door of the Rabb open for him. That is why the Sahabahs (RadhiAllahu anhum) said whenever Prophet ﷺ found himself ﷺ in difficulty; he ﷺ will stand for the salah for Heﷻ is the refuge, the peace and salah is the door of the Kareem and when a faqeer (poor) fall before it, definitely it will open.

Salah is the means to draw mercy of Allah ﷻ towards one

A buzurg used to say, “I am a beggar; I am a beggar;” He was proud in saying that even his forefathers were beggars for they were beggars in front of the Kareem deity. A Muslim used to have such a pride and trust in his salah. Just like a fish cannot live without water and it flounders without water, Muslim too was in a similar state without salah. That is why Prophet ﷺ used to say, “Allah ﷻ has placed my coolness of the eyes in salah.” He ﷺ used to say, “O Bilal, arrange for the prayer and give me feel comfort.” In every single difficult time, the Muslim used to stand at the door of Allah ﷻ and turn His ﷻ mercy towards him. What happened to today’s Muslim for he knocks everyone’s door but he doesn’t knock the door of the Kareem? He uses the tips of others but doesn’t use the tips of Nabi ﷺ.

Salah is the part of muslims

When the Prophet ﷺ brought the gift of salah, the Sahabahs (radhiAllahu anhum) became very happy and said; “Now we have got the direct source to ask Allah.” Muslim had such a contact with his salah. Prophet ﷺ used to say, “Salah distinguishes a Muslim from a kafir.” One who leaves the salah doesn’t remain a Muslim. Wa aqeemus salaah walaa takoonoo minal mushriki-And establish the Salat, and do not be of the mushriks. (Al Quran: 30:31). fa in tabu wa aqamu salata wa atawu zakata fa khallu sabilahum innallaha gafurun rahimun-But if they repent and establish regular prayers, and practice regular charity, then open the way for them, for Allah is most forgiving, most merciful. Salah distinguishes a believer from the mushrik for a believer performs salah while the Mushrik doesn’t perform. The Sahabahs (radhiAllahu anhum) used to say, “Salah has become so part of us that none of us were believers without salah.” Even those munafiqs who didn’t have an atom of eeman in their heart didn’t leave the salah when they came to the jamat of Muslims because they know very well that they will be seen as kafirs if they leave the salah.

The two goodness of Saudi that keeps the punishment of Allah ﷻ away and the state of countries like Pakistan

I was telling my friends, “Allah ﷻ has protected Saudi in spite of being a chaos and face of ruin and confusion in the Arab land because of two goodness in it: 1) From the ruler to the soldier and the whole army, from the rich to the poor, from the masjid to the educational institutes, from the markets to the business places, every single person performs salah. They might have thousand faults but they have this excellence of performing salah and the arrangement is made for the same everywhere. 2) Filth and shameful acts cannot be seen as something common be it in markets or universities or anywhere. They have the hayaa. By these two qualities, Allah ﷻ has saved them from destruction.

In our country (Pakistan), there are many good acts going on but because of the two things; 1) increase in people abandoning salah and 2) increase in shameful acts be it in schools, colleges or markets which came along with people abandoning salah, the blessing of all other good acts came to an end. These two sins have dirtied the entire environment. This is because in those markets, where women’s head is uncovered, Allah’s lanat (curse) showers; in those schools, where girls’ head remains uncovered, Allah’s lanat (curse) showers; in those markets and offices, where be-namazi (the one who doesn’t offer salah) are present, there is more adversity. This is why the environment is dirty. The effect of this is the righteous deeds of the righteous person too lose its effect and we can’t see the blessings of righteous acts. Even the duaas (supplications) don’t show its effect. If there are two family members performing salah, there are five who don’t perform the salah. The practice of performing fajr salah has come to an end among the Muslims. We see few namazis (those who perform salah) in a factory and the rest are be-namazi and so is the case with the offices.

Salah distinguishes a muslim from a kafir

When a daughter starts smoking before the guests and the son brings in home the bottle of liquor, the parents feel humiliated but when the daughter or the son abandon fajr salah, does it bother them to the least? Oh honorable ones! Abandoning salah is worst than consuming alcohol. If you see your driver consuming alcohol, for how many days you will keep him as a driver? And how about if he is a be-namazi! Today even those who perform salah do not have any azmat (greatness) for the salah in their hearts. If a man consumes alcohol, will anyone marry his daughter to him? If a girl smokes cigarette, will anyone engage her to his son? But when one is a be-namazi, then how do they take this aspect? Abandoning salah is worst than consuming alcohol or smoking cigarette. People will not accept a drunkard as a son-in-law but will accept a be-namazi as a son-in-law or a daughter-in-law. As even the namazi don’t have azmat for namaz, the whole environment is filled with be-namazis. Prophet ﷺ said with his truthful tongue that one who leaves salah purposely has become a kaafir. It is such a worst thing that the caller of Allah ﷻ calls him, “Come to Salah and come towards victory” and he still doesn’t come. He is doing the same thing what a hindu and a christian is doing and a sikh and an idol worshipper is doing.

The worst state of this ummah where abandoning salah has become common

Today, the sin of leaving salah has become common that even in the hearts of those who perform salah, its identity and the feel of disgust in abandoning the salah has been removed. If some colleague of an employee comes drunken everyday and sits beside him, won’t he advise him to give up drinking some day and for how many years, the colleague is abandoning salah, does he tell him to offer salah? When 80% of the students drink alcohol in an institute, will you admit your child in such an institute? And in the institute, if 80% of the students do not offer salah, do you have this same thinking that your child too might become a be-namazi if you admit him there? Oh people, leaving salah is worst that consuming alcohol and in fact worst than committing zina (fornication and adultery). The consumption of alcohol is not common because people have the realization that how bad it is or you can take that people think that a drunkard is very evil but they do not think that a be-namazi is evil. As people do not think badly of this sin, the very realization of this being a sin has been destroyed from the hearts of the people. The sin is not a sin anymore in the eyes of the people.

Abandoning salah is worst than consuming alcohol and committing zina

When a shop keeper is a drunkard, won’t you think before sending your son to that shop? And here is a be-namazi sitting, do you ever think that why should I go to that be-namazi? This is because the importance of salah has been removed even from the hearts of namazis. That is why no drunkard will dare to sit near us while a be-namazi can come even as our guest. No drunkard will come to our majlis but be-namazi will come and sit in our majlis because he knows that we don’t see anything bad in a benamazi. “ma salakum fi saqar” -what led you into hell fire? “qaloo lam naku minal musaleen’- they said “we were not of those who prayed.” His state is that he has been a be-namazi for years and years but still he is a shareef (noble and honorable) and no change came in his nobility. He is still a righteous man and no change came in his righteousness. Oh they are very good people and so one can accept marriage proposal from them. When the namazis get this azmat of salah in their hearts, then the surrounding around them will change into a namazi one. The father is a namazi and stood always stands in fisrt saff (row) but his young daughter doesn’t perform salah. The mother performs salah but the son is a be-namazi. Think if a bottle of alcohol is found near the same son, how would the parents feel? This is because this sin is not something common and the sin of abandoning salah has become a tradition.

Salah is the manifestation of eeman

Prophet ﷺ who speaks nothing but the truth said that the one who abandons one asr salah, it is as if all his family and wealth has been destroyed. By missing just one salah, the man goes through such a huge loss and how many of our salahs go wasted and that too without any reason! When there are ten be-namazis and couple of namazis in an office, then where will one find barakat for there will be only loss? From where will one get barakat when there are be-namazis in a house? She performs two or more prayers but the tradition of performing fajr salah has come to an end. She sleeps only by 2 am and even if she performs fajr salah all through out the week, the fajr salah of Sunday will be missed. Is there any part of Islam left even after abandoning salah? Is there any part of eeman left even after abandoning salah? This sin has become a tradition and there is no zikr of this sin and people can’t even digest if they are called towards salah. It has been said by the pious scholars of the past about these be-namazis to keep them locked till they die. When the qibla was changed from Bait-ul-muqaddas to Kaaba, the Jews started the propaganda that which of the prayers of the muslims will be accepted, the one before changing the qibla or the one after changing it when Allah ﷻ replied, “Both the prayers were right and no prayer will be wasted because in both the cases, the hukm of Allah was followed.” Look at the words of the Quran, wama kana Allahu liyudeeAAa eemanakum- And Allah would never make your faith (prayers) to be lost. The prayers are associated with the word eeman. Here eemankum means your prayers.

Salah is not excused for anyone in any state

Eeman is the state of the heart and salah is the apparent face of that eeman. This is why salah is not excused for the rich and the poor, the young and the old, the healthy and the sick, the traveler and the residentiary be they in any state because there is no eeman without salah. Today a muslim thinks he is doing good to the sick when he is not troubled to offer the salah. Our beloved Mother Ayesha (radhiAllahu anha) said that our beloved Prophet’s ﷺ health was very critical and when he ﷺ came out of his ﷺ unconsciousness, he ﷺ asked “Did people offer salah?” He ﷺ was replied, ‘O Prophet of Allah, no, they are waiting for you.” Prophet ﷺ asked for water to perform wudhu and when he ﷺ completed wudhu, he ﷺ became unconscious again. He ﷺ got the consciousness again and asked, “Did people offer salah?” He ﷺ was replied again, ‘O Prophet of Allah, no, they are waiting for you.” He ﷺ asked for water again, performed wudhu and became unconscious again. This was repeated again and this happened three times and every time, he ﷺ somehow wanted to reach masjid and he ﷺ was worried about salah.

The Sahabahs (radhilalahu anhum) used to say, “If there was anyone among us who could be brought by two persons to the masjid, he would be brought and made to stand in the saff.” The two persons who didn’t come to the masjid were one whose nifaq was very open and the other who was helpless to reach the masjid. Without salah, how can there be Islam. That is why the prayer was shortened to two units in safar (journey) and if sick, one is permitted to offer salah sitting and if it is possible to offer salah only by gesture, he is allowed to do so for he can be identified as a man of eeman but he is never excused to leave the salah. If a muslim is sitting in a market where there are Christians, hindus and other religious people and when the call for prayer is heard and if he shows the same attitude like that of the hindu without responding, he is behaving just like them. Similarly, in hospital when every one is lying there be it a hindu, a Christian or a muslim and if the muslim does the same like hindus or Christians hearing the azan, he is behaving like them. This should never be the case of a muslim for he should offer the salah even be it by the gesture. If he cannot use water, he should do tayammum and offer the salah and thus manifest himself as a muslim. Salah distinguishes one from being a muslim or a kafir and so be it school or college or university, where he teach or he is taught, he should offer the salah on hearing the azan.

Salah surpasses all the duties of Islam, even the Jihad

A muslim can do any great service of Islam, he is still not excused from the salah for salah surpasses them all. Is there any great service than Jihad? The Quran is asking the mujahid in the field of Jihad not to abandon the salah. Let one party of them stand up [in Salat (prayer)] with you taking their arms with them; when they finish their prostrations, let them take their positions in the rear and let the other party come up which have not yet prayed, and let them pray with you taking all the precautions and bearing arms (Al-Quran). Salah is never allowed to be abandoned because without salah, there is no other work in deen. Without salah, there is no service of deen or service of humanity. Here in the battle field, not just the salah is offered but it is offered in a congregation. Look at our condition today how far it is from what the Quran taught us and from what our beloved Prophet ﷺ taught about its azmat. We prepared the destruction for ourselves. If inside our houses and markets, there are only few who offer salah, won’t there be any adversity? If in a big city, there are only few namazis, won’t Allah ﷻ hold us with the punishment?

The evil consequence of committing sins openly

When the sin is committed in secret, then one gets slap too in secret and when the sins are committed openly, then the punishment of Allah ﷻ too comes very open to everyone. Today the be-namazi is proclaiming his sins openly and the woman is proclaiming her sin openly by not adopting purdah. Prophet ﷺ said that all sins of his ﷺ ummat will be forgiven but the one who commits sins openly will not be forgiven. Today there is no regard and respect for Allah ﷻ and the hayaa has left completely. How big the institutes are but the namazis cannot be seen. The offices are filled with be-namazis; the factories are filled with be-namazis. There is no difference between rich and poor when it comes to the sin of leaving salah and be-namazis are seen everywhere and so the adversity is seen in the entire atmosphere.

The azmat of salah

The salah has its azmat. Qad aflahal muminoon, alladhina hum fi salaatihim khashioon- Successful indeed are the believers, those that offer their Salah with all earnestness and full obedience. Alif-lam-meem. Dhalika alkitabu la rayba feehi hudan lilmuttaqeena. Allatheena yuminoona bialghaybi wayuqeemoona alssalata- Alif-lam-meem. This is the Book (the Qur’an), whereof there is no doubt, a guidance to those who are Al-Muttaqun [the pious believers of Islamic Monotheism who fear Allah much]. Who believe in the Ghaib and perform As-Salat (Iqamat-as-Salat). We see here the salah comes after eeman and the successful are the ones who preserve their salah. Our pious predecessors compete in offering salah in the first saff and the greatest man of this ummah Hazrat Abu Bakar Siddique  used to pray as if the stick is pegged in the ground. The greatest people of this ummah, Abu Bakar, Umar, Uthman and Ali (RadhiAllahu anhum) used to be seen in the first saff. They too used to do trade and cultivate the land but Allah ﷻ praises them as Rijalun la tulheehim tijaratun wala bayAAun AAan dhikri Allahi waiqami alssalati – Men whom neither trade nor sale (business) diverts from the Remembrance of Allah (with heart and tongue), nor from performing As-Salat (Iqamat-as-Salat.

Realize the severity of this sin and check your mind-set

You employ a be-namazi but not a drunkard because you don’t see him as evil as you see the drunkard. You will say that you don’t get namazis these days. So if you see only drunkards, will you start employing them? None employs a drunkard. If you find someone unchaste, will you employ him? Let one realize the severity of this sin that leaving salah is worst than consuming alcohol. Then will one dare to tolerate a be-namazi? No, but he will be asked to offer salah. Think of this mind-set: The shop can be shut but a be-namazi cannot be tolerated. We cannot tolerate the adversity from you. The adversity of a be-namazi reaches forty houses and here is a be-namazi right inside my office? A be-namazi inside my shop! A be-namazi inside my factory! Why should I employ a driver who eats my food and disobeys Allah ﷻ? I cannot feed such a man. I can employ a namazi even if I have to pay him more but I cannot employ a be-namazi. If we got this sort of mind-set, then see how it would become a tradition to offer salah.

How to change our state?

Today’s problem is even the namazi do not have the azmat for salah and that is why many be-namazis wander right before his eyes. Tomorrow in the Qayamat, the loins of one will become firm like wood and people will recognize him that he is a man who didn’t bow down before Allah ﷻ in the dunya and he was a be-namazi. It will be written on his fore-head that he is a be-namazi. I am telling the truth that right here the state of be-namazi is seen for Allah ﷻ snatches away the noor from his face. The namazi can have thousands of faults in him but today in times of adversity where people’s wealth and life are being played, the namazi will have some khauf (fear) of Allah ﷻ in him. Unless we get this feeling that everyone around us should become namazi and unless this present state changes in our offices or factories or institutes, our condition will not change. We should definitely do something. Hazrat Anas bin Malik  used to say, “Nothing will set right the last rank of this ummah but what set right the first rank of this ummah.” Next to eeman the first thing comes is the salah through which the human gets tarbiyat (training). Salah is the first obligation after eeman. Allah ﷻ has commanded more than seventy places in Quran just about this one obligation, the salah. Aqeemus Salaath-establish salah has been repeated more than seventy times. It is not commanded as addus salaat- perform salah but to establish salah.

The mufassireen (commentators) has written in explanation to aqeemus salaat that this is to give importance to the aadaab of salah, keeping up its time and also to make such an environment in which a man cannot live without offering salah. If everyone in my house offer tahajjud, then leaving fajr will become difficult for me and if everyone abandons salah altogether, then performing fajr salah will become difficult. If everyone in my office offers salah, then it will be very difficult for me to leave the salah and if everyone is be-namazi in the office, then it will be difficult for me to offer the salah. Same goes inside an airplane when everyone offers salah but we rarely see people offering salah except few as the habit of offering the salah has come to an end. A person will do hajj but he will leave the salah inside the plane and a person will go to do nafl umrah but he will leave out the farz of offering salah. Seventy nafl acts cannot compensate a single farz act. The recognition has come to an end that leaving salah is a major sin and how Allah ﷻ is getting angry at this.

Create the atmosphere to offer salah

Oh honorable ones! First you have to give importance to salah in your life and make your salah excel and second, you have to create an environment of offering salah around you and every week you should be determined to make someone to perform salah. This can be done by both men and women. Start inviting people towards salah. Some say we perform salah but only four. Prophet ﷺ said that the fajr salah is heavy for the munafiq. It is not heavy for a muslim. If one wants fajr salah then one should make true tawbah for his nifaq. The sins have its adversities. When a small splinter of wood falls on someone, he can easily get up pushing that away and when a buffalo falls on him, how difficult it would be to get up? When the sin is small, it will be easy to get up but when the sin is like a mountain upon us, then it will be very difficult to get up. So we should get this thought that there should be no be-namazi and there should be no be-namazi in my house from today onwards.

Stop the evils as the punishment seizes both namazis and be-namazis

Our beloved Prophet ﷺ when it comes to the tarbiyat of children asked us to make them habitual to offer salah within eight years old and make it strict when they reach ten years old. Why are we instructed like this? Because let Allah ﷻ forbid when the child becomes an adult, he doesn’t leave any salah and he break his relation with Islam. Create the azmat of salah in the child when it is just ten years old and thus there will be no be-namazi. First create this atmosphere in the house. Second, Allah ﷻ has given everyone of us some status when we are in offices or factories or anywhere where people listen to us. So have the intention that you have to create namazis in that atmosphere. If someone is drinking alcohol sitting near you and if someone is falling in the fire close to you, won’t you save him based on humanity? Quran, the truthful Book from Allah ﷻ is saying about those who abandon the salah that they are going deep into the hell fire and he is going right before your eyes, is it not a humanity to make him perform salah? How big is this sympathy towards him! We should look around ourselves and see where we will be heard. We should turn them also towards salah. Prophet ﷺ said if any of you see munkar (evil) (and the biggest munkar after kufr and shirk is leaving salah), stop it with your hands where your order or command works be it your office or your home that you cannot tolerate your employee to be a be-namazi. Now people say each goes to his qabr with his own deeds and so why to compel others. If this is so, let us have some drunkards in our homes for each one carry their own deeds to their qabr and why should it bother us. We don’t think like this when it comes to drinking alcohol when leaving salah is worst than that.

Have three to four drunkards in your office for they have to go to their qabr and you to your qabr. Here you will say the atmosphere of office will be ruined if you allow them to drink. So the atmosphere of office won’t be ruined if salah is abandoned? This is because its adversity cannot be seen by you. So Prophet ﷺ said to stop the evil with your hands and if you cannot, stop it with your tongue. When you see the fire erupting and if you cannot extinguish it, won’t you shout for help, “O people, for Allah’s sake come and extinguish this fire for I cannot do it myself throwing water.” If one cannot stop even by his tongue and he is helpless, then one should think in his heart how to make him a namazi and what tactic he should adopt? If he could at least do this, then think that, there is some eeman left in him. On the other hand, if be-namazis are growing right in his house, in his office, in front of his eyes then even though he himself might be a namazi, a Haji, he will equally taste the punishment that will descend on others. Whatever lanat of Allah ﷻ showers there, he will be equally afflicted.

Offer the salah in congregation

So first we have to offer salahs knowing its importance and establish it. Prophet ﷺ didn’t just bring in salah for this ummah but he ﷺ brought salah in congregation for men. A sahabi  came to the Prophet ﷺ and said there is none to take him to masjid and he asked if he is permitted to offer salah in his house. Prophet ﷺ gave the permission but then called him again and asked, “Do you hear the azan?” The sahabi  replied in affirmative. Prophet ﷺ then replied, “You have to offer salah in masjid and there is no excuse.” The salahs of men used to be in masajid and that of women used to be in their homes for they get more ajr performing in their homes. When men offer salah in the masajid, it has its own barkat. It is narrated in a hadith that there are some blessed people in masjid because of whom others too get blessed when they join them in congregation. The men are thus commanded to offer salah in masajid with jamah. Once when Prophet ﷺ was explaining about the importance of salah in jamah, he ﷺ said, “I wish I gather wood and burn the houses where men pray abandoning jamah in masajid.” How stern are his ﷺ words! This is because the muslims pride is manifested in salah in congregation and salah in congregation is the manifestation of muslims assembly. Allah’s ﷻ mercy is turned towards such an environment.

The worst state of this ummah

The masajid used to be filled with muslims. Now the courts are filled, the jails are filled, the hospitals are filled and only the house of Allah ﷻ is empty. This is what will happen when Allah’s ﷻ house goes empty, the hospitals, the courts and the jails will be filled. In these places, the people are present more than expected and in house of Allah ﷻ, the people are far less than expected. How big are the houses and we are seeing only two rows in masjid. How big are the markets and there are very few rows. If at least 60% of Muslims become namazis, we will see the change in our state and Allah’s ﷻ mercy will turn towards us but unfortunately not even 5% are namazis. Today Muslim parents are not worried if they do not find any place for children to offer salah in schools and colleges. What happened to them? They just don’t have any value for this. If in same schools and colleges, if alcohol is offered in canteens, how will they take this issue? If the parents had azmat for salah, they would have gathered together and pressurized the administration who will be compelled to build masjid inside the school or college. They would be compelled to allot time for salah because those are the muslim children whose parents are muslims, the country is a Muslim country and the institute is a muslim institute.

As there is no azmat left, the irreligious people and be-namazis are over powering. If one student gets up for salah, the teacher makes him sit that it is the time for lesson. If one doctor gets up for salah, he is told that this is also the service of mankind and so let him stay back. Without salah, there is no service of humanity. The greatest obligation after eeman is salah. That is why the greatest man of this universe, Prophet ﷺ when leaving this world reminded us of rights of Allah ﷻ and rights of creation and he placed the rights of Allah ﷻ before the rights of the creation and he ﷺ repeated as-salah, as-salah, as-salah’ wamaa malakat aymaanukum-And what your right-hand possesses and thus in few words huqooq-ul-Allah (the rights of Allah) and huqooq-ul-ibaad (the rights of the slaves or creations) came in. Our beloved mother Ayesha (RadhiAllahu anha) says that our beloved Prophet ﷺ was moving his lips in his ﷺ death bed when there was no voice coming out and she moved close to him ﷺ to hear what he ﷺ says and she heard, ‘as-salah, as-salah, as-salah’ wamaa malakat aymaanukum . Among the huqooq-ul-Allah, the greatest right is salah and our beloved Prophet ﷺ mentioned it first.

The tarbiyat of a Muslim depends on his salah

As there is no azmat for salah today, the be-namazi doesn’t feel ashamed to leave the salah. He doesn’t even get the thought that he is abandoning salah being amidst the muslims because this sin has become common. So honorable ones, we should not just perform salah but we should invite others also and make it a tradition to offer the salah and you should excel in your own salah with jamat. The women should pray inside their houses immediately after hearing the azan and this is their way of giving importance to the salah. The greater is one’s salah, the greater is the tarbiyat of a muslim in accordance to Islam. The salah show its effect on the akhlaq of a muslim, his thought and concern and on every single thing of his life. innas salata tanha anilfahshaee wal munkar- Surely the Prayer, keep you save from all kinds of evil deeds. Every salah has its own color and weight. The more one puts efforts in his salah, the heavier his salah becomes. The weight of the salah depends on his love for Allah ﷻ, his contact with Allah ﷻ and his concentration in the salah. The two units of salah of whole of the ummah cannot match the two unit of salah of our beloved Prophet ﷺ in weight. There is no limit in excelling oneself in salah. One can make it excellent as much as one wants.

Don’t ever give up salah

How many amulets have muslims come with and people don’t give up trying any of them. Prophet ﷺ said,”Whenever you fall into a tribulation, pray two units of salah.” Keep knocking the door of Allah ﷻ and become a beggar at His ﷻ door. Definitely the door will open. Don’t ever leave the salah. Hazrat Anas  lived long among all the sahabahs (RadhiAllahu anhum) and once there was utter darkness. People asked him if they ever met such a condition during the times of Prophet ﷺ. Hazrat Anas  replied, “If the wind blew little violent, Prophet ﷺ and the muslims used to rush to Masjid to perform salah.” When there was a solar eclipse or a lunar eclipse, they use to turn to the salah immediately. Even if they get little distressed, they will perform salah. When the child cries, it is very confident about its scream that now the mother will turn her attention towards him. This is how the muslims used to have hope, confidence and trust in salah that definitely now the mercy of Allah ﷻ will turn towards them. Just like a fish feels comfortable inside the water, the muslim used to feel peace and tranquility in his salah and all the worries used to leave him. They get confidence that now they got the contact of Allah ﷻ. This was the status of salah in the life of a muslim. They used to ask every single thing to his Allah ﷻ through salah.

Come to the saff of friends of Allah

Leaving salah is the aspect of a mushrik and when a be-namazi gets that aspect, what will he get from Allah ﷻ when he is doing the job of His ﷻ enemy and then seeks the help from Allah ﷻ? He wants his condition to be changed through Allah ﷻ and he wants his need to be filled through Allah ﷻ all by doing the work of His ﷻ enemy. This is like you stand in the saff of the army of your country’s enemy and you ask your country’s help. What will happen? Have some aql and come out of enemy’s army and join the friends and then you will be helped. If you want your needs to be fulfilled and want your problems to be solved by Allah ﷻ, then come to the saff of His ﷻ friends. It is the enemies of Allah ﷻ who abandon salah and it is the habit of His ﷻ enemies. Only mushrik leaves the salah while for a believer, salah is the weapon and he never leaves the salah in his life. That is why when a muslim who establishes salah all through out his life falls unconscious for few days and then dies, it is incumbent upon his close associates to write the will to pay the compensation for very single prayer he missed.

Make up the missed salahs and make a strong resolution

As far as those who didn’t perform salah in the past and by Allah’s ﷻ hidayat became namazi, they should count their salahs they missed be it for 2 years or five years or as many years they missed and make them up like praying a missed salah after every farz salah one time or two times or as many times as he could and in this way in few years he can make up all his missed salahs. Oh honorable ones, once you have concern for this, things will become easy for you. Just do the qaza for farz and wajib salahs. If you have sincerely repented and started the qaza, then inshaaAllah, Allah ﷻ will forgive this grave sin. Yes if you have left the salah out of laziness all these years and if you truly repent and start offering qaza salahs and start performing your salah with new aspiration, Allah ﷻ will then forgive this transgression. In fact Allah ﷻ is saying, Fawaylun lilmusalleen. Allatheena hum AAan salatihim sahoon – So woe unto those performers of Salat. Those who delay their Salat (prayer from their stated fixed times).

Even those who pray salah will face ruin if they are heedless in their salahs like they pray when they get time and leave out when they do not get time. They give up salah for simple reasons. She leaves salah if she goes to market. So do tawbah before Allah ﷻ for leaving the salah and also make tawbah for the sin that you left people as be-namazis be it in your home or in your office to wander freely before you. So make a strong resolution that from today onwards you will never leave anyone to leave the salah as far as possible where your action and words will work. Give more importance to this dawah and inshaaAllah, Allah’s ﷻ mercy will turn towards us and He ﷻ will change our condition. If this act gets life inside our markets, houses and offices, inshaaAllah there will be peace everywhere. There will be chador of Allah’s ﷻ mercy spread everywhere. Today because of leaving salah and because of abandoning purdah, there is adversity everywhere and there is effect of Allah’s ﷻ curse everywhere. Because of this the peace and tranquility has been lifted, the love and affection has come to an end and there is no trace of humanity. If this command of Allah ﷻ is brought into light in markets, schools, colleges, factories, offices and houses, then Allah’s ﷻ mercy will turn towards us. Ya Allah ﷻ grant me and all of us tawfeeq to act on what we preach and hear. All praise and thanks to Allah ﷻ. Let Allah ﷻ help us remember Him ﷻ excessively, to show Him ﷻ gratitude and to worship Him ﷻ in the most beautiful manner. Ya Allah ﷻ grant us life of eeman, peace and tranquility. Ya Allah ﷻ grant us Your ﷻ talluq and love and a life pure from sins. Ya Allah ﷻ make us establish prayers and give more importance to that and make us sincerely repent for the sins. Ya Allah ﷻ grant us all the barakat of salah and grant us the life of salah.

Hirs-o-Hawas, the root of all evils

أعوذ بالله من الشيطان الرجيم

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Hirs-o-Hawas, the mother of all diseases

All praise to Allah. Let peace, blessings be on our beloved unlettered Prophet, his family and his noble companions. I seek refuge in Allah from the accursed shaitan and I begin in the name of Allah, the most beneficent, the most merciful.

Alhakumu alttakathur.

Hatta zurtumu almaqabir.

The mutual rivalry (for piling up of worldly things) diverts you.

Until you visit the graves (i.e. till you die).

My dear esteemed, honorable brothers and elders of Islam and the sacred mothers and sisters of the sanctified ummat-e-islam, there are some diseases which give birth to other diseases; there are some sins that give birth to lot of other sins; and there are some mistakes through which a lot of fasad (corruption) spreads. There is one such disease that our beloved Prophet ﷺ pointed out and that is Hirs-o-Hawas (whims and desires). One buzurg said that this is not a disease but ummul-amraaz, the mother of all diseases. A Sahabi  narrated that once Prophet ﷺ was giving a sermon when he preached that, “Save your self from whims and desires for the earlier nations got destroyed because of this disease.” This same Hirs-o-Hawas called them towards Bukhl (niggardliness) and made them misers. This same Hirs-o-Hawas called them towards kata talluq (severing ties) and the family system got destroyed. This same Hirs-o-Hawas called them towards vicious acts and they became filthy. This is such a destructive disease that fasad spreads through out the society and you can see this disease behind every single evil.

Today Hirs-o-Hawas increased in shahawat (love of passion) and the streets became filthy and the educational institutes became filthy. Hir-o-hawas of money and wealth brought haram provision inside the houses; bribery and adulteration became common and there is only corruption everywhere. Hir-o-hawas increased in Jaah (fame), izzat (honor), ohada (official rank or position), mansab (priorate) and the value and dignity of humanity came to an end. Who can be the best doctor of this ummat other than the Prophet of Allah ﷺ? Who can make an accurate prognosis of the diseases other than the Prophet ﷺ? Now he ﷺ is saying to save one self from this disease and that the previous nations got destroyed by this. It is said that the dacoit or the thief robs because of extreme poverty. This is a very foolish thought. The dacoit or the thief doesn’t steal for ghurbat (poverty) but because of the fact that he is deprived of contentment and patience and he is the patient of Hirs-o-Hawas. Did you ever see a dacoit who left robbing after he gathered some one lakh rupees? Did he leave his job thinking “Oh now I have gathered two lakh rupees, so let me leave this job?” Those biggest thieves sitting in the form of corrupt people, are they really poor? They got afflicted with this dangerous disease of Hirs-o-Hawas. That is why our beloved Prophet ﷺ labeled this disease as something very destructive.

The richness of the heart

The Prophet ﷺ said, “Indeed he is successful who got the truth of Islam and got the daily provision through proper means and that Allah ﷻ has granted him the contentment over his daily provision.” He is content that Allah ﷻ has given him so much. Hazrat Abu Dharr  said, “My huzur ﷺ told me something three times. He ﷺ said, ‘Oh Abu Dharr , do you think the one who has money is rich?” I said, “Ya Rasoolullah, yes this is what we think.” He ﷺ then said, “Do you think the one who doesn’t have money is a faqeer (poor)?” I said, “Ya Rasoolullah, yes this is what we think.”” Abu Dharr  says that the Prophet of Allah ﷺ said this to him three times. Prophet ﷺ then said, “O Abu Dharr, the richness is to do with the heart and the poverty is to do with the heart.” Those who are having less money can be rich in the heart and those who have more money can be poor in the heart. The real richness is to do with the contentment of the heart that it got so much. If a faqeer is fortunate to get this contentment, then his life will become more pleasurable than the Kings and very delicious than the life of the Kings. If this wealth of contentment goes away from either the rich or the poor, then he will never be peaceful. The fire of Hirs-o-Hawas will keep burning him from inside.

The fire of Hirs-o-Hawas can be extinguished only with contentment

This is our misunderstanding that the fire of Hirs-o-Hawas will be extinguished when it gets fulfilled when it will only aggravate. This is like saying fire is extinguished by throwing dry grass in it. The fire of Hirs-o-Hawas will be extinguished only by contentment. So Prophet ﷺ said that the previous nations had this disease of Hirs-o-Hawas, which ruined them, made them misers and destroyed their family life. It is because of this Hirs-o-Hawas, today the brother has become a danger for the sister instead of becoming her patron and the elder brother is abandoning his younger brothers. He is selling the liver and kidneys of the patient because of Hirs-o-Hawas. He is feeding others poison to decorate his house and this is Hirs-o-Hawas. The Hirs-o-Hawas didn’t leave any food pure. What a destructive disease! Even the earth is not left with its purity for the man showed his Hirs-o-Hawas on the earth and it got destroyed and the food coming from it is filled just with chemicals and diseases.

Hirs-o-Hawas and the state of this world

The whole world was so set to ablaze with this Hirs-o-Hawas that man finds no protection against it. Let Allah ﷻ forgive us, the schools and colleges where we send our children to build their knowledge are the places where this fire is burnt like how to earn the money, how to acquire the rank and position and how to gather the wealth. Those who are ruining the humans are not the ignorant tribal people residing in some mountains and the ones who are leading in corruption are not from jungles but unfortunately they are from these very same institutes where they obtained all their education. It is not the ignorant who does all these adulterations and in every single place, it is this disease that is shooting up. The biggest doctor of this Ummat Muhammad ﷺ came to eradicate this disease, to kill this disease from the root because if this disease enters the hearts of men, then the whole society will be ruined and the fire of battles and disputes will set ablaze. If you take the history of mankind and look at the wars between the two nations, you will see Hirs-o-Hawas behind them for he needs one more empire and reign, he wants to increase his social prestige and he needs more ministries and he wants his coffers to get filled more. What a destructive disease is this!

Fulfilling the desires is not the objective of this life

Our beloved Prophet ﷺ in defense of this gave contentment to this ummat and he himself ﷺ became a model for this.  Hazrat Jibraeel  came and said, “Ya Rasoolullah, Allah is saying if you like He ﷻ can turn the mountain of Uhad into gold and wherever you want the mountain too could move with you.” If filling the stomach of the ummat was the only job of the Prophet ﷺ, he would have arranged such that not a single Muslim of his ummat would go hungry even for a single day. If filling the stomach and fulfilling the desires and passions are the objectives of this life, and acquiring higher positions and ranks is called the life, then our beloved Prophet ﷺ would have got so much wealth for this ummat from Allah ﷻ that there won’t be any need for anyone to tie the stone on the stomach and there won’t be any starvation.

Arya samaj was one of the biggest Hindu movements and there was a debate between a pious elder and a man of that samaj. First came the food to serve them and the Hindu man really ate well while Hazrat ate a little and rested. Seeing this the Hindu man said to the Hazrat, “You lost the debate. When you can’t compete with me in eating, how you will debate with me on Islam.’ Hazrat replied, “If the competition is on eating, I would have brought an elephant to compete with you .If the excellence is in eating, then I would have brought some animal while the excellence of a man is to be content with food and to seek the pleasure of His Lord.” The man’s personality will get the beauty and elegance when he reins in his desires, have patience and embrace contentment. If you want to have greediness, then have it for righteous deeds. Allah ﷻ asks us to race towards acquiring His ﷻ love, in doing righteous deeds and in achieving jannah for this is the field of race where we have to advance to the front and this is the real competition. So Hazrat said if fulfilling the passions is called the life, then we have so many animals whose life goes around this very objective.

The excellence of man is in attaching to a thing only to the extent of fulfilling his need and to be content and patient and he competes with others only in getting close to Allah ﷻ and in achieving the bliss of the akhirat (the next life). So the beloved Prophet ﷺ diagnosed this disease of Hirs-o-Hawas in the humankind that this will bring only destruction. Those who get interest, they don’t always get it for the greed of money but for the greed of fame to show people he has so many factories and out of fear that what people will think of him if he has one factory less. This is the greediness of fame and he is proclaiming war against Allah ﷻ for this. He is so hunger of love of fame that he is ready for the war with Allah ﷻ but he can’t give up the sin. How many houses are there those that don’t have the chador of hayaa thinking what the society will say? They want the fake honor from the society by living without purdah. This is nothing but the hirs (greediness) of fake honor. This Hirs-o-Hawas has shown strange scenes in this world. The brothers stand in the court as enemies for the land disputes and Hirs-o-Hawas is behind this. The family is breaking because of this Hirs-o-Hawas. How many methods are there in the society today to display this fake honor? So the hirs is not just for wealth but also for fame that people praise him. How many are there to get this fake praise they do things which are out of their capability. So you can guess how destructive this disease is. That is why Allah ﷻ says

Alhakumu alttakathur.

Hatta zurtumu almaqabir.

The mutual rivalry (for piling up of worldly things) diverts you.

Until you visit the graves (i.e. till you die).

Remember death, the destroyer of pleasures

The whole life passes in running behind the fake fame and glory, and the greediness of wealth, honor and passion. Even if a man has a halal wife, the fire of hirs dirtied his youth. She has a halal husband but the fire of hirs destroyed her family. They just lack the contentment. This Hirs-o-Hawas has set fire everywhere and the cure for this disease is contentment. Prophet ﷺ asked us to remember the destroyer of pleasures often and that is the death. The wayfarer who firmly believes that he has to undertake the journey will try his best to keep his load lighter so his journey becomes easy. The more the life is under the control of man, the better will be his journey without much difficulty. And when he is in a place where he doesn’t have to undertake any journey, he spreads his things; he progresses in his business and expands it. That is why Prophet ﷺ asked us to remember death often for this journey of life will end.

We have the next world to fulfill all our desires

This world is not the place to spread but place to gather and this not the place of Hirs-o-Hawas but the place of contentment and patience. Yes there is a place called the next world, where one can fulfill all his desires as he wishes. walakum feehaa maa tashtahee anfusukum -And for you therein whatever you desire. And this cannot happen in this world and you have to roll up your desires here. Stop the desires of your nafs if you want peace and if you want to see islaami, eemani and humanity values inside you or else this Hirs-o-Hawas will not just remove islaami and eemani value but it will remove even the value of humanity from you and the man will become an animal. He will become shameless like an animal and no humanity will be left in him.  How strange is this to take advantage of the disease of the man and to earn the money playing with the patient’s life and to earn money playing with the eeman and deen of people! Can a human do this? This Hirs-o-Hawas won’t leave a human to be a human. So have contentment and what more you need in a journey for you have so much from Allah ﷻ. Believe it when a man gets this wealth of contentment and satisfaction, in spite of being poor he will lead a pleasurable life and this is such a pleasure which cannot be obtained by millions and millions of dollars.

What is falaah?

A pious elder said that a man came to him who had so much of wealth. The Hazrat told him, ‘Stop now’, when the man replied, ‘Hazrat, this greediness of hands doesn’t allow me to stop.’ This Hirs-o-Hawas will take one to the grave and it will never stop. The Muslim’s life will be beautified only when he gets rid of this mother of all diseases. A pious elder said that falaah (welfare) is that when a slave asks ten things to Allah ﷻ and Allah ﷻ grants him all, and a slave seeks refuge in Allah ﷻ from all the adversities and Allah  ﷻ grants him the refuge. This is falaah. ulaaika humul muflihoon-Those are the successful. Qad aflahal muminoon- Successful indeed are the believers. Allah ﷻ is saying: Wa maeinyooqa shuhha nafsihee fa ulaaika humul muflihoon- and whosoever is saved from his own greed and miserliness, such are the successful. This falaah is not that he asks anything in this world and he gets it but it is intended to say that Allah ﷻ will grant him the falaah of akhirat where he will get all ten things if he asks for that and Allah ﷻ will protect him from every single difficulty but yes right in this world he will get to taste the glimpse of falaah of akhirat in the form of satisfaction, contentment in his heart and barkat in his life. This will be achieved by the one who saves himself from this destructive disease.

Hirs for righteous deeds

Whatever Allah ﷻ has given, be it in the form of wealth, fame or honor, a man of contentment thinks Allah ﷻ has given him so much. There is no place for Hirs-o-Hawas in these things for its place is different and it is there we have to advance. Once with a strong yearning, Hazrat Umar  said, ‘This siddique advances me to a greater extent in the field of righteous deeds and he doesn’t give me a chance to compete with him.’ And this is Umar  whose greatness is known. One night our beloved Prophet ﷺ was with his wife Ayesha (Radhiyallahu anha) and the sky was clear with innumerable stars. Watching this, the beloved mother Ayesha (Radhiyallahu anha) asked Prophet ﷺ, ‘Ya Rasoolullah, is there anyone in your ummat who has so much of righteous deeds that would surpass these number of stars?” Prophet ﷺ replied, “Yes O Ayesha, Umar  has his righteous deeds greater than these numbers of stars.” Hearing this, the beloved mother Ayesha (Radhiyallahu anha) became silent. Our beloved Prophet understood her silence and said, ‘O Ayesha I know why you became silent for you thought that I would mention your father’s name (Abu Bakar Siddique ).’ Ayesha (Radhiyallahu anha) affirmed this. Prophet ﷺ said, ‘O Ayesha, Umar’s righteous deeds of his whole life is equal to righteous deeds of one night of your father when he spent his night with me in the cave.’ That is why Umar  used to tell Abu Bakar Siddique , ‘Oh Abu Bakar, take all my deeds and give me the deed of your hijrat which you did with the Prophet ﷺ.’ They had strange yearning, greediness, desire and interest for righteous deeds. There came a chance of competition through the battle of Tabuk and Umar  was very happy in competing with Abu Bakar  thinking that today he will win the race and beat Siddique . maashaaAllah what a passion we see and as far as those who care for the akhirat, this is how they will show the passion and now when my objective is to do with this dunya, then I will compete only for the worldly things. People are fighting for cars, houses and lands. For few rupees, they are talking the lives of humans and what sort of animals and cruel men they are. A man is killed just for a mobile. What rapaciousness!

Umar  too had the passion and he gathered half of his belongings and presented before the Prophet ﷺ and Siddique  too came there with his belongings.  Now Prophet ﷺ asked, ‘Umar, what did you bring?’ Umar  replied, ‘Ya Rasoolullah I brought half of my belongings.’ He ﷺ then asked Siddique , ‘Oh Siddique what did you bring?’ And Siddique  replied, ‘Ya Rasoolullah, I brought all my belongings.’ Umar  then said, ‘I can never beat this guy.’ There came some sahabahs who brought more to present it to the Prophet ﷺ when he ﷺ refused taking them all fearing they can’t face the hardship later but Prophet ﷺ took everything from Abu Bakar Siddique  because he ﷺ knew that he  had a strong contact with Allah ﷻ and has so much of contentment and patience. So Hirs-o-Hawas is for this field of righteous deeds and when they have hirs in this field, they won’t have hatred but only love. When people have hirs for dunya, then there will only thorns of hatred. When one gets hirs for wealth, fame, rank, priorate, then fights, disputes arises and the nations break apart. When there is passion for righteousness, then we get the flowers of love blossoming.

Competing for akhirat brings in love and competing for dunya brings in hatred

Take any house where women are competing for righteousness, you will see the garden of love and when you see the competition in fashion, there will be only fights and you can see this amusement in the houses today. When you see the place which has only worldly talks, you will see only fights and when you see the place where they compete for akhirat, you will see the love of flowers blossoming. You can take those houses where brothers compete with each other for akhirat, you will see they will have love for each other and when they compete for world, you will never see the love in them. The nation which has passion for righteousness will be united and when they have passion for dunya, they will have hatred. There was Bilal , Shuaib , Sulaiman  and all from different tribes and nationality and of different colors but they were advancing each other in righteousness so it was felt as if they were all the children of one mother. Today we have the hirs for dunya and children of one mother are not united. Even the husband and the wife who lived together for fifty years for dunya won’t look united because of having Hirs-o-Hawas but if they were competing for righteousness, you will see the love in them. We get the complaints that there is no peace in the house, the brother fights, the father fights and the mother is always in tension. But this will be the state when there is concern only for dunya. Every assembly of the family reflects competition in fashion, in doing make ups, in dressing and in jewellery. Inna lillahi wa inna ilaihi raajioon.

These were not the examples of Muslims life and this was not the style of a Muslim. The Muslims used to remember and talk about righteousness in every sitting and gathering learning from each other and they used to compete like if she can recite this much of Quran, then I will recite more than her, if she embraces Taqwa to this level, then I can achieve Taqwa higher than her and this is how they used to have Hirs-o-Hawas. The time when people started having Hirs-o-Hawas for the dunya, there was only corruption. Muhaajir Imdaadullah Makki (rahimahullah) used to say, ‘When two things enter, there will be only fasad (corruption) and those are Takabbur (pride, arrogance) and Hirs.’ Let it enter houses, jamaat, or anything, it will only bring fasad. In fact the base of Takabbur is Hirs. The Takabbur makes one to feel exalted above others that people should accept him and he has the attitude ‘I’ ‘I’ ‘I’ and this is from the hirs of fame. The hearts will break when Hirs and Takabbur is present. In contrary to this, when there is eesaar (wishing good for others and giving priority to others while suppressing one’s own desires) and humbleness, the hearts will unite. Eesaar and humbleness comes from contentment and the man of humility won’t desire for fame.

So honorable ones, one should seek refuge from this destructive disease and one should develop the quality of contentment within one self and an easy way to obtain this contentment is to remember death and to remember about the life after death. Now people get depressed when they hear the word death but brothers and sisters our beloved Prophet ﷺ was the doctor and he ﷺ was aware of this disease and that is why he gave this tip to remember death often which is the destroyer of all pleasures. Remember those who pass away suddenly and think that you too can pass away like this. We will then inshaaAllah get the contentment when we remember like this. If you go behind fulfilling this Hirs-o-Hawas, its fire will only aggravate. You should control this and you should end this by remembering death like how many days you will be alive and how long you will lead a wishful life. What is the use of that izzat (honor) after which you will have zillat (humiliation)? What is the use of all those ranks and positions after which you will have deprivation? The real taste and pleasure is in that rank which is eternal and which will be obtained after death. So Have the hirs for that eternal bliss and worry about achieving that.


Let Allah ﷻ save me and you from this destructive disease of Hirs-o-Hawas and grant us the wealth of contentment. wa aakhirud daawaana alhamdulillahi rabbil aalameen. All praise to Allah ﷻ. Let peace, blessings be on our beloved unlettered Prophet, his family and his noble companions. All praises and thanks are to Allah ﷻ and glory is to Him ﷻ. Let Allah ﷻ make us remember Him ﷻ excessively, to show Him ﷻ gratitude and to worship Him ﷻ in the most beautiful manner. Let Allah ﷻ grant us tawfeeq to act on what we hear and preach. Let Allah ﷻ grant us life of eeman, peace and tranquility. Let Allah ﷻ grant us His ﷻ talluq and love and a life pure from sins and grant us hatred and despise for the sins. Let Allah ﷻ grant us a death of eeman. Let Allah ﷻ protect us and our houses from all sort of shameful acts and protect our children. Let Allah ﷻ make our children obedient to Him ﷻ and to their parents. Let Allah ﷻ protect us from all sort of fitna and disobedience of children. Let Allah ﷻ protect us from every single destructive disease and protect us from the life of hospitals and protect us from dangers of heavens and the earth. Let Allah ﷻ grant us all halal provision by His ﷻ mercy and save us from haram provision. Let Allah ﷻ grant us the wealth of contentment and a grateful life and protect us from the destructive disease of Hirs-o-Hawas and grant us the remembrance of death for every single time of our life and grant us the real concern for the akhirat.

Let Allah ﷻ save us from going astray after granting us guidance. Let Allah ﷻ save us from humiliation after honoring us and save us from worries after granting us peace. Let Allah ﷻ save us from going empty handed after spreading hands before Him ﷻ. Let Allah ﷻ by His ﷻ immense mercy and grace, make us faqeer only at His ﷻ door and protect us from becoming dependents of His ﷻ creations and protect us from spreading hands before the creations. Let Allah ﷻ protect our lives, wealth and honor and do not put us in the hands of oppressors, evil ones and irreligious ones. Let Allah  ﷻ grant us all His ﷻ shade of victory and mercy. Let Allah ﷻ guide all the Muslims and make the guidance common among the people. Let Allah ﷻ protect our nation and grant it istekhaam (stability) to it and make it a place of peace. Let Allah ﷻ protect the Muslims from the evils of those who cause fitna among Muslims and those who spread filth among the Muslims. Let Allah ﷻ grant all the good health and cure the diseases of those who are sick. Rabbana taqabbal minna innaka antas samee ul aleem wa tub alayna innaka antat tawwabur raheem. O our Lord ! accept (this service) from us,verily You and You (alone) are the Hearer,the Knower,surely You are the receiver of repentance,the Merciful. Let peace, blessings be on our beloved Prophet, his family and his noble companions. Amin amin thumma amin

Basirat, the most essential in the times of Dajjal

أعوذ بالله من الشيطان الرجيم

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Basaarat and Basirat

My dear esteemed, honorable brothers and elders of Islam and the mothers and sisters of the sanctified ummat-e-islam, eyes are one of the greatest blessings of Allah ﷻ and Allah ﷻ grants this ni’mat (blessing) to both His ﷻ friends and His ﷻ enemies. He grants the light and glare of the eyes to both His ﷻ slaves who obey and worship Him ﷻ and to those who disobey Him ﷻ. The light of the eyesight is called the Basaarat and the light of the heart or the inner eye sight is called the Basirat. While Allah ﷻ grants Basaarat to both His ﷻ friends and His ﷻ enemies, this Basirat is granted only to His ﷻ friends. We do appreciate the eyes when we find the path full of danger. If not for eyes, how many would have fallen into the pit and how many would have stumbled and the one who has been blessed with the eyesight reach his destination for the dangers become more aware to him. 

Basirat is the protection against the Dajjaliat

When one gets in the time of fitna, the light of the heart will become very helpful. Dajjaliat is the time of fitna when the truth is different from what it appears to be. During the times of Dajjaliat, it is the Basirat that will help us and not the Basaarat. So if one wants to save from Dajjal and Dajjaliat, then sharpen the light of the inner eye sight and increase the Basirat. Just like one gets aware of the dangers through his eyes, through Basirat one gets aware of fitna. Let the fitna come in any form or appearance, let it come wearing any form of dress, the one granted with Basirat will recognize it behind thousands of veils and this indeed is a great blessing. Dajjaliat is certainly the time of deception. Our beloved Prophet ﷺ said, “A time will come when there will be only deceptions.” In these times, a truthful will be thought as a liar and the liar will be thought as a truthful. The trustworthy will be thought to be a khaain (the one who breaches the trust) and the khaain will be thought as a trustworthy. This is how the time of deception will be and in these times, it is the light of the inner eyesight that will be more essential and not the external eyes. So increase this light of the heart, the Basirat.

Basirat is achieved only by Taqwa

Our beloved Prophet ﷺ said, “Save from the firasat (acumen, acuteness) of mu’min for he sees through the noor (light) of Allah.” The mu’min has the noor of Allah ﷻ  and he sees through it. So my honorable ones, in these times of fitna and darkness when we see more dangers in the path and just darkness surrounding us and when the robber acts like a guide, the tacticians and the evil people wear the dress of well wishers, when the enemies show themselves to be our own, then Basirat is very helpful. The Basirat do not increase with righteous deeds but is achieved by Taqwa (abstaining from sins). So a man establishing salah for forty years need not have Basirat. One can do tasbihaat and nafil acts but he may not possess Basirat for Basirat is obtained by leading a sinless life. Allah ﷻ, the most truthful promises to grant Basirat to the one leading the life of Taqwa and this promise is not granted for mere ibaadat and righteous deeds.

in tattaqoo Allaha yajAAal lakum furqanan” – If you obey and fear Allah, He will grant you Furqan [(a criterion to judge between right and wrong). Yes if you save yourself from the sins, then you will be given the light of the heart.  It is the Ahl-e-taqwa, the people of Taqwa who will have this Basirat. If a man worships Allah ﷻ for fifty years and if he doesn’t save himself from sins, there is a danger that he might fall into the pit for he lacks Basirat. He might stand under the flag of someone gone astray, he might hear the words of be-deeni (irreligious) and go astray and so severe is the danger present. If we possess the Taqwa, then we will easily recognize the bedeeni even if he comes behind thousands of veils. It is today that we are in most need of the Basirat. When we say Dajjal is coming and we should prepare for him, then this is the preparation that is to increase the light of the heart.

Basirat is destroyed by the haram eye sight and the haram provision

We are in the time of Dajjal, the time of deceit and lies and we are deprived of Basirat when it is most needed today. As we are deprived of Basirat, every decision of our life goes wrong. The decision do not turn up right when it is taken immersed in the fitna. If one wants to sharpen the light of the Basirat, then ulema of the past have written that one should save his eyes from the haram and one should save himself from the haram provision. When this is taken care, then Allah ﷻ will sharpen his Basirat and will put khair in his every single decision and advice. The Basirat just gets destroyed by haram eyesight and haram provision. Allah ﷻ in times brings in the punishment in the similar face of committing that sin. . If one misuses the eye sight, then Allah ﷻ will take his inner eye sight. Today it is very hard to see Basirat and that is because the things to dirty these eyes is spread everywhere. It is really worrying and in fact amazing to see muslims taking wrong decision because of lack of this Basirat, like how they take decision when it comes to the taleem (education) of children, while bringing in daughter in law to their homes; it is really worrying and amazing to see how muslims have brought destruction to their houses with the way they think and with the things they are concerned about.

Allah ﷻ has snatched the Basirat because of the sins and so his thinking has all gone wrong. In fact, some times, the man becomes so deprived of this Basirat that I swear on Allah ﷻ that he gets inclined towards gumraahi (aberrant ways) willingly and he doesn’t get any sort of desire towards righteousness. He likes the views of irreligious and the people who have gone astray and he runs miles away from the right and the truthful views. When the eyes become dirty by haram means, then the heart become dirty to the worst level. If one protects the eyes from haram for just forty days then, he will see for sure the light in his thinking and Allah ﷻ will grant him Basirat. Some poor youths come to me stung by the surrounding with misleading thoughts and they ask weird questions. I first give them the answer for their questions and then I ask them to save their eyes for Allah’s ﷻ sake and then come for they will understand what I say. Lead a life free from sins for few days, then inshaaAllah your heart will lean by itself towards good but if you have grown the sins and if you got have the stains of sins, then your heart will never desire for good. wain yaraw sabeela alrrushdi la yattakhithoohu sabeelan wain yaraw sabeela alghayyi yattakhithoohu sabeelan – And if they see the way of righteousness (monotheism, piety, and good deeds), they will not adopt it as the Way, but if they see the way of error (polytheism, crimes and evil deeds), they will adopt that way. One will be deprived of Basirat by one single misuse of the gaze. The decision of the youth has gone wrong because of the wrong Basarat and worst is that he has got the attraction towards the unchaste, vicious ones while no attraction towards the righteous.

The prophecy of beloved Prophet of our dangerous state

Rasoolullah ﷺ said, “What will happen to you during the time when your youths will become unchaste and your women and daughters will surpass all the limits?”  Allahu Akbar. The beloved Prophet ﷺ says only that which is revealed to him by Allah ﷻ and Allah’s ﷻ knowledge is very vast. It looks like that the beloved Prophet ﷺ saw today’s time through his ﷺ eyes of Prophecy. Fortunate are those young ones whose youth is protected. Fortunate are those parents whose daughters are pure and chaste and who are veiled. When those pure souls of pure environment whose hearts are strong and definite with righteousness heard this from the truthful tongue of nabi ﷺ, they got astonished and asked Prophet ﷺ, “Can this even happen?” Prophet ﷺ replied, “Yes and the matter will be worst than that.” He ﷺ said, “What will happen to you during the time when you won’t forbid the evil and enjoin the good?” Sahabahs ridhawaanullah ajmaaeen before whom Amr bi’l Mar’ruf wa nahy anil munkar (enjoining good and forbidding evil) fell kneeling and whose day and night passed around with this concern asked, “Will this even happen Ya Rasoolullah?” Prophet ﷺ replied, “Yes and the matter will be worst than that.” Then he ﷺ said, “What will happen to you when you will call towards evil and forbid from good?”

Today we see that those who are calling towards evil are many and there are not many to encourage those who are walking towards the righteousness. There is none to assist one in righteousness but there are many to encourage towards evil. They asked, “Will this even happen Ya Rasoolullah?” Prophet ﷺ replied, “Yes and the matter will be worst than that.” Rasoolullah ﷺ said, “What will happen to you when good will appear as evil to you and evil will appear as good to you?” This happening is so worst that at times, even the tawfiq of repentance will be removed from the man and there is fear of removal of even the eeman. This is because he is in such a condition that if he is stopped from the evil, he gets angry and he fights the one calling him towards haqq and he thinks him as lacking intelligence and he thinks him as a fool and ignorant. This is so because for him, the evil is not evil but only good. So the one who tries to stop him from the evil gets all the taunts of fool and ignorant. Also as he thinks evil to be good, when he commits the evil he thinks it as a progress, an enlightening thought, intelligent, far-sighted, the one who is living according to the times and very educated. Laa hawla walaa quwwata illa billah. This only happens when the evil appears as good and the good appears as evil.

When this happens, oh honorable ones, we will be in so need of Basirat that we will definitely fall into the fitna if we don’t have Basirat. That is why today’s muslim as he doesn’t have Basirat, if he sees the artistic presentation from one angle, his thinking gets changed. He reads a single black column and his thinking gets changed. If he hears the analysis of a bedeeni, his concern gets changed. He doesn’t have any Basirat inside him that he can recognize who is right and who is wrong, who has conscience and who doesn’t have any conscience. There is no rightful thinking. The Muslim is changing his color every day and night in terms of thought and concern. He doesn’t have any maturity in him. All this is because of lacking Basirat without which one is recognized only as an evil, irreligious and an atheist.

The pitiful state of muslims family life

Basirat is a very essential thing without which it will be very difficult to save one’s eeman. All the dangers as said by our beloved Prophet ﷺ as seen through his ﷺ eyes of prophecy are clearly seen today. So it is very essential to have the light of heart in these times of dangers. The sharper the light, the easier will be the destination. Huzur ﷺ said, “A time will come when people will spend and use the bait-ul-maal (public treasury) as their own money, they will place their hands on other’s money, people will consider the zakat as tax; they will learn the deen to just earn the worldly means, men will give loyalty to their wives and ignore the mother, they will consider friends as their well-wishers and they will hate their fathers.”

Today not just the sons give pain to their fathers; even the daughters give pain to their mothers while Allah ﷻ has made a special relation between a mother and a daughter because of their spending time more together. But when the heart becomes dirty of sins and get the stain of immodesty and when the eyes get dirty and when the ears start hearing haram, when the tongues become dirty because of haram love, then the space for the honor of one’s parents gets removed. Jibra’eel came down and asked, “Ya Rasoolullah, when will the Qayamat come?” Rasoolullah replied, “The man who is asked doesn’t know better than the one who asks?” Then Jibra’eel asked, “What are the signs of the Qayamat?” He ﷺ replied, “When the mothers give birth to their masters” The muhadditin has written that that the daughters will command their mothers as the master commands the slave girls. Such will be the disobedient children. They will tear apart the livers of the parents. The sons will consider their friends as their well-wishers and they will hate father like hating the sins.

The spread of music in this ummah

Prophet ﷺ continued, “Music will be heard from every single house.” We see this case even in the house of those who perform salah and those who have performed Hajj. Even the house of Allah ﷻis not protected from this filth. It has become so worst that even from the masajid, we hear the music. Where are the houses of those muslims, where one can hear the recitation of Quran from every house? The muslims of today have so fallen that from every house, one can hear the music. They then expect that they get the atmosphere of love, peace and blessings in their house. When there are camps of shayaateen set in their houses and when the shayaateen get the ghiza (provision) of music, there won’t be any love in the houses but only hatred. There won’t be any blessings but only adversities. The problems won’t get solved but only pop up. The hurdles won’t move away from the houses but only stand erect. The difficulties won’t be solved but only be created. When you provide ghiza for the shayaateen and when the shayaateen are gathered, then how will one have blessings? Muslims have strange thinking that let Allah ﷻ forbid; they say we have bandish (constraint) in the house when they themselves brought the bandish. They themselves stopped the mercy of Allah ﷻ from entering their doors. So Prophet ﷺ said that from every house, the music will be heard.

The trap of the enemies

He then ﷺ said, “The land lord of the qaum (nation) will be a man of obscene character, the leader of the nation will be a man of contemptible nature. These will come throbbing only when people become deprived of Basirat. These kinds of people will dominate only when the people will not have Basirat. Their survival persists in dirtying the Basaarat of the qaum. These sort of people will remain till the qaum won’t have Basirat. That is why they are very keen in dirtying the Basaarat, so the qaum gets deprived of Basirat. They spread such a trap that they are fed with only haram and they are made to see only the haram. Without these traps, they can’t live. These irreligious people’s survival is only in this. Their protection of their own benefits lies in feeding the qawm dirty and to make them see dirty so they get deprived of Basirat and these people survive. If the qaum gets the light of eeman, will they be accepted? Prophet ﷺ then said, “People will eat usury, they will drink liquor, women will imitate men and men will imitate women,” How true is the saying of our beloved Prophet ﷺ! No one would have imagined fifty years before and today all these transgressions are right in the front of our eyes. Is there anything mentioned above not present in our society? Every single thing is present in the society.

The honor of even the righteous won’t be saved

Prophet ﷺ then said, “What will happen during the time when the tongues of the people will become so obscene and their hearts will become so bad that the honor and dignity of Prophets, Sahabahs, awliya of Allah, fuqah, muhadditeen won’t be spared from their filthy tongues.” Even against these great people, they will use the lancet of objection and judgement because their hearts are so bad and so it is obvious that this is what they will get on their tongues. Neither the honor and the dignity of Prophets nor that of sahabahs, awliya of Allah, fuqah, muhadditeen will be saved from their tongues. Their tongues will become very filthy. Prophet ﷺ said, “When all these things are seen in the society then the gazab (anger) of Allah ﷻwill be seen coming from every single direction.” The sky will become angry and will stop raining its mercy, the seas will be upset that even through them the destruction will come; the face of mercy will be changed to the face of anger in the weather and the wind.

The calamities will befall like the beads of the rosary

The wretchedness will be seen everywhere just like when the string of the tasbih (rosary) is cut and the beads fall one after another. The calamities will befall excessively one after another. In such a worst environment, my honorable ones, in addition to the Basarat of the eyes, the Basirat of the heart is very very essential. For the sake of Allah ﷻ, make the young male and female children aware of this. If you don’t give them the environment of Basirat, then the atmosphere in which our children are studying today and the curriculum that they are learning which has only poison oozing out, if you don’t arrange for them the light of heart, then the thought and concern of apostasy will be created in them. There is such a dangerous and poisonous material kept in those books that if there is no Basirat, he will keep swallowing that inside. So it is very essential today than before that the heart gets illuminated and we get the Basirat.

Furqaan, the criterion

Allah ﷻ says, “O you who believe! If you obey and fear Allah, He will grant you furqan.” This furqan is the light of the heart. The qur’an is also called furqan.  Tabaarakalladhi nazzalal furqaan-Blessed is He Who sent down the furqan. One recognizes what is haqq (truth) and what is baatil (evil and false) in Quran and so it is called as furqaan. The day of Badr is also the day of furqan for on that day the truthful one were distinguished from the ones on the falsehood. So is the case of Taqwa, for Allah says one who has Taqwa, Allah ﷻ will grant him furqan. Save yourself from sins my friends and you will get rid of the confusion about whom you should trust and who is speaking the truth. When you have furqan inside, your inner conscience itself will say to you who are on truth. But there is no guarantee for furqaan if your eyes are not saved from shameful things and if you eat the haram provision and if you lead a sinful life. Embrace Taqwa and see how Allah ﷻ will make you recognize the truthful ones. Basirat is guaranteed only for the one who has Taqwa and is obtained only by friends of Allah ﷻ and not by His ﷻ enemies and the disobedient ones, and it is not obtained by mere tasbeehat and nafil acts. The higher the level of Taqwa, higher will be the progress in Basirat. If some sins happen, then don’t lose hope that you will lose the Basirat but repent immediately to Allah so your Taqwa doesn’t fall into danger. It is said that a person who commits sins and seeks forgiveness immediately, his Taqwa too remains safe and sound. One should seek forgiveness immediately. Prophet said, “Allah ﷻ has given two means of peace for my ummat: 1) Till I am alive, Allah ﷻ won’t descend the umoomi (that stretches wide, general) punishment. 2) Until this qawm keeps making istighfar, Allah ﷻ won’t descend the umoomi punishment.”  So when one commits sins, without delaying do the istighfar.

The virtues of Istighfar, forgiveness

There are some istighfars which I wish Allah ﷻ make those regular in our lives. Prophet ﷺ said that there is a istighfar called sayyidul istighfar and if a man recites that in the day time and dies during that day, Allah ﷻ will forgive him and make him enter jannah and if he recites in the evening and dies during the night, Allah ﷻ will forgive him and make him enter jannah. The condition is let the istighfar be the istighfar with sincerity from the heart. Let Allah ﷻ grant us all tawfeeq to remember this and make us to recite it regularly and this is the narration from Sahih Bukhari. Sayyidul istighfar: Allahumma anta rabbee la ilaha illa anta, anta khalaqtanee wa-ana abduka, wa-ana A’la A’hdika wa wa’dika mas-tata’tu, aoodhu bika min sharri ma sana’tu, aboo-u’ laka bini’matika Aalayya, wa-aboo-u’ bidhanbee, faghfir lee fa-innahu la yaghfirudh-dhunooba illa anta. This istighfar has such a virtue that if a man recites with true and sincere intention, it will take him to jannah if he recites it morning and evening. Let Allah ﷻ make us appreciate the importance of this. When this istighfar reached the people of Allah ﷻ, they made the people known to them to memorize this who gave importance to that and they even made it regular to recite it. What a simple way to enter Jannah and to seek forgiveness from Allah! This duaa is found in common duaa books and so let people memorize this.

Preserve the Basirat

Seeking forgiveness immediately will have the benefit in the akhirah and it will protect the Basirat in the dunya. Prophet ﷺ has said that because of the blessings of the istighfar, many difficulties of the world too get solved. Prophet ﷺ said that the one who sticks to seeking forgiveness, Allah ﷻ will bring him out of every single difficulty and grant him salvation from single sorrow and worry and grant him provision in such a way that he wouldn’t even have imagined. Allahu Akbar. What do we need then? Prophet ﷺ said, “Let him be happy and joyous in both the worlds, who made the istighfar as part of his aamal (good deeds).”  So for Allah’s ﷻ sake, if you commit any sin, without any delay repent to Allah ﷻ immediately so you don’t lose the most precious and the most needed wealth of our times, the Basirat for it is the light in the times of fitna. Prophet ﷺ said, “Just like when the night extends, it gets darker and darker, so will be the fitna that will keep increasing. “ Here only Basirat will come to help for through this Allah ﷻ keeps one protected from fitna and his life will be pure and far from fitna. If the life becomes sinful, even the children of noble family become apostates for such is the danger of sins.

All praise to Allah ﷻ, the Lord of the heavens and the earth and let Allah ﷻ send His blessings on His beloved Prophet ﷺ, his family and his honorable companions. All praise and thanks are to Allah ﷻ and glory is to Him ﷻ. Let Allah ﷻ forgive us all. Let Allah ﷻ grant us tawfeeq to act on what we hear, read, write and preach. Let Allah ﷻ make us remember Him ﷻ excessively, to show Him ﷻ gratitude and to worship Him ﷻ in the most beautiful manner. Let Allah ﷻ grant us life of eeman, peace and tranquility. Let Allah ﷻ grant us His ﷻ talluq and love and a life pure from sins. . Let Allah ﷻ save us from shameful acts and purify the houses from filth which entered even the noble houses. Let Allah ﷻ purify our eyes, ears and tongue. Let Allah ﷻ protect us from the haram provision and income and grant us halal provision. Let Allah ﷻ make our children obedient to Him ﷻ and to their parents. Let Allah ﷻ protect us from all sort of fitna and disobedience. Let Allah ﷻ remove the hatred from our houses, our restlessness and our worries by His ﷻ mercy. Let Allah ﷻ grant us tawfeeq to recite Quran in our houses and to purify our houses from music. Let Allah ﷻ grant us the noor of Taqwa. Amin amin thumma amin

Good akhlaq (Good conduct)

أعوذ بالله من الشيطان الرجيم

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Hazrat Abu Hurairah  narrated that once Prophet ﷺ stood amidst the people and said, “Can I tell you who the best among you is?” Everyone was silent and Prophet ﷺ said the same and he ﷺ said it thrice. One person said, “Ya Rasoolullah, definitely tell us, who is the best among us.” Prophet ﷺ replied, “The best among you is the one from whom the people hope and expect khair (good) and feel protected from your evils.”  That is when he is seen, people will feel that this is a good man. Prophet ﷺ then said, “The worst among you is the one from whom the people don’t expect any good and from whose evil, people don’t remain secured.” Some men are beautified with good akhlaq that just by hearing them; people feel that he is such a good person. He might be an officer or an employer or a doctor or he comes to a gathering, there is a feeling that a good man has come and there won’t be any harm from him and there will be only khair. And nature of some men is such that people think by just seeing him that they will face only evil now and there is no expectation of any good from him.

So beloved Prophet ﷺ told about the touch stone of a good man that his akhlaq is so lovely, his talk is so lovely and his character is so good that everyone can expect only good from him and they will be secured from his evils. The worst man is the one from whom no good can be expected and there is no security from his evils. Abdullah ibn mas’ud  narrated that Prophet ﷺ said, “Allah ﷻ has divided the akhlaq between you just like how He ﷻ divided the provision among you.”  Then he ﷺ said that, “Allah ﷻ gives dunya to everyone be it the one whom He ﷻ loves or the one whom He ﷻ doesn’t love.” He ﷻ gives it to His ﷻ own people and to His ﷻ enemies, to the criminals and even to those who revolt. The matter of dunya is all different. He ﷺ said, “But deen is received only by the one whom Allah ﷻ loves. SubhanAllah, Glory be to Allah ﷻ. As far as the one who got the deen, believe it for Allah ﷻ has loved him. This is the most precious treasure from the court of Allah ﷻ and the one who got it, has got the most fortunate thing. He is the most fortunate one, who is very religious. Allah ﷻ loved the one to whom He ﷻ gave deen.

The Prophet ﷺ then said, “I swear on the One under whose control is my life that a man is not protected until his heart is protected and his tongue is protected.” Or we can say that a man cannot be a true muslim till his heart is not a true muslim and his tongue is not a true muslim. A man cannot be a mu’min until those near him and his neighbors are not safe from his evils. Prophet ﷺ said, “A mumin is the place of love and the people love him.” There is no good in him who doesn’t love and who is not loved by the people. The base of love is good akhlaq because of which the love spreads. The bad-akhlaqi (man of bad akhlaq) spreads the hatred and breaks the heart. Good akhlaq draws the love towards one. Let Allah ﷻ give us tawfeeq to act on what we preach, we hear, write and read. Amin. All praise to Allah ﷻ, the Lord of the heavens and the earth and let Allah ﷻ send His blessings on His beloved Prophet ﷺ, His family and His honorable companions. All praise and thanks are to Allah ﷻ and the glory is to Him ﷻ. Let Allah forgive us all. Amin, Amin, thumma Amin.

Surah Zumar: Aayaat 64-67

أعوذ بالله من الشيطان الرجيم

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Qul afaghayra Allahi tamuroonnee aAAbudu ayyuha aljahiloona

Say (O Muhammad صلى الله عليه وسلم to the polytheists): “Do you order me to worship other than Allah? O you fools!”

Walaqad oohiya ilayka waila allatheena min qablika lain ashrakta layahbatanna AAamaluka walatakoonanna mina alkhasireena

And indeed it has been revealed to you (O Muhammad صلى الله عليه وسلم), as it was to those (Allah’s Messengers) before you: “If you join others in worship with Allah, (then) surely (all) your deeds will be in vain, and you will certainly be among the losers.”

Bali Allaha faoAAbud wakun mina alshshakireena

Nay! But worship Allah (Alone and none else), and be among the grateful.

Wama qadaroo Allaha haqqa qadrihi waalardu jameeAAan qabdatuhu yawma alqiyamati waalssamawatu matwiyyatun biyameenihi subhanahu wataAAala AAamma yushrikoona

They made not a just estimate of Allah such as is due to Him. And on the Day of Resurrection the whole of the earth will be grasped by His Hand and the heavens will be rolled up in His Right Hand. Glorified be He, and High be He above all that they associate as partners with Him!

Prophet ﷺ never took revenge for his own self; he was not harsh with people. But when it comes to the matter of deen, the beloved Prophet ﷺ was commanded by Allah ﷻ in many instances to say to the disbelievers as, “O disbelievers”, “O ignorant fools”. Prophet ﷺ was not harsh with the people but when it comes to deen, sometimes his blessed face would turn red out of anger and for sake of deen, he even behaved strict and this is called hikmat (wisdom) and in Quran, it says, “Call towards Allah ﷻ with hikmat”. That father is ignorant who always behaved softly with his kid and the child gets spoilt. That father is hakeem (wise) who behaves soft when he has to behave soft and harsh when he has to behave harsh. The hikmat is to behave harshly when it needs to be behaved harsh and softly when it needs to be behaved soft. The father is clearly ignorant when he sees that the child is getting spoilt because of his soft attitude but still he behaves very soft. He doesn’t have wisdom even a little. Hikmat is to know when to give and when not to give; when to feed the child politely and when to act harsh for he is doing for the betterment of his deen and he understands that.

Did Allah ﷻ give more wisdom to anyone than His beloved Prophet ﷺ for he is the wisest of this ummah, the best doctor of this ummat and the most beneficent of this ummat. When Allah ﷻ gives someone hikmat, it is the greatest wealth. waman yuta alhikmata faqad ootiya khayran katheeran- he, to whom Hikmah is granted, is indeed granted abundant good (Al-Quran:2-269). Hikmat is to know how to talk according to the situation so the person understands. Here Allah ﷻ is saying, “O Nabi, tell these jaahils (ignorant fools)” and this is a harsh sentence. “And tell them that I can’t worship other than Allah.” Allah ﷻ has ascended this towards us and all His Prophets that, “even if you did commit shirk, your good deeds too will go in vain”. Shirk is such a balaa (misfortune) than no deed is spared by it. Shirk is such a great injustice. Shirk is not just that we ascribe partners to Allah ﷻ that there is not one Allah ﷻ but two or three Allah for only this is not called the shirk. Such a shirk was not that established norm in the world that there is someone like Allah ﷻ and this was only very rare. The norm that was seen more among the mushrikeen of the past and the present is to set partners to Allah ﷻ in His ﷻ attributes or to set partners in those form of worship which is very peculiar to Allah ﷻ like qayam (standing), ruku (bowing), sujud (prostrating), niyaaz (offering), tawaaf (circumambulation) of Allah’s ﷻ house. That is why we say, “At-tahiyatu lillahi wassalawatu wat-taiyyabatu” All reverence, all worship be it physical worship or material or with those of words is due to Allah and all sanctity is due to Allah. Every act of worship that comes from our body belongs to Allah ﷻ, every act of worship that comes from the tongue belongs to Allah ﷻ carrying the praise of Allah ﷻ and all sort of maali worship belongs purely to Allah ﷻ. So this was the shirk widely existed in this world.

Wherever in the Quran, the shirk was condemned, there was mention of the praises of Allah ﷻ. When Allah ﷻ is praise worthy, then who is there who can be a partner to Him ﷻ. That is why Allah ﷻ says Wama qadaroo Allaha haqqa qadrihi waalardu- They made not a just estimate of Allah such as is due to Him. Alas that they did not recognize Allah ﷻ as He ﷻ should be recognized. If they had acquaintance with Allah ﷻ, they wouldn’t have associated partners with Him ﷻ. Allah ﷻ has such a Greatness, Glory and Attributes. It is a regret that they didn’t recognize Allah ﷻ. The mushrik gets immersed in the shirk because of two things: 1) He doesn’t recognize Allah ﷻ. 2) The mushrik’s psychology is that to please Allah ﷻ, he should change his whole lifestyle while he can get away with few things in the state of shirk, with few utensils and by wrapping few sheets. So this is the psychology of a mushrik that either he doesn’t know Allah ﷻ or he has to change his life to please Allah ﷻ. While things are very easy here like give some offering, do some slaughtering at the grave and work will be done. That is why even today none acts on the Sunnah of Prophet ﷺ.

He can read the wazeefah of amils but he won’t act on the Sunnah of ﷺ. If has to stand on one leg and read the wazeefahs of amils, he will do it; he will dissolve saffron (Kaiser, zafraan) and can keep drinking it but he won’t remove TV from his house which brings in adversity because of it’s music. He won’t remove the dirty magazines from his house because of which the angels of mercy do not come. There won’t be any end of backbiting in the house because of which the mercy of Allah ﷻ is lifted up, the fajr salahs become qaza because of which the mercy of Allah ﷻ does not turn towards him. He won’t leave these sins but he will keep reading wazeefahs moving from one amil to the other. Today the muslim doesn’t want to leave sins but the can do wazeefahs and a mushrik doesn’t want to give up shirk because he is either not acquainted with Allah ﷻ or that he has to give up his style of life for Allah ﷻ .

It is easy to convince Allah ﷻ than convincing one’s mother who is upset with him. It is just that he has to regret and repent for his sins. Rabb doesn’t even taunt that only now you have come to Me after these many years. Rabb says, “O My slave, there is only delay of you in coming to me but there is no delay of Me to forgive you.” He is such a Kareem (generous) is a kareem dhaata (Lord) and that is why when He ﷻ mentioned about His ﷻ tarruf (recognition), He ﷻ said, “Bismillah, Arrahman, Arraheem”. Allah is the name of Allah and then He ﷻ says Arrahman, the most merciful in such a soft tone so His ﷻ slaves don’t become despair of His ﷻ mercy losing all hope. Surah Fatiha was started with Alhamdulillahi Rabbil Alameen and then comes again as Arrahman, Arraheem so His ﷻ slaves don’t lose hope.  I am the most beneficent and the most merciful. Allah ﷻ mentions with such love and passion so His ﷻ slaves don’t leave His ﷻ abode and go somewhere else.

So it is just that one doesn’t recognize Allah ﷻ when His ﷻ greatness is such that the entire world is in His ﷻ grasp and the heavens will be rolled up in His right hand on that Day. He ﷻ is glorified and pure from what they associate with Him ﷻ. All praise to Allah ﷻ, the Lord of the heavens and the earth and let Allah ﷻ send His blessings on His beloved Prophet ﷺ, His family and His honorable companions. All praise and thanks are to Allah ﷻ and glory is to Him ﷻ. Let Allah forgive us all. Amin, Amin, thumma Amin.

Surah Zumar: Aayaat 60-63

أعوذ بالله من الشيطان الرجيم

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Wayawma alqiyamati tara allatheena kathaboo AAala Allahi wujoohuhum muswaddatun alaysa fee jahannama mathwan lilmutakabbireena

And on the Day of Resurrection you will see those who lied against Allah (i.e. attributed to Him sons, partners) – their faces will be black. Is there not in Hell an abode for the arrogant?

Wayunajjee Allahu allatheena ittaqaw bimafazatihim la yamassuhumu alssooo wala hum yahzanoona

And Allah will deliver those who are the Muttaqun to their places of success (Paradise). Evil shall touch them not, nor shall they grieve.

Allahu khaliqu kulli shayin wahuwa AAala kulli shayin wakeelun

Allah is the Creator of all things and He is the Wakil (Trustee, Disposer of affairs, Guardian) over all things.

Lahu maqaleedu alssamawati waalardi waallatheena kafaroo biayati Allahi olaika humu alkhasiroona

To Him belong the keys of the heavens and the earth. And those who disbelieve in the Ayat (proofs, evidence, verses, signs, revelations, etc.) of Allah, such are they who will be the losers.

The faces of the disbelievers will be blackened on the Day of resurrection because they used to lie in the matter of Allah ﷻ, and they used to set partner to Allah in His ﷻ attributes. Their abode will be Hell due to their arrogance. The reason for their kufr and shirk is their arrogance. They were thinking what people will think if they leave everything. On the contrary, those who saved themselves from sins will be given victory along with  salvation. They won’t be afflicted by the slightest of the evil nor will they have any grief. The righteous slaves of Allah ﷻ have two special attributes: 1) They will not have any fear and 2) They will not grieve.

Fear in the sense that they won’t fear for the danger of loss, harm, or failure of the future and fear like what will happen tomorrow. They won’t have this fear. They won’t have the grief that oh what did I do and why did I miss that. Neither will they grieve for the past nor will they fear for the future. These are the signs of Allah’s ﷻ special friends. The entire state of this fear and grief will be shown by Allah ﷻ only on the Day of resurrection but as dunya is the building of the akhirat (hereafter), even though Allah  ﷻ doesn’t give all the rewards of the good deeds in this world but it’s fragrance and part of it is blessed right in this world. Similarly even though the entire punishment of mushrik is not shown in this world, part of the effect of the sins is seen in this world and what is that effect? The disobedient slaves of Allah ﷻ are not bestowed with peace of mind in this world, while when it comes to this aspect, the righteous believers are calm and peaceful. The disobedient slaves of Allah ﷻ are always immersed in their whims and desires while Allah ﷻ grants the wealth like contentment to His ﷻ righteous slaves. The disobedient slaves of Allah ﷻ will always be deprived of barkat while the righteous slaves will be given barkat in health, wealth and their lives. It is not necessary that they will be given more in quantity but they will have barkat even in little.

Although the entire fear of the disbelievers will be shown on the Day of resurrection, right in this world, they will have a strange fear like what will happen to them while the believer will be all peaceful and content that neither I could have done anything yesterday nor I can do anything in the future for it will happen only what Allah ﷻ wills. I am just pleased with Him ﷻ and I should just do my task with whatever I have control over and that’s it. So this is the elegance of the mu’min that he neither fears nor grieves and this is all possible for Allah ﷻ because He ﷻ is the khaaliq (Creator) and Guardian of every single thing and the keys of treasures of both the heavens and the earth are with Him ﷻ. That is why He ﷻ has all control over every single decision and has all control to amend any affairs and He ﷻ has all power to bestow these blessings on His ﷻ obedient slaves however He ﷻ likes. It is said that the disbelievers will be in severe lose on the Day of resurrection. Let Allah grant us tawfeeq to act on what we hear, read, write and preach. Amin. All praise to Allah ﷻ, the Lord of the heavens and the earth and let Allah ﷻ send His blessings on His beloved Prophet ﷺ, His family and His honorable companions. All praise and thanks are to Allah ﷻ and glory is to Him ﷻ. Let Allah forgive us all. Amin, Amin, thumma Amin.



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